Sunday, November 30, 2008


stackin my cake stackin stackin my pi.

smh smh smh
at the women who sang that

also - on youtube i saw someone posted a little blue backpack video and these comments were pretty funny:

Love Turbo, he makes dumb music but it's good, better than all other nonsense rappers, rappin about Street Fighter and Dress Socks he goes serious every now and then like in this one.

GIGNILLIAT777 how is he serious in this one? hes rapping about a jet


Anonymous said...

Turbo, one day you're going to have to explain the meaning behind that series of songs all the way up to Purple Exhaust. I gave you my theory, and you never told me whether I was on point or not. However i thnk it's very significant for the listeners to understand the thought process behind these classics!

Anonymous said...

Okay, after watching that video, it's clear to me why we call pie by that name. The slicing of a pie is literally like the numerical action of dividing the circumference of the object by it's diameter. I know you get what I'm trying to say. Only you would post something like this, and only a few would appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

swagger on 3.14 million stackin my cake stackin my Pi-3.14(and so on) interesting, i appreciate this type of thought going into the lyrics very clever

Turbo said...

1 below is 1

all others scattered.

more will be revealed.

but does it even matter.