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SF x Tekken gameplay

Mitchy Slick - Wont Stop Being A Blood

Lyrical Comprehension

The other night, the homie Randall hooked me up with dinner at In N Out. I will never forget this especially since I am definitely in a horrrrrible financial situation. Over here dying of hunger n ish. This post isn't about that though. One question that he asked me when we were eating was which one of my songs is the most vicious. He didn't use those exact words but something along the lines of trying to pinpoint a song from my own opinion concerning great lyricism.

I came up with a few but primarily:

We had a conversation about these and I realized that the way in which I created all of these songs, those similar to these, and parts of the 5 minute tracks is by entering a certain mind state. Sure this may sound dumb or whatever but come up with some of this stuff, I essentially go into another zone that takes place internally. Not through drugs..not through writing anything on paper...just pure electricity.

I know that if ever I was sponsored by a well known artist or label or even if I were to straight up become more recognized in the hip hop game, I would make more efforts and actually schedule time to enter this zone, thus allowing for this style of rap. It takes energy.

The conversation led to identifying different things that were great in the lyrics.
Not sure if I ever mentioned examples of lines but some of these continue to be some of my favorite self-made lyrics. Peep a line from each song. The question I have for you, is, what do these lyrics mean to you when you hear them?

Sure, most artist avoid explaining their works of art, sue me.
I truly believe that some artist may paint a crazy picture randomly, accidentally create a sculpture out of some new clay, say a bunch of confusing polysyllabic words that 'sound' cool.....I kind of forgot how I was going to end this sentence but something along the lines of people do easy stuff or stuff on accident and it's only when the critic applauds such a thing that the person doing the stuff gains a new mental value of their stuff that they know they created either randomly, accidentally, or with very primitive talents executed in extra average amateur execution mode and then suddenly all of their future work and even stuff done in the past is looked upon as pure excellence and true professionalism.

This may not even make any sense because I'm finding it pretty difficult to express this idea that I have that could be applied to most, not all, of these critically acclaimed artists whether their fine art field is in painting, music, whatever.

enough of that. basically, here are a few lines taken from, in my opinion, pinnacle points of lyricism in each work of art. Not necessarily the highest of the high point in each song but, rather, a relatively high point assuming that higher elevation requires more energy and wit to compose even though such things are difficult, if not impossible, to measure.

I would like to hear your opinion of the significance of each line.

The fact that I would want to hear your opinion on something that I created could understandably come across as being on the verge of narcissism if you were to ignore the fact that asking your opinion on someone else's lyrics and wanting to engage in a discussion about them would only allow for limited closure, meaning that because no one ever really knows the intent of any given author other than the actual author, all answers could pretty much be assumed correct. We'd go in circles for hours. Some of us may feel like we are wasting time. Almost like english class. Dudes have been deceased for years and yet we are assigned to argue our points of view concerning their essays. I'm not knocking it. What if the author was there to be like - no, you're wrong. Ohhhh nice idea, nope.
That'd be keeping it more REAL. imo.

ok, here are some lines. I am very much aware of the difficulty of trying to explain just the lines mentioned without making since of them with lines said either before or after them.

(from Demolition Double:)

" it makes me feel Blue like Meanie, that's why i go in like Owen on the verse, I'm Birch "

(several bars before and including the following lines in GAS:)

"this should remind you of Chris since it's cold when you play it.
I don't dumb down like Cole cause my goals to make you think till you link me to you favorites."


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Big Sean Cali Recap

I was actually at the event where he is performing inside of the mansion and also in the parking structure towards the end.
It was a dope night.

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