Sunday, November 9, 2008


Maybe i shouldnt post the song, but i just dont care for some reason...but yeah, i could post it and then go...if you dont want the song to be ruined, dont play it.
but -
im adding a song to the ER4 roster.
it is called:

"The Realest Song I Ever Wrote"

*serious face*

oh yeah
i was gonna post S.L.U. Studio Footage too.

Then I would REALLY ruin the cd for you.
but -
i WILL post both of them...just not now, though..

S.L.U. includes 2 other rappers who are ridiculous.

i havent did a collaboration in a minute but these 2 are crazy.
like no joke.

if you want their site URLs after the song comes out, lemme know.

but yeah,
another thing...

the whole cat picture thing is a true representation of this little game that is always played. the game where the person holds the string above my head, in a figurative sense, and trys to get me to go after the know....just like a cat.

they dont understand that even if i appear to be going for the string...i really dont care about the string. and once they let the string go, i lose interest, anyway.
also, some ppl try to hold the string wayyyyy too high.
rather discouraging.
as i walk away, the string comes down....thats when im suppose to go run back and attempt to get the string...right?
the cat scratches you so hard, slices your skin..through the tissue....straight to the heart....put a band-aid on it.

BIRD'S EYE VIEW coming soon...
SAYLEN, its done, ima mix it asap and send w/ pellas.

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Anonymous said...

Scramble Up man!!!! Let's hear it!!! These guys must be pretty good.