Tuesday, September 30, 2008



just fell asleep in class.
good thing i was in the back though.
sorry but...shakespeare x african accent x lame jokes x electro rock v4 preparation doesn't mix too well.


Monday, September 29, 2008


what happens there is supposed to stay there or something like that right?
i just had to say this though
on friday night? vip at Poetry in Ceasar's Palace. Saw Maino there. Hi haters!
on saturday night? vip section at Moon in the Palms with Young Jeezy.
real deal.

never spoke to either of them but did give a salute on both occasions which were met with their salutes. indeed.

when you are in the vip section, it appears as though women become instantly interested in you.
real deal.
very funny. ^_^


the weekend was..interesting...
more to come...maybe.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


i've been drinking a little liquor lately. alliteration.
trying to get a reasonable tolerance.
a defense method. indeed.
blended strawberry margaritas aren't girl drinks. do not hate.
what else?
oh yeah - scrambling. arriving late to class and what not.
everyday, though we are barely in the 2nd week, it seems as though i find myself drawing images of whoever is sitting in front of me more than i find myself listening to the professor's lecture about ....stuff. no disrespect. some of the stuff is really DUMB.

i am constantly disturbed by some of the things that ppl wear to school.
no swag.
at all.
the jokes - are NOT funny. stop laughing.
shakespeare's comedy 12th Night??
not funny, at least in my opinion.
i dont get it.
oh well...

oh yeah -
i know there are some young men who visit this blog. this information is for you when it comes to women.
whenever you see a girl/woman who appears to be angry..like..a blank face. like..doesn't look like she wants to talk to anyone...dont believe the hype.
that look is merely a defense method, you dig?

sometimes what may very well look like a unhappy person is a self concious person..despite how gorgeous they are.
real deal.

just passing along some scramblin' advice! lol
footage coming soon.
stupid dope footage most likely.

Juggernaut relates the messages that he receives on aim...i'm pretty sure he is telling you about the collaboration thing.

thank you to the blogs that posted the video. appreciated.

it's almost thursday! from thursday to monday i'll be on a vicious scramble.
and im skipping school tomorrow.
prove it. ^_^

Friday, September 19, 2008

Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion

im not sure if this is the one i was playing in the arcade....the one i played had many more new characters than the two that are featured on this video. Idk.
Anyways..this looks interesting.

recently purchased books

why not?

there's alot more where this came from but...the one on the far left...i dont like it.
never liked shakespeare that much...idk.
some of it i like..others...nahh.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


you wouldn't believe the amount of emails received from other emcees/rappers.

the most frequently asked question of them all would have to be:

Do you wanna do a collab?


I have an idea. Let's do a collab.

I will provide the beat in due time. Here are the rules:

1. One verse. 16 bars.

2. The verse should contain some type of a diss towards Turbo.
-we aren't making the typical song here. a handicap match, if you will.

3. Please use reasonable sound quality. Anything that sounds like trash, will not be included.

4. Mostly those who actually know how to rap will be accepted. None of this "oh, ima get on a track with Double even though ive never recorded a day in my life" business.


This part is important.

The song that I have in mind could possibly damage your career as an emcee - or - it could earn you more respect. Depends on performance. The beat will be super basic on your verse. The song will be soooo biased in the sense that...well...you'll see.

It's all in good fun though.

Just know that I will be on the track with you. You will be dissing me, and, yeah.


. i didnt make the beat, fyi.
some of you may figure out what i am doing right when you hear the beat.


email both your MIXED and your DRY VOCAL to Turbo2k5@yahoo.com

Hall of Famers


a PP entry

woke up, got my peter parker on real quick.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Love Lockdown

i wasnt feeling the other tracks that much..i thought, if an unsigned nobody made this track, it would get zero spins. this newever version, however, redeems the whole song.
sounds much better to the trained ear. real deal

school is definitely going to be tough.

also -
fellow english majors tend to be too corny for my taste.
professors and students alike tell jokes and everyone laughs hysterically...except me.
i have a sense of humor...but...not a sense of corniness.

Monday, September 15, 2008


day of school.
this should be interesting.
also - 10 days till the trip.
yup! ima post another blog later cuz right now is reppin time, reppin reppin reppin time.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


the song is semi old now but still super dope!
this isnt the actual video but even this video is classic, in my opinion.


Friday, September 12, 2008

oh snap!

theres a new unforgiveable video up.
i had it posted here.
but i dont want to be responsible for what is being presented.
if you dont know what unforgiveable videos are, nvm this post.

took out a blaaaaadde!


i figured this would increase the download count of the mixtape(s)

As pointed out in the description, in order for anything else to be done, it is important that the download count increases. I'm tryna go gold.

(note, my gold is different from the industry's gold..lol. the industry's gold would translate to 10 times platinum using my scale)

have a good day.
im not exactly the best 'blogger' but i will attempt to increase the amount of ...engaging posts.
the lack of comments doesn't help...but...i know you, whoever is reading this, is reading this....or maybe just looking at the words while someone behind you is reading this. to the person behind the person reading this for the person who believes that they are having this sentence read to them at this very moment, please do not tell them that i am working on something. let it be a surprise.
oh yeah, tell them to spread the awsareness of this v3 like a plague on the internet.

to answer the comment in the comment box, i am trying to break away from those 2 games. once tekken 6 comes out on consoles, i will def. be on that game alot more.
anyone have any suggestions?

i recently allowed anonymous posters to post under comments now. why not?


Thursday, September 11, 2008

uh oh

my bro has a gamertag on xbox live now.
all the stuff hes been talking can now come to an end...
you probably dont read this, but, i am going to essentially demolish you in not only street fighter, but, in every other game.
sorry man.


his gamertag is SL4444SH

just played some gears. impressive

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gatchaman Trailer



ok cool...

Just posting this to acknowledge the emails received concerning VVV...
I really appreciate the feedback and the ...encouragement.
One thing I noticed, though, was that some ppl actually claimed that I didn't have a spot for 'Donations'......I do.

Probably not apparent enough, so, I'm going to add it to this blog on the right somewhere.
But whatever about that -
We are in a recession right?

Moving along,
school is about to begin for me. To avoid actually falling asleep in most classes, I make it seem as though I am following along with what the professor is saying, but, in my mind, I am usually constructing works of art.
real deal.

So yeah, songs will be made.
* Note there is a difference between songs being made and songs being released. *

The VVV download count is at a pretty cool count, but, definitely not enough to straight spazz and what not.
what else - -

I have a little project that I am thinking of doing.
The thing about this project is that I may actually need your assistance, that is, assuming that you are a rapper.

I don't want to give away too many details but yeah...stay tuned. It's going to be...cinematic.

Don't remind me later on like "HEY WHAT ABOUT THAT ONE PROJECT" and yeah....I don't like that.
Nothing about "HEY POST THOSE FREESTYLES" either..


Footage coming soon, probably.
Ummm...Juggernaut is a real person and it is his real screen name.
Why would I make that up?
That's corny.

Anyways - enough of that!
just know that ...welll...just know that I can't really sit back as a new school of emcees emerge as the most vicious.

i may not be signed but...i know what i am doing musically.
please don't doubt me.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


just to inform you, I am not always on my screen name. ARMOR is. lol
but, if you want, you can always hit up JUGGERNAUT on aim.
his screen name is:

The Dream - Put On remix

forgot to post this.

NKOTB - Single

cool comeback

new school

here's a look at a few of the new artists

that's wussup

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I know I know...Scramblin = no time!

I just read an email from someone who requested lyrics to my tracks. Being that I do NOT write my lyrics, I think it would be rather interesting to see what the words look like in text as opposed to in my brain.
So I'm asking...which song would you like the words to?

Depending on which track it is, I'll post. I prolly won't type the lyrics to a super difficult track like G.A.S. or something...lol

It would be GREAT to see another person's in depth evaluation of a verse. you can email it to turbo2k5@yahoo and i'll prolly post it. real deal.

if there are specific questions..I might explain..maybe. just know that every song is meaningful, in my opinion.

let's start with this excerpt that probably every single human being overlooked:

ElectroRock v3 disc 3_DeyKnowDouble:

"You see my ice, look like it came up out a bladder. (yellow)
i'm just kidding..ha ha ha..laughter.
call me miyagi double...why?...im the master.
like splinter...or the paper cutter.
that's shredder, i gets cheddar...bread and butter."

wait, not that part.
fast forward a lil:

"i dont make it rain, instead of throwing dollars, i throw change.
i make it hail, yall can tell, i aint playing (plain)
call me T. Double Augusta...cuz I'm the Maine.(man) (Maine's capital city is Augusta)
With a capital flow, so, lower case rappers should already know since I told them before, I'm the Master, but this aint no tournament.
this is just a lesson so just listen till you learn and it's without an introduction, without any instructions..etc. etc."


Ok maybe I won't be typing out all of this.
But check. this track is hands down one of the most basic tracks on the mixtape.

The Masters is a golf tournament that takes place where?
The Masters program in school provides students with a number of lessons.

i really like this song/video. this has nothing to do with this post but yeah - why not?

first, here's how you DO NOT do it:

here's HOW TO do it!:

also - in roughly 19 days...TSST VEGAS..!!
yeah, ima wu tang there. i dont care.

Monday, September 1, 2008

next few months

in this hip hop thing should be interesting.
just picked up that new Charles Hamilton mixtape... Death of The Mixtape Rapper.


havent listened just yet...but
the whole 'process' thing is perfect. it would require connects to all of the major blogs, though. it appears as though dude has that under control.
man, thats wussup.
new blood in the game is needed.
One of the few...wait..the only Signed artist who actively communicates with Turbo via email.
Do your thing man. real deal.

Good Question + freestyle

Yo, Turbo, Why do you even record a song if you're not gonna release it? It makes no sense.

To answer the question, one must first identify the intention of the artist. Does the artist create work soley to receive approval? Does the artist create work in order to increase their database of music for the sake of being able to release a rapid amount of work just so that the audience will acknowledge the ridiculous amount of time and hard work that the artist has spent on something that the artist not only 'loves' to do but to a certain extent, relies upon in order to survive be it financially, mentally, or quite possibly physically?

Or, does the artist, despite the relatively limited amount of evidence suggesting a sincere emotional attachment to their work, create their art as an outlet to express their feelings, that is, soley for self expression without a main focus on receiving input or some sort of gratification from outside parties?

Does the artist really need to release work? Will the work be appreciated, that is, appreciated to the point where the artist actually becomes motivated to continue making art that is being presented to any and every living being who is capable of not only hearing but of listening?
Does the artist realize that there are those who have, are starting to, and very well will study the artist's style and then attempt to recreate something similiar within the 'work' of that student artist whose intentions are either made apparent by the way they conduct themselves or are deeply rooted and hidden only later to be revealed by those who this student artist has tricked into supporting their ....scheme?

There are so many answers to this question.
Just understand that as joyful or as comedic as my work may seem at times, for the most part, each song serves a purpose.
When there is no purpose to present purposes to those who purposely propose for more purpose when purpose is commonly purchased from those who present purposes and reap produce, that is, under the idea that you receive things from what you sow, then, it really makes 'no sense'.

I don't want to turn into ENGLISH MAJOR mode right now sooooo

^typing wrecklessly to briefly break away.
look -
there aint point in releasin' ya diiiiig. Here is a freestyle.
This may not be HOT but....it is a true FREESTYLE.
It would be TOO easy to record an entire MIXTAPE...or...MIXTAPE AFTER MIXTAPE AFTER MIXTAPE consisting of this type of lyrical content..

staying and practicing this style of rap could possibly lead to the release of every 'song' recorded. something like that - whatever.

Imagine being a cat. now, imagine there are other cats...right? alot of them. some younger than others. some older than others.
imagine being a cat that can FLY.
other cats...like...some of them can fly. only a few. some think they can fly. but...they just...hover.
now some cats drink milk that makes them believe they are flying and some actually begin thinking that they ARE flying.
sometimes so many cats believe they are flying that those who really are flying become mixed up and then yeah
and then like
all gets confused and then..
I'm losing focus on what this post is suppose to be for, my bad
i aint pressin dat backpsce key tho n thas fasho


goes to play street fighter 2 hyper fighting and imagine the opponents to be real life people


Reading on the hurricane and...

found this lil excerpt to be funny.

"Hattie Callan, 36, weaved her way down the street Sunday, a vodka drink already in her hand and it only 9:20 in the morning. She was staying behind to watch over several houses, and she wasn't worried.

"I've got liquor, cash, food, ammo and weed," she said as she floated out of sight.

smh smh


I hope everyone down in the south who have to evacuate are enduring these difficult times... real talk.
I hope this hurricane doesn't ruin everything.
I have family evacuating mannnn...hang in there.
real deal.