Wednesday, November 26, 2008

real talk

i think i have some form of attention deficit disorder when it comes to writing papers.
for example, this blog entry.
also, im over here tryna finish this paper thats due pretty soon and out of nowhere i get the notion to turn on the new kanye album at full blast in the crib just to see what it sounds like..
there goes like a hour.
next, i begin to write the paper again...
man i'm hungry.
paper again.
SF2 HD REMIX comes out today......
but i havent turned on the xbox at all...odd...self control is working back again.
time to write the paper....right?
blog entry.
ok paper time-
ima post this stupid paper too.
it has to be the worst one ever because im essentially confusing the reader kindda with mad commas and grammatical shifts and thoughts that are super flimsy.
oh well.

and yeah Cinque n J.Nolan..Dfresh.tell me about it.
Capcom....that's wussup


Corey said...

I really want to play HD. 360's ringed on me. Not even three rings but one. Utter bullshit.

Anonymous said...

I feel you man. I waited until like the due date to complete a 25-pager when I was in college. Procrastination is an art! LOL! Thanks for the shout. Capcom.."They some fatheads. Some next door neighbor haters."

JNolanIsCool said...

Last minute cramming is the best. (pause) But when you finish it's like "badaboom, badabam, fahgetaboutit."

dfresh said...

haha ya, my last minute essays always have crazy wording. something about that last minute rush brings out mad creativity.