Sunday, November 23, 2008


ur kiddin me, haha that was a good one.
your first good one in a while ^_^

classic album.
that song (robocop) was just taken to another level. anyone reading this also see sounds?
what did it look like to you?? it was straight up cris cut fries on some next level-ness when i heard it. real deal.

here's the tracklisting for ER4:

1. FFFF (prod.DZ)
2. itGoesDown (DZ)
3. Chill Out (DZ)
4. English Major (DZ)
5. Hold On (DZ)
6. S.L.U.Double (ft. The Counterparts) (instrumental)
7. iTHINKi (DZ)
8. Bird's Eye View (prod.Saylen Strayer)
9. Demolition Double (prod.Charles Hamilton but i guess its an instrumental)
10. R.F.F.Double (DZ)
11. Zero Stance Double (prod.Raycee)
12. Ultra Double (Saylen Strayer)
13. The Realest song I Ever Wrote (DZ)
14. Turbo2099 (DZ)
15. Teleported + Outro (Saylen Strayer)


douggy fresh said...

turbo u need to stop it now. ER4 is gonna be too damn fresh!

Anonymous said...

Turbo, who are you talking to and about when you say, "ohhhhh
ur kiddin me, haha that was a good one. your first good one in a while ^_^"? Is that directed toward my commnets on the N'Digo situation or the Kanye link I posted? BTW, Robocop is definitely hard. The album is very orchestral, soundtrack-like. Good choices for Kanye, but it will have to grow on me. Just kinda sad.

Turbo said...

quoting the end of the track

Anonymous said...

yeah robocop had me vividly imagining christmas lights and Home Alone when he was in New York for some reason

Turbo said...

lol nice one

JNolanIsCool said...

As always, the tracklist alone leaves a million miles for imagination..."I wonder where this can be going", common statement when seeing your tracklists before the release.
Jive turkeys beware...we smell what T.Double is cookin'.

Turbo said...

get ready!

Anonymous said...

Okay Mr. Double. Can we get it early? Waiting is so overrated. LOL!

dfresh said...

"DZ on the beat, bzzz"