Sunday, January 24, 2010

in production

my new video for "DWD".
That's the code name for now. I think it will be my best work thus far. Yes indeed.


not exactly sure how it was figured out but yes, the video is called DARK WING DOUBLE.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

'backstab' - unreleased track

just dropped this on twitter and figured that i post on here too.
it is super old but i don't care if anyone judges my skill level back then.
whatever homie!


what song should i shoot a video for next?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Turbo - Bicycle [abstract music video]

I know this video is pretty odd..

an abstract music video that i recently put together. as i prepare for film school, I mostly just did this to try a new editing technique, test out some visuals, and to see if I could simultaneously shoot and ride a bike at the same time. lol. Thanks for watching..

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Stop Drop Double. Released in 2001 on "i'm just so ill man i'm just like a virus" enjoy:



sorry for the super delay but I've been going through a whole lot as of late.
From depression to car accidents and broken relationships.
all bad.

that's wussup.

But check, just wanted to post on the blog real quick and let everyone know everything is cool.
I actually did something I pretty much never do, namely, collaborated with a techno/rave/house? producer from London. His sound is pretty clean and though I never really messed with making something 'clubby' I think the sessions went pretty well.

Who knows. Whenever I get the tracks I will post them here or something for sure.

What else...
oh, have you ever been in a car accident when it was your fault? that mess can cost a grip. If you claim it on your car insurance, insurance will have to pay their stuff AND your stuff...... that's a grip of money and on top of that your insurance bill will raise every month.
that, my friends, is NOT scrambling. at all.
settling differences without filing a police report. win.

I'm not even trying to complain all the time on this blog but life isn't going too great right about now.

Emails about volume 5. That probably won't come out for a long time. I probably shouldn't say a long time but my schedule is super hectic and Idk what the future holds. I have songs recorded but I just wanted them to be mixed better so ends have to be met in order to get this done the right way.
I was considering dropping what I have right now as a mixtape and then once I get more tracks done the way I want them to be done, I'll be releasing the REAL v5... as corny as that sounds.

Besides, I have yet to speak to the ENTIRE team so this v5 wouldn't be complete now even if I wanted it to be.

you gots ta know ya boy DZ is on here and Saylen Strayer continously demolishes any and everything. We will not rush this but we will deliver greatness, if not, something very close.

None of that "we in da studio gettin it in" hype either. that's dumb to me.

I want to say so much but I know that it wouldn't be worth it. Just don't doubt me k?

School starts in roughly one month. I will definitely try to balance an intense schedule and remain humble.

If ever you are continuously spoken down to at your place of work when in the back of your mind you KNOW that you are worth more than the position that has been granted to you, remember to remain calm. I included the word 'granted' in order to emphasize the fact that having a job in itself is a privilege.

anxiety is horrible.

torture ftw

Lego Yoshi