Friday, October 31, 2008


from email:
I think I finally understand what DumbDouble is about. First, you were answering Lupe and telling him that you understood what he was saying on Dumb It Down. You know, his whole assessment of rap music at that time. But not only was it an answer, it was a communication to him even more subliminally to let him know that you can write a song the way that he does. It took me a while to see it, but it appears that you revisited Lupe's initial theme from "Pressure" "And so it seems I'm, sewing jeans/And 1st and 15th is just a sewing machine/" ,etc. You went in and elaborated on that theme in your verse, with all the laundry references, "Pumping heat into the denim". Dumbdouble is your way of complimenting Lupe for giving us such a remarkable song in Dumb It Down. This is great songwriting, and it would prompt me to believe that Dumb It Down changed the way you approached songwriting. Is that true? If so, I can understand because, as a journalist,
I'm constantly studying others to
improve on my style. I assume that this is the case in this instance, because I noticed the same thing with "Demolition Double", mad subliminals!! That song made me do research, and that hasn't happened to me in a looong time. It seems as if you just reached another level of lyrical ability which many may not pick up on fully.

I just want to end by saying this. I'm 30. I've been 'listening' to rap for 20 years, and you are at a level that many have never reached. I know exactly what I'm hearing. I miss the days when I had to figure out a rhyme, like actually catching on to a line about 2/3 of the way throughout the song, and going "Awww, that was dope". That doesn't happen any more. Many of the artist that you look up to (CRS) may not take you seriously, because of your subject matters (cartoons, movies, video games, wrestling). I'll ask you this: After recording great songs like "TS Spacer" and "DumbDouble" have they gotten back at you? And if not, why? Please pardon me for any negativity this my arouse. Honestly, you do more with those themes than most signed artists do with so-called 'serious' topics. And then again, you do tackle 'serious' issues such as relationships and self-esteem. You're a multi-faceted writer without any boundaries.

That's why, on your blog I commented that "They don't 'sea' you". Unless you're an oceanographer or some type of fisherman or scientist or one who studies intently you have only seen the surface of the sea. So unless you're one who goes deep, you only understand the surface and judge a thing based on that understanding. I mean, I could keep going, but you already know what I mean. You talk about it on many of your songs, about how alot of your words go over the heads of many.

Anyways, here's my latest story. i really wasn't in a journalistic mood when I wrote it, plus I was in a hurry to meet deadline. but let me know what you think:

I'll just say this. I also e-mailed this to Mc Serch and No ID, and I doubt if I get a response. At the end of the day, I don't care, because I know that I've added a great story to my body of work. And I like it, so I don't need their recognition. And they haven't made the "closest thing to the coldest out". You have! I can't for F4!

A very encouraging email.
Thanks very much.
In response, I'd say that you are pretty much correct for the most part about Dumb Double. The primary reason why I even recorded it was because of many comparisons. Understandably so.
But, to the trained ear, one can definitely see that there may be similarities between Lupe and I but still, a huge difference.
You see, I am 100% sure that I am not a clone.
We've all heard the clones.
It would be virtually DUMB of me to record over one of his beats, especially one where he spazzed on, because of the comparisons. That's why I did it.

Also -

I spoke with Bishop G person. Face to Face. Once in San Francisco. The other time in Hollywood.
In SF I gave him a cd...with ONE song on it...which song??
In Hollywood...he told me that I needed to be more original.
Later that night....I went into a rare mode and all I could do was replay the scene in my mind.

there was no way that i could let such a remark go by without a semi vent.
Never disrespectful, but more like...idk...overcoming the claim I guess....

I went to the studio roughly 2 days after....I was sick on that song, literally.
I had a cold. you might be able to tell now if you go back to re-listen to the song.
i think i recorded 'hundred hits' and 'jackie' that session too....i dont remember.
but yeah, SICK.
physically mentally lyrically.

But overall man, you are on the money. of course, there is always more but you have a solid answer indeed.

the title of the blog says email with a S but...
just in general.
i have trouble responding to emails but I AM improving.
real talk.

the emails that i probably WONT respond to are ones such as this:

can i geta copy of the song OZONE, i love that joint. i'll really appreciate it

that is an actual email but i wont mention names.
that email does 2 things.
1. informs me that you didnt download the mixtape.
2. assumes that i have time to actually upload a single song and then send it to you.

let's be realistic.

another one:
hey my name is **** and i have a question can i put my music on youtube.. or like make a lil vid????

come on man...

other emails include:
the song that best describes me the most is "TIME", because i have no way to control what happens in my time or life so all i can say is "yo"...
indeed, i know i'm just a little frog in your swamp pond of music
but i know i could really have chance on TSST but....
I always see young people like myself asking for something we don't need...
material things...etc.
but i know i have talent
but i just haven't had a chance to express it
I see that your doing something that i want to do..
So i'll say sorry for your time and another kid bugging you
But TSST would be a big step on my life as well as working with you sir....
I can only tell you who I am but..
i you want to hear me and give me chance
i would not let someone like you down
so i don't want to ramble but i would want you to hear me
and tell me if i would ever have chance on TSST
but i going to always progress myself
SO as you read this know that this young kid loves hip-hop as much as you do...
and all i need is a chance to express myself to you and TSST
but i want to see what you'll say next toward me...
(because I've been checking my YOUTUBE like crazy waiting on your messages)
me speaking to you is something like a dream..
heroes are something of a legend
but I'm going to keep speaking to you until you get tired of it
But i you want to give me a chance hit me up on the next message sir
so i going to continuing overloading my brain with lyrics
i only want a chance to express to TSST

no doubt man....
just record some music and send it..
the chances of actually recording a song with you are slim, just being honest.
im not going to lead you on like other artists would but yeah...
i have ZERO time for the most part but it doesnt mean its impossible.

Just like Kanye said something along the lines of have to put in work..nothing handed out you know?
Nas was like "you the thousandth guy thinking we can see eye to eye" - etc. etc...
You are one of many but to make a difference, put in work and do music because you love it.
that's what i am doing.
i want to work with Kanye, Lupe, Cam'ron, etc. - but -
let's be honest...
sending them an email won't do the trick entirely.
they might not even read the email.
nevermind the whole status issue...we are all musicians...I actually READ your email...i am AWARE...but put in work.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008




he said eject the vehicle. dope dope dope


ok, im a lil more hyped now

the story intro trailer also released but this one has actual gameplay

Because I appreciate another's music does NOT mean that I believe they are 'better' than me....whatever that means.


Scramblin' right now but I was thinking of uploading one of my super old songs.
Like when I was 16 or something...
Because it seems as though it would be's truly on a whole nother level.
you may not understand it....

judging by the amount of comments of THIS post, I'll decide whether or not to provide the 'streets' with a LISTEN, not a download, of an extremely 'old' track.

Remember that I see how many people visit this blog daily - and - you would THINK that more commentary would occur...
this doesn't mean that I WANT or NEED you to comment, but, it would probably be cooler.

shouts to all those who leave comments.

ps: i use to make all of my own beats.
id upload one of those tracks if youre down. smh

i found a 2005 live recording of a spoken word thing that I went to.
everyone there ...everyone...was pretty GARBAGE, in my opinion.

id post bits of there stuff so you can hear it...because they were so garbage, i decided to actually recite 5 minutes part 1 in the midst of what seemed to be a poor display of hip hop music.

poor in the sense that the 'artists' seemed to lack discipline and were off beat and yadda yadda yadda.

just keeping it real. youd decide for yourself.
i have the 5min 1 audio which could be considered my first performance ever.
it was more in prompt to and i did it out of frustration for what i was hearing. shouldnt be considered a performance though really...
i dont even attend events like that and yeah...
DZ and I went to see what the 'hip hop scene' on campus was and....yeah...

" and yeah " = dumb.

let's get (x15) it.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


about v4:
the approach to this one is relatively different.
It's usually good to exercise experimentation. this mixtape consists of stuff that's ...idk..unorthodox?
something like that...

for example, I just mixed English Major. . . like...just right now.
ditched class and everything.
The approach on English Major is slightly different and first after listening to it I was like...nah...this can't go on the mixtape.
but then....
I was like...hold on.
this is ridiculous. Fricatives???
come on man...stupid!

Also -
the lady from all of the intros...she is different this time around.
it's a different woman. haha
probably wouldnt have been able to tell if I wouldn't have just told you right now but on Demolition Double....that's a different woman from the voice you all have become familiar with.

please -
it had nothing to do with me. she works for a professional studio and...
An unfortunate occurence occured to where she cannot work at the same place...some contract no more...
She doesn't do the movies/grocery stores anymore either..
I was MAD when I found this out but yeah...

big ups to KELLY. ^_^

this new person is good too though.

*sent the request for a xbox repair. looks like i wont have mine for nov.7th which sucks..

this is like a diary kinda for me so excuse the random information..

ohh yeah
TIPTOP sent me a text this morning right before boarding the plane.
it was a pic of some YEN. they exchanged the money. vicious!

what later

Triumvir - Templar Scarf Hood - Winter 2008 from brandon cheng on Vimeo.

she said that she was inspired while playing Assassin's Creed




"Right after class? You're always too busy for me. I text or call everyday and you never have time for me"

Monday, October 27, 2008

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe - Super Moves And Pro Moves Tokyo!?

Chief and TipTop leave tomorrow morning.
Chiro leaves in a few days.

That's Wussup!
Take footage, you already know.

Wish I could go..

about the shirts...more info. will be released concerning those.
VAGNUM aka RAYCEE...the track is wonderful.

DZ! TURBO 2099...
JUGGERNAUT...get a new phone. 'the subscriber you have requested has been' NOT SCRAMBLIN!


Friday, October 24, 2008

. . .

comment box.
you are gathering a few of the pieces.
the pieces are scattered in a pattern that would resemble the demolition of a figurative head. scattered ice. scattered dragon balls.
i'm not letting them yell my head off.
instead i kick a flow that will kick them down a hole.
one is definitely kicked down a hole here.
after that? he is frozen. just like the beginning when both Stallone and Snipes are frozen.
'im too froze, too futuristic"
a perfect balance in the poetic sense when looking at the names Stallone and Snipes. the alliteration goes with the FFFF title. volume 4. four. f. 12.4.2008. 12-4=8. all divisible by 4.
flash in the sense that it is being released only 4 months after volume 3.
the laser cannon goes with DBZ, indeed. not to mention the super saiyan mode...but...i will not give away everything.
let's just say this, there is a ridiculous amount of content. concentrated content.
when constructing the song, it's a vivid image. form is important as well... as you will see in 'rff double' - ^_^

on rocky, don't forget the freezer scene.
a true SUBMERGENCE in cinema in the sense that in blade, they were under the little sewer thing. i wont be kicked down the hole.
the theme of ice is apparent. FREEZA (sp?) from DBZ. cliff hanger. at the end of blade when he is in Russia, he is in coollllld weather. blades of glory. ice skating ...
new jack city. cold. not pitching raw or punching raw....drugs, meat. the essentials.
human crack in the flesh....

simon phoneix vs john spartan.

this scene helps:

notice the l-a-s-e-r.
this is called flashback from actual song titles within a scene.

but check - phoneix is usually used with reference to fire. the cold death balances it all out, though.
john spartan...what do you know about spartans?
you know "THIS IS SPARTA!!!" when the messenger is kicked down the hole right?
ok but check
from a website since i cant find my stupid textbook:
", we should keep in mind that the Spartans believed they lived in the best of all Greek worlds, and many of their Greek neighbors agreed with them. The rivalry, then, between Sparta and Athens, which would erupt into a disastrous war for Athens, was also an ideological and cultural rivalry. "

you have offended my CULTURE. the movie 300 is so visually nice's crazy. i wish i could make a movie. it'd be dope.
on ENTER THE DRAGON, Bruce Lee stated "You have offended my family and you have offended the Shaolin Temple"

come on man...check the beginning of the video.
culture swaps the shaolin temple, a temple is the head, the head will not be kicked off, bruce lee fights tons of people at one time, the 300 spartans faught tons of people at one time, i lyrically fight any random emcees at one time.

the art of fighting without fighting.

looks like wesley snipes with blonde hair:

a raven flys. edgar allen poe. once upon a midnight dreary. you feel me??????
man oh man...we can go on and on with how this verse came about.
so much work that is probably overlooked as mere "AY MAN, HE GOT A LIL FLOW"

super subliminal mode:

bermuda triangle...what up.

ultimo dragon = last dragon. ^_^
you know, someone has to remember how he would stand on the turnbuckle and spit mad fireworks!

that's enough...figure out the rest if you dare.


not in this exact order

demolition double
hold on
ultra double acapella
chill out
it goes down
english major
turbo 2099
zero stance double
rff double
swagger like double
bird's eye view

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This is what it is. Blog love for Turbo comes and then goes. It's like this. First, we will post your stuff. We will post Dumb Double, for example. After everything after that, though, nah. we cool.
"we real cool, we skip school"
haha, nah but.
we will post your mixtape. but if an artist from our home city/state has something?? we will post their stuff AND the imeem link. ok?
that's wussup.
check this out.
i no longer have upmost appreciation for most of the blogs who have posted my stuff in the past...
call it what you want.
i'm realizing that i shouldn't even start to expect any love. take it back to the beginning.
"would u like to buy my cd? its only 2 dont have 2 dollars?"

"your crew is making another cd? thats cool...nah i dont want to be on it..ive got my own coming out"

its back to that mindframe.
im not mad at anyone, though.
but just know that i have the internet. i go to your blog sometimes. i see the omission of demolition double. i am not dumb.
but keep it this way. stay consistent and dont post my stuff.
major blog apparently have to know someone to get your stuff posted. i dont know anyone...they dont post my stuff. thats wussup.

thats why i give props to Charles Hamilton. A SIGNED artist who has taken the time to check my stuff out. i was never looking for approval. like. am i good??? man am i good enough as a rapper!?? no, nothing like that.
just real recognizes real. indeed.

but yeah man.
big ups to the CONSISTENT blogs though. like those who have this on their blogroll - 500Nickels? i believe. The Bomb ish mad weirdness. etc. etc. ( i dont know all the names off the top) but
i SEE yall.


and Demolition Double probably went over your head. it's cool though. The Owen Meany line is tougher than you know.
Flash Focus Forms Force

not too many stories this time around and I'ma do something to intentionally mess up your groove on this one too.

DZ - i'm picking up the tracks tomorrow.

but real talk though.
if i had my way, dumb people who sway like the wind to the next thing and cannot think for themselves and are essentially governed by utter stupidity and unfaithfullness, wouldn't be able to listen to my music.

to the dude "REGGIE" - i dont like your girlfriend my dude. she looks like a female master splinter. JUGGERNAUT, let's get this money.


Demolition Double Studio Footage

youtube is down right now...

but watch this:

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mean Kitty Song

Listened to Kanye "Heartless"

there's a line in there that says
"you'll never find nobody better me"

as an english major....that line has been driving me nuts for a while now.
it's the double negatives.
you see, (-) and (-) = (+)

never find nobody better than me...

it's hard to explain.
it's like saying that everyone she finds will be better than him.

if you change the words and talk about food it'll be like...

"you'll NEVER eat NOTHING"
that means that you WILL eat.

in my opinion, the verse shoulda said "you'll never find anybody better than me"

from a poetic viewpoint, it would make more sense, structure wise. couplet couplet cou-plet.

most songs, including mine, have grammar errors because this is music and all of that can be overlooked.
this one in particular though may NOT be an error at all. but it DOES bother me for some reason.
the song is good though.

Good Morning

Just because I can.

is coming soon. Flash Focus Forms Force.

This is what the tracklist may be as of right now...

not in order

edit: i'm not posting the tracklist just yet.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


about to leave, checked my email, and found this:

to being unfair, my only response is this:

tsk tsk.

how could I not mention

that last night I went to this man's concert.
interesting crowd.

VOICE's diss

Honorable mention diss...with lyrics!
here is the audio:

The urban journalizer/
I'm essentially more memorable, cuz my delivery's significantly wiser/
I'm no comedian like Rakim/Surpasssing the median/Average MC's can't stop him/
To this industry I'm like a bootleg CD/No one can shop,no one can house him/No contracts, they don't arouse him/
Label flashing paper, courting him/They'll never spouse him/I'll take gasoline to them dollars/Dhalsim, flame 'em!/
Stay out them flashing lights so tabloids cannot defame him/
Ain't caught no cases so the system can't try to arraign him/
Trial him and hang him/Won't be spending 40K annually to maintain him, I mean enslave him/
I speak the truth 'cause I'm the brave one/People lust for Satan's music while I'm here to save 'em/
Then I out-rhyme those those who say it's their time to shine/Must I remind?/OC said "Time is up."/Step out that booth and hush that rhyming up!/
Trying to front/Combining what?/That trill with that designer stuff?/That's kind'a rough/And that freestyle was so-so and such and such/
This embattled Toad should not overload on his own hype as much/Stop rambling, you sound all Scrambled Up!/
Here's more you need to know my negro/I burn Mc's and earn this bread and cheese and feed my seeds just what they need to grow/
How precise!/Kid's nice!/Loaded dice flow/Control the miro-device/Show, just where it might go/
Popped on the scene like Myers Michael/Cycle motors/Promote a haiku/
Easily I'm lyrically unlike you/
I don't know if y'all even caught that/Just bring my thoughts back/
"I hit him with 100 hits."/It's like he never fought back/
So, "I close my eyes and I shake my head."/Drop rhymes that shake the ground and wake the dead/
I keep spitting these rounds and I don't break a sweat/so forget I'm from the Windy City, just remember what I said/


Your structure was on deck, you already know.

I thought the diss video would have 1,000 views by this morning but it appears as though there's only 700.
I hope you know that I am smarter than directly dissing each person. A few years ago, that would have been the way I would handle the situation. But now, things are different...

Never was I dumb, either. The other sentence a couple or so before this one is not acknowleding that my younger age meant being dumb was the usual. no. Youth and dumbness shouldn't go hand in hand...all the time. It's a fallacy. whatever.
Let's not get into that.

Friday, October 17, 2008

UnsignedRappers vs Demolition Double (part one)

part 2 is my response, lol


i've yet to hear the whole thing but what i HAVE heard, very nice.
Usually within a few seconds into someone who sends me their music, I turn it off.
not this, though.

I Am Not a Rapper Mixtape

Asher Roth


when we have to post some type of english assignment are suppose to read some book and then type about it....
i tend to avoid the reading part and simply type something up really quick after skimming through the book.
the funny part is when the professor calls out my writing in particular as an example as to what is required.
i didnt read. hopefully you are reading this.

reviewing other responses from the classmates makes some type of subconcious impression on me with regards to how i view their skills.
some talk soooooo much head in class but when they post their responses it's like....YO, YOU DIDNT READ EITHER DID U???

i think the thing is this - IM IN THE WRONG CLASS. i did it backwards.
freshman year i took the TOUGHEST english and the professors doubted me.
Theory and Criticism. I got a B +.
Now I'm like a far everything has been pretty easy. Tiring, but fairly easy. but now i'm taking this class that was suppose to be the intro to english? who knows.... i call it English: seems like a waste of time!

ill give an example of some, nameless, classmate who doesn't seem as though they really read any of the text.
it takes a non reader to know a non read - YOU DIG?
their response:

Out of the reading of chapter five through ten, I found a few things
interesting in chapter six. This chapter, “Path I: Writing, Editing, and
Publishing,” was the most informative for myself personally. This is
because I wish to be a writer or a researcher with a focus in literature
and history when I finish my education. There were two things that came
as a surprise to me. For one, I didn’t know that being a researcher was
a job in itself. I always thought it was a side job as a writer. Another
thing I didn’t realize was the type of training required to become a
successful writer, especially in creative writing. One aspect I didn’t
know about was that writers “must stick to a schedule, whether of time
or number of pages.” (88). The information in this chapter is very
important to my future career because it gives useful facts, for example
I know what training I will need in the future.

we are advised to read the work of others. it's an online class. (at least in this online class, the constant laughter at ridiculous jokes is out of the picture)
but I am sick and tired of those who are on a high horse in class and then when they's like....are you serious??

and they say we should compete, we need to challenge to excel...
whatever, man.
i need a challenge. smh smh smh
i posted this:

One thing that I really enjoyed when reading these chapters is how the difficulty of
making the transition from college to the workplace is actually mentioned in the text.
This lets me know that the information being presented is valuable in the sense that the
writer is already familiar with what we as college students will have to eventually
endure. A new respect is given to the text upon reading this. Another thing that I
thought was very interesting is how the various earnings one could possibly make with
an English degree are listed. I appreciate the honesty of the text on page 116 where it
says, in regard to teaching english, that "this discipline is among the lowest paid of all
disciplines". Another thing that I appreciate about these chapters is how I am provided
with information concerning the different methods that I can use towards finding a
career. Overall this book is very useful and I will definitely be referring back to it in the
future if ever I am in need of help...Shout out to my man KILLA! DIPSET

you see...
this is just a game.

hip hop right now is just another english class
can't get this song outta my head. what the heck!
i think its the beat or something.
lil boy on the beginning is dope. and lil boy at :33 got that swag dance on deck.
lil girl on the first verse got that young flow.
what else - lil boy from the beginning at the end got that killa flow.

this is just funny in so many ways

Thursday, October 16, 2008


tonight seems like a good night to post the diss.
i'll prolly do it in like 4 hours from now..

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I have alot of stuff to do today like changing the oil in my car.
but I don't care.
today is the deadline.
Here in California it is 10:09 am

I heard the disses. Nice work.
Last couple of people....hurry up and submit. You have officially till 6pm

Monday, October 13, 2008

Swagger Like Us

if anyone has the instrumental, hit me up with it.



"Man this dude told me he said you know (insert my gov. name)....i was like yeah i know tha dude...he said well guess what....iz like what b...he said..that dude got no swag"

these are actual text msgs from ppl.
no joke! lol

"swag was uhhhhh, but now we got to kill dis picture an have are swagg on top!! No holdin back!"


Sunday, October 12, 2008


i think i wanna start posting random text msgs that i receive.
why not.

if you sent the text, i will not post your name...dont worry ^_^

"Goodnight (insert my gov. name) I still love you even tho you act like you don't give a damn about me!"



deadline in 3 days.
all artists who submitted a verse, please let me know what information you want posted during your segment.
I plan to make a youtube video for the song and during each part, it would make sense to type in the name of the artists and all of that stuff.
Just email that stuff to me asap...
It isnt too late to submit your verse either.
The deadline is, once again, 3 days from now on the 15th.
So far there are only..what...5 participants? smh.

just remember that i attempted to do a collaboration...remember this

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

lemme know your opinion...

someone just sent a verse in and i listened to it....
i know im not suppose to listen to the verses just yet but i do check for quality by the first couple of seconds...
this verse was interesting because the person didnt include any contact info. not even a name...
his verse went for like 2 minutes though......
should i include it in the final track or no?

Might have to cop! haha


quick post

that new Jim Jones Day N Nite remix

lol nice
and these 2:

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Kanye West - Love Lockdown

i like this video

Regarding the collaboration...

Time is running out, ya know?
There has been an okay amount of responses that can actually be used for this project....some of them, on the other hand, cannot be used due to quality.
here is an example of one of the many that will not be included soley based on the fact that the quality is poor.
A good, ruthless, diss.
intense profanity:


this emcee's myspace page can be found at:

to answer the question about how long it takes for me to write a song like GAS??
Turbo, Turbo.

No Swiping!

yes you heard correctly. listening to something off of volume 4!

Monday, October 6, 2008

insight into GAS

once represented GEMINI APPROVED SKILL.
GAS in reference to how people can become GASSED which I see everyday. People believe they are skilled when really they aren't. Those around that person GAS the other person up to the point where they truly believe in themselves. lol.

anyways -
Thanks to SINO for typing out the lyrics to this song and sending them to me...
below I have pasted MOST of the lyrics WITH some corrections and very BRIEF insight.
there is certainly MORE to the lyrical content within this song but I'm not going to SPOIL it for all who really want EXAMINE.
Tough wordplay on this one....
feel free to play the song as you read:
G.A.S - Turbo

They said they couldn't wait till i drop this
Electrorock disc, its audio hotness
ya’ll ought to go cop this
but if not, just don’t knock this
unless you can top this
they desperately test me, feel like I’m Nessie the Lochness
since they think that they will, though they never will see me
although they feel that they’re skilled, that’s why they say that they got this
i know that they steal, it’s thievery on their c.ds
they stole the flow and the style, wow! they audio shoplift
stop this nonsense since the nonsense scent reeks
i believe i can be a Febreeze emcee
when i speak i spray them up
like im cleaning the ceiling i keep my head to the sky
and i dont look at them… that’s why i cover my eyes with some shades
see these guys stay Shady ( foreshadow) they keep saying these lies
which defies all the rules of honesty
and honestly i see how obsolete honesty is on these beats
the game has been drained, its a shame lames claim they gun pop they not T-R-U-E
only time they POPS is eating cereal
i got this on lock, ima drop call me Huey ooooo weee
who kneww heee could be soo cool
even if he off the top of the head like a kufi
either way pal my verse would be the truth so my style will stay away from this earth like Pluto
so to you Goofy groupies who's unhappy with the fact that ima keep on spitting like Daffy
dont be mad be happy that these raps act as a durag to these tracks when they nappy
i press them down, with an impressive sound
neglecting tunes from looneys and desperate clowns
keep trying to touch the mic to get live on it
they couldnt get a finger on it I got 5 on it

a hand grasp fam thats how im scheming
sir sir, im Good like a Burger from Kenan
since im finally here like the weekend,
i guess ima keep their heads ringing (Dr. Dre – continuing foreshadow)

what up doc, i dont shoot the J (Dr.J)
my word is the ball, your ear is the hoop
so listen as i bang it in
what up doc, this is a lyricist experiment and I am just a mad scientist like Octavian (Dr.Octopus)
what up doc, i smack New Eras off of cats (Dr. Seuss, the cat in the hat)
and if i feel like Phil i give em advice (Dr. Phil)
yea, if i dont feel like Phil ima still fill my skill to you feel it in the air

rare, like meat with blood in it
t double turbo scramble team is the covenant
and i aint neva hustled on the block
but I cop State Property like the government
dude, i met a chick who hated fast food
i was like o word, thats cool
(and then what, taken from Young Jeezy) i took her to micky dee's she ordered a double cheese and said t double IM LOVIN IT!!
mayne, Bruce Wayne probably loving this
allow me to pitch my scheme
you see if one were to give me a beat
I’d then smack it out the park like a bat... mayne (man)
im back on the track in the booth
moving forward, i dont backtrack in the booth
im back on the track i lay you down with the sound, get it?
no, well put your back on the track
im finna run a train of thought on your brain (choo choo)
after that line hits you’s the bars turn, then it’s the verses turn, then it’s the record’s turn, as the record turns, the mixtape will tape it…
in the booth I’m Supah get my mixtape and cape it (superman, supah from the t.v. show the Pjs)
these days these men behave like children
so im chilling like im in PJ's
but im proablably rocking shades and a fitted
a Tee that fits me, some jeans and some SB's with it
if i Get Sick of This(young dro song) like Young Dro ima watch lean on me and switch the beat to young dro

Joe. Clark (also superman’s last name) on the mic i bring discipline
haters get jealous when they see the different whips I’m in
yesterday, the Chevrolet was red, like cinnamon
they said i must be after my math like Eminem and them (concludes foreshadow, alludes to the song Superman)
trust, that im never in a RUSH to get fitted
if it takes you a few, ima need 60 minutes (one hour, television show)
but what I wear just all depends on where im at
cuz see i tend to wear them Uptowns around my Aunt Jackie (Jackie Chan reference)
and i wear them dress shirts when i be with my mama
smelling fresh out the tub like a young E. Honda
so if i see a Scrub out with his lil mama
he gone know I’m what’s popping so his girl hes gone tuck her (Tuck-er, Chris Tucker)

(the beat changes to “man in the trunk” by young dro where young dro explains that his car sounds like a man, Jackie Chan, is in his trunk fighting…lol)

cuz t double dont play and
This should remind you of Chris (Chris Tucker) since it’s cold when you play it (Chris Martin from Coldplay)
I don’t dumb down like Cole (Cole from Martin)
Cause my goals to make you think until you link me to your favorites
Bookmark double, back in high school, they use to call me Booksmart double…
But I aint read books (ignorant)
I just came out with lines like fishermen – and – I aint need hooks..
Man, I don’t even write.
Tell them what you do.
I just right jabs on the track.
Me and the beat got in a fight, tell them what you did, I just left jabs on the track
With a GIGATON PUNCH, gigaton punch.
I’m Ceran Megaman, I’ma rap (wrap) robot.

See I eat on these beats and I dine on these rhymes when I snack on this rap call it Megatron lunch (lunch is between breakfast and dinner – goes back to Am Pm instrumental)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Dope story, Yung

yung said...
Kid Cudis cool as ever Me and my dude went to see him drove from Gary,In to Chicago to catch em on that hollywood moon tour. I didnt think they would be so strict with the age thing im 19 my guy is 20 Got to the door and the bouncers are all like no you guys are too young get lost flickin cigarettes at us tellin us to beat it 21 and up/ After we tried to bribe em and got denied we didnt want to waste a trip(gas)so we then walked around the city of chicago on an empty monday night just talkin about how wack everything is and how we're sick and tired of our current state of being out of place we finally go back to the venue to just look from a bench across the street and everyone else gettin in with ease litterally on the outside lookin in lol >>> right when my guy's like lets go back home, I look to my left and i see Cudi and some others contimplating waling across the street and into the club and i just go off instincts and explain our situation and hes like Cool just come with us We get to the door and He's like they with me got us in handshakes and all I aint dick ridin or nothin (Young Reezey from the Boondocks) lol and lot of chicago rappers were in the building kids in the hall cool kids mic terror boardroom all just in one space, anyway we got to see him and Holt rock the show It was crazy this is too long of a comment so i'll just end it here

Saturday, October 4, 2008


FRE$H that would be dope too.

how about this

Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Lupe Fiasco VS
Charles Hamilton, Corey Gunz, Turbo T. Double

I'd like to see that kinda stuff happen in hip hop.
You can take me outta the equation and add someone else or whatever...but yeah - wishful thinking.

last night

was cool.
good company, good conversation, good food.

this morning i woke up with wire marks on my face though. dont fall asleep with wires on your bed...specifically headphone wires and slim metal necklaces.

in between last night and this morning i had a dream...more like a nightmare.
real deal.
it was like we were in this concrete building area where there was some type of olympic events going on. obstacle courses and what not.
and we, we meaning the class, were walking around with the tour guide dude.
well like...
he was pretty mean. evil, if you will.

fast forward.

so he was about to kill us all with machine guns or whatever but then i got a phone call from someone or something and then

fast forward
like lava came outta no where
a huge rush of it and everyone was running away and it was mayhem
we ended up inside this concrete building/ruins trying to survive and it was a mess.
a bunch of people died in the dream.
lava burning off limbs in dream world is still a pretty horrible sight.
buildings crashing on people? yikessss

this one girl died from some type of insect that bit her and ....well it was pretty much just like that movie Cloverfield now that I think of it.
I only saw that movie ONCE and it was like when it first came out.

Alotta elements of that movie were incorporated into the nightmare.
it was crazy...
why am i typing this though? reason.
just felt like it.

craziness mannnn crazinesss.
long day ahead of us.
let's get (x15) it!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

oh yeah, one more thing.

some blogs out there will post like 2 discs of electro rock v3 and not the third one.
i dont like you guys...and ill never forget.

one of my professors

in particular.
i dont like her.
i plan to purchase MEGAMAN 9 via xbox 360. should be dope? splash woman?? haha

what else...uhhh
this is pretty dope n ima cop both albums

hold onnnn hold onnn
i'm scramblin!

Collaboration deadline x Staff Development

extended for a bit.
there's only 4 submissions that are good enough. the rest are poor quality.
you hear the song that's playing on the page right now??
it's called PARTY OF FIVE.

it is ridiculous.
real deal.
you all should be happy that I don't have that instrumental.

I wonnnnnnddderrrrrrr is either greater than or equal to how the sample on Kanye's record says "I wonder".