Saturday, November 15, 2008


xbox360 is also back...i'll serve all of you on every game.
emails and everything- thanks, real deal.
i'm just kickin it like chun-li.

Cinque, just got your email. I agree.
From Cinque:

No one probably cares, but here's my grown man photo. The best part is that my comments on Obama will be featured today in N'Digo, a weekly news paper that I contribute to. I'll send you the link once it is up. This is a kinda random to post for your blog, and no one will probably comment anyway, but I want to show them that I'm a real person - if that matters to them, right? Furthermore, I'm kinda disappointed in this e-communication age we're living in. If people that you think care about you never answer your e-mails, what are you supposed to think? But then they send you these dumb forwards, that I never ever respond to, because they're mostly stupid as hell! Then, there's these blogs that people come to and read, but don't leave a comment. That's the point of the blog, to get some feedback. That's why I sometimes contemplate starting a blog, then I come back to reality - no one cares! Participation is so lackluster, unless you're on
Okayplayer, and they always say a bunch of rude stuff. Anyway, that's my rant for today. The point is that we're not taking full advantage of these wonderful tools we have to communicate with one another. Too much wasted time and energy! It frustrates me. That's why I only really deal with this e-mail stuff for business purposes. Ok, enough man. Peace!

P.S.: Feel free to post this entire rant, maybe someone will read it and leave a comment stating their opinion.....LOL!

which brings me to my next point:

ima fall back on posting as much. on the real, it's's not even necessary to post anything really... but i tend to use posting as a cure for the procrastination..if that makes sense....
but whatever man.
just letters
dont try to decipher. im just sayin: aihfkdalsnv;waklejf who cares?

bout to go see 007. hopefully it's good.
Juggernaut...send me the picture or ima fire on you.

Tokyo footage and all that - ima post it.
iTHINKi video will be released prolly after dec4 along with S.L.U. Studio Footage.


ps: tooooo many of these 'certain people' need to listen to Bird's Eye View. you are described so well in it...
hint hint.
stop it.


2che said...

Yeah I feel Cinque on that... But I see a blog as a Journal kinda thing.. Actually more like a Diary, the shit that U CHOOSE to post(write) means something to u, or makes u feel some kinda way.. Anyway it should be done to make U happy.. Its just that now u have an audience, Dont know bout everyone else but honestly I thought most of the things u post are just to let the audience observe the things that interest u and or to take a look at the things u like to do, and maybe show us the things that put u in the certain state of mind that allows u to come up with such ill concepts... But yeah I dont really realize that feedback is needed unless it is asked for or atleast hinted at... But yeah.. Like a silent audience, Always watching and sometimes screaming out random shit lol... Oh and 007 was raw as hell..

Damn I really need to just start using my email...

2che said...

And im seriously looking forward to that Tokyo footage...

BibbleFoshizzle said...

Wassup Turbo. Wassup Cinque. Long time blog watcher, first time commenter. Just posted to let you know that you are ill Mr. Turbo. Keep up the crazy lyricism. PEACE

P.S. What college to you attend here in SOCAL? I know its a UC but which one?

Turbo said...

i can't tell ^_^

(almost done though)

Turbo said...

and thanks for the comment indeed

Anonymous said...

You're welcome Turbo, and thank you for the edit. Bibble:Hi! A 1st time comment is very significant!! Thanks for taking the time to read and respond!
2che: Thank you as well!!