Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On a mission.

Some of the bad things that can happen while living alone have occurred in my life seriously within a 3 day period. Here's a list of the bad thing along with an attempt to look on the bright side.

Relationship ended. ++++ new song written. money saving. time to regain focus.
Job terminated. ++++ more time.
phone destructed. ++++ new iphone4 purchased at a very cheap price.
red light pull over. ++++ learned a lesson. never drive in an unfamiliar city with so many things on your mind especially
immediately following the destruction of your only gps device.
Fix it ticket. ++++ when moving to a new area, always update your driver's license.
parking citation obtained. **** learned a lesson. Never park within in 15' of a fire hydrant no matter how far in the boondocks
you believe you are. The police will find you.

identity theft. **** lesson learned. Be careful with online purchases.

car tag expiration on the verge which = HOURS at the DMV which results in a mandatory SMOG check. **** didn't really learn a lesson here other than try to schedule an appointment as opposed to walking up to the DMV like a dummy expecting the line to be shorter than 4 hours.

t-shirt online store continues to automatically charge by the month yet I haven't ordered more product. Supply > Demand.
++++ charge pre-orders.

Surprise $1000.00 fine. ++++ don't get caught slippin? lol.

It is very much so overwhelming but the thing is, and I'm not sure if all of you have noticed this, but, I have been working on endurance and long suffering for some time now. Many of these things could have been avoided if I would have LIED my way out of them, however, I believe in honesty despite the misfortunes that it may bring upon you.
With that being said, I have seriously been more determined now than ever to make something out of nothing.

I never liked to talk to people. Honestly, I still don't exactly like talking to random people especially those who appear to be quite haughty, but, so be it. You can never have first hand experience and insight with a person until you actually make the attempt to talk to them. If they respond unfavorably, it's not the end of the world. Simply add them on THE LIST.

i already met this really cool dude with my new outlook on, well, life. His name is Corey and he works at a local boutique. He has already started to help me out by reserving a spot for my "DEMO CD" that I plan to start burning in the very near future. Then I met some promoter kids. I forget their names but they came into the store and it just worked out. They were passing out flyers for some MIA x NERD concert coming up when I introduced myself and started actually TALKING instead of mean mugging the whole world which is what i could very easily do considering how upset I am about my recent losses.

I've investigated a way to start performing regularly. Increased the possibility of doing so, at least.
I've called people. I have some unbelievable contacts who I never call because I never want to exactly be a nuisance and sometimes I'm just flat out nervous to interrupt anything in their super important schedules. I called only one of these contacts and they gave me some good advice.

I have contacted people with less internet (buzz? lame) than myself who actually perform on the regular in attempts to figure out how I can get in on this performance bus. My Ex performed probably every weekend while we were together in her band and that has low key encouraged me to start doing my thing which is why I won't go super grimey on her on a new song that I have. You'll hear it most likely.

About the DEMO.

this is the tracklist:

1. i think i
2. ozone
3. for the win
4. heartbreak double
5. shotgun ( on v5)

this tracklist may appear weak as a mug but the thing is, these are probably my only songs that can be understood by any random person and are rather performable with the exception of 'i think i' which I do not plan to perform anytime soon.


these videos are included:

1. for the win.
2. holographic double
3. bird's eye view
4. dark wing double
5. gigaton punch

Unlike the complimentary cd that came with the shirts that were purchased, this dvd focuses more on being attractive to a complete stranger so immediately upon insertion you are going to see the revolving red TSST logo as the 'dark wing double' instrumental plays. the background title menu is in all black and the videos are aligned accordingly and colored similarly to my website.
I use to think that my website is weak as a mug but now I'm least I HAVE a website. I'm not going to down my site. I'm not a web designer or anything so yeah..

In these CD and DVD DEMOS I will include 1 of my business cards. I already had these made the other week. The card promotes my Youtube and includes my website address in addition to my email address.

The blank CDs that I'm using are going to be solid white. I don't have the money to get fancy on them.
The cd cases are plastic. Protect the planet.
idk iwhat I'm talking about.

Anyways....I say all of this knowing that someone could very easily take my plan and use it for themselves but by doing so you will not exactly be TRUE to YOURSELF. If you would like to take this idea and run it, be my guest. I refuse to quit hip hop entirely until I can honestly say that I have tried every way possible to be able to make music as a means of supporting myself. That would be the dopest job, as far as I can tell.

Knowing that Lupe and his camp recognize me in person and can talk to me without worrying about me trying to invade their circle.
Knowing that Big Sean is a nice guy in person and even follows me on Twitter.
Knowing that Just Blaze even took the time to give one of my songs a listen.
Knowing that my uncle told me that he ran into someone over there in Boston who knew about me already...
that when I went to Louisiana, people actually knew me on sight and showed love..
that I receive emails from every state and many countries...
that all ages, races, and species have been in tune with what I release.....

knowing all of these things in addition to knowing about those who doubt my artistic ability results in a strong desire to, as cliche as it may sound, go For The Win.

Thank you for your continued support.

I'm working, I've been working.

As I make progress in this operation, I believe that I may attempt to locate boutiques in different states across the U.S. and possibly in other countries though the latter may prove to be very difficult.
I'm doing self promotion here in one part of California. Imagine if I could send you physical copies of this CD x DVD package. Would you be willing to hit up different boutiques and venues ?
I'm not talking HEY WUT UP GOT CD 4 U CHECK IT HOTNESS LOOK...but actually talking to the person...honest conversation.

si se puede.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

One of my heroes, Just Blaze, gives his take on Gigaton Punch

it's so great that he responded.
made my day and I could especially use that because everything else appears to be going not so well.

Thank you Just Blaze and I hope to work with you one day.

Friday, June 25, 2010


this is a missing link. i need to perform LIVE.

the problem? I don't know where to start anymore. los angeles..surrounding areas...where is a good place to perform?
If there are people over in New York sending me emails to perform, there HAS to be someone here in Los Angeles.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Turbo - For The Win (music video)

it won't upload correctly

I speak of the ForTheWin video that is finished and ready to be put up on Youtube.
This video is unique to me because it is my first video fully arranged in Final Cut Pro.
The problem that I'm having is uploading it to Youtube despite multiple searches for how to do so and despite following a ton of tutorials concerning proper export settings.
On Youtube, the video will upload for a long while, and then, suddenly, oh there has been an error.
This sucks.
My settings are HDVi as opposed to progressive but I'm not sure if this even has anything to do with this nonsense. I've exported different versions of the same video at different sizes and different options selected for frame rates and everything.
I just tried to import into iMovie in order to export directly to Youtube but it's saying that it's going to take like 15 hours. This can't be right...

Anyways, here are some pics that you can enjoy in the meantime. ^_^

Friday, June 18, 2010

Marvel vs Capcom 3 gameplay footage


If you can help to do so, you may want to avoid putting yourself within close proximity of the Staples Center during the end of a championship basketball game, especially when the Lakers end up winning that game.
Police with machine guns.
People running and hanging out of car windows holding up jerseys all the while screaming drunken obscenities.
Cars set ablaze.
Police on horseback.
Police in helicopters.
Police everywhere. No exaggeration.

Video games Live.
Though I arrived a hour late and left probably a hour later, it was quite impressive especially this one girl who played the flute while dressed like Link from Zelda and this one dude who played a medley of Mario Brothers tunes on the piano as well as took request from the audience.
I was only able to take like 2 blurry pics from my iPhone.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Video

My new music video for the song "For The Win" is about 85% done. Be on the lookout for it to drop sometime very soon. Definitely this month.

Nintendo 3DS

info from Kotaku

this looks pretty dope!

Code-name no more, the official moniker for the Nintendo 3DS is...the Nintendo 3DS.

The NINTENDO 3DS is the Kyoto-base game company's successor to its wildly popular Nintendo DS line. It is Nintendo's fourth general handheld gaming system after the Game Boy, the Game Boy Advance and the Nintendo DS.

Here is what we know:

• The Nintendo 3DS is black and blue, red and black as well as black and, well, black.
• As promised, this is a glasses-free 3D device
• Two cameras on the outside of the device are for 3D picture taking
• There is a 3D depth slider on the side of the device
• The round nub analog stick is called the "Slide Pad"
• The bottom screen is a touch panel
• Below the touch screen are Select, Home and Start buttons
• Underneath the A, B, X, Y buttons is the handheld's power button
• It has a motion sensor and gyroscope
• The 3DS is compatible with Nintendo DSi
• There is a camera facing the player above the portable's 3D screen
• It has the ability to play 3D Hollywood movies, like Legends of the Guardians from Warner Brothers
• The 3DS launch game will be Kid Icarus: Uprising
• It is a powerful system, featuring improved graphics
• The 3DS periodically searches for WiFi spots and other 3DSs
• It offers easy online navigation
• There is no monthly fee for Nintendo's 3DS online access
• Nintendo is developing 3D Nintendogs
• More than twenty companies have signed on to develop for the 3DS
• The top screen is 3.5 inches
• Nintendo is aiming to have the 3DS's battery life to be the equivalent of the DSi's.
• Nintendo would not provide specifics on the effect of 3D on battery life
• Nintendo is remaking classic games, including The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
• No cell phone carrier will be needed for the wireless functionally
• The stylus going in from the top part of the lower hinge unit
• Release date is TBA
• Price is TBA

Saturday, June 12, 2010

in the meantime.

I'm working on trying to have at least 1 of the 2 videos that I'm simultaneously working on done by the end of this month.
Please continue to standby...I'm not just sitting around without being productive...!

Monday, June 7, 2010

"this is only 4 of us, but there's way more to us, we be mobbin deep, you would think we had a tour bus"