Monday, November 3, 2008

never gets old

one of my fav. verses from the young artists

we put these older hip hop artists at too high of a pedestal i think.
new school is where it is at, sometimes.
in this case...yes, it is here. haha


Anonymous said...

Interesting, I looked this up this weekend after checking out XXL's site and reading comments about how he ripped this track!! One of my guys put me on to Gunz about 3 years ago. Dude is INCREDIBLE!!!! That verse he spit for XXL was so sinister!! He's definitely ONE OF THE BEST OUT RIGHT NOW!!!! Peter Gunz must be proud:)!!!

Keep posting the good stuff Turbo!

2che said...

Yeah thats true... New school is absolutely dominating right now, Shit in my opinion the best rapper alive is Blu (no offense). I love the current state Hip-hop is in right now. So many new artists bring completely diverse sounds...

Rhymestyle said...

lmao anyone notice that Cory Gunz looks like a Wayne from 2000 minus the dreads but with a giant forehead