Monday, November 29, 2010

TSST Sweaters = Win

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010

November 19th

6 days.
it's going to be great.
Not too many people know this but I'm an on and off assistant costumer at Nickelodeon.
Surely this is information that I didn't have to share and could be considered "telling all of my business" but the fact is...I don't care if you know this or not.
What I DO care to tell about is something I'm very proud of.

On November 19, 2010 the first episode I OFFICIALLY put ALOT of work into airs on Nickelodeon. (on the grand scale of things, I didn't put nearly as much as anyone single person on set because I am merely an assistant)
It's called iStart a Fan War and it's a special episode of the show iCarly.

It was super cool to work on this episode. Everything from meeting new amazing and creative people, driving around to different costume factories with my partner and scoping out all of the supermodels and extravagant cars along the way, and just working with the best cast of my best job ever.

Being able to eat good food everyday and working with Jack Black and having a first hand experience with his comedic genius - unforgettable.
There's 2 background characters in this episode who I specifically hope to see in the episode because we dressed them with the likeness of M. Bison and Balrog from Street Fighter.  Due to potential copyright infringement issues, however, their uniforms were not identical but merely influenced... ^_^

In fact, in this short trailer for this episode that airs November 19th, (notice how I'm advertising the show because I want you to tune in ^_^) if you pause at the :10 mark you can see to the left there's a guy with a military hat on with a red band going across it....that's M. Bison. ^_^!!!
He also wears this amazing grey military captain jacket that I wish I could own.  I took a picture wearing it one day.. lol. I'll post it here, perhaps..

Anyways, I have too many things to do and I could go on and on about crazy things happening in my adventure filled life but I do not wish to bore  you.  Man I need to go get that Kid Cudi album. One day I will meet Kid Cudi.  That was random but yeah.. mark my words! Salute!

ps: I have to release that Young Turbo mixtape I'm sorry! Super busy mannnnn. please do understand.

pss: Just to put this out there - If I show interest in you as a person and you fail to recognize / act upon it after I continuously but not overly show an interest in you, my interest makes a definitive turn to the coldest disinterest possible.  Not that I will treat you badly, that is never the case, but I will avoid your energy overall. damn! that's a quotable. XD

be safe!
they rapin errybody out here!

Friday, November 5, 2010

GOOD news.

My bad for forgetting to post. the GOOD news is that I received the call to open for Big Sean on Friday, January 7th at El Rey which is a venue that is larger than the KeyClub. This show will be all ages and tickets are $25 but I got you for $22. I'll keep you posted on more details.. ^_^