Sunday, November 30, 2008


stackin my cake stackin stackin my pi.

smh smh smh
at the women who sang that

also - on youtube i saw someone posted a little blue backpack video and these comments were pretty funny:

Love Turbo, he makes dumb music but it's good, better than all other nonsense rappers, rappin about Street Fighter and Dress Socks he goes serious every now and then like in this one.

GIGNILLIAT777 how is he serious in this one? hes rapping about a jet

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Windows Media Player live

album dec. 9th....i aint even get the last mixtape but yeah man - should be good..

dec. 4th v4. has windows media slayer. the beat should be cool. saylen. lol.

please feel free to compare v4 to anything out right now..
real deal.

thanks for the comments on SLU Double

swagger like US...Understand the Scramble...Understand the Scholar's....Underlying Sense...Utilizes Success...till they're UpSet at name is US.
us = me.
me = us.

counterpart =
1. a person or thing closely resembling another, esp. in function: Our president is the counterpart of your prime minister.
2. a copy; duplicate.
3. Law. a duplicate or copy of an indenture.
4. one of two parts that fit, complete, or complement one another


look..when you get v4. really LISTEN to it.
i plan to cotinue as though there is someone right there understanding everything.
even if it's a counterpart.


peace for now.
brain overloading...

ps: SF2 - im there. you already know.

big ups to those punks who actually defeated me.
yall suck.
nah but - good job. yall are better than me at SF.

Friday, November 28, 2008


for those who would rather just hear the whole mixtape as a whole piece of art....just don't press play. self control ^_^

Thursday, November 27, 2008


just posted the realest blog entry post i ever wrote - on that site.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

real talk

i think i have some form of attention deficit disorder when it comes to writing papers.
for example, this blog entry.
also, im over here tryna finish this paper thats due pretty soon and out of nowhere i get the notion to turn on the new kanye album at full blast in the crib just to see what it sounds like..
there goes like a hour.
next, i begin to write the paper again...
man i'm hungry.
paper again.
SF2 HD REMIX comes out today......
but i havent turned on the xbox at all...odd...self control is working back again.
time to write the paper....right?
blog entry.
ok paper time-
ima post this stupid paper too.
it has to be the worst one ever because im essentially confusing the reader kindda with mad commas and grammatical shifts and thoughts that are super flimsy.
oh well.

and yeah Cinque n J.Nolan..Dfresh.tell me about it.
Capcom....that's wussup

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

oh word....from email...

I don't know if you've heard of this already, as far as I know it just came out, but there's some new SF remixes going down at which... well, you have to see it for yourself.

Just thought I'd give you a heads up, I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on some of these tracks.

no one emailed me to be apart of this.
T1ME part 2 anyone?


nah but seriously,
i felt a bit of bitterness when i clicked that link.
i couldnt even listen to the tracks.
real deal.

but whatever....
ElectroRock v4's final track will ...

gotta write this paper - peace!



we in the house, house.

Monday, November 24, 2008

templar scarf hoody

came in the mail the other day, by the way.
stupid hot.
might replace my freshjive hoody as 'favorite hoody' for the time

and -
at some of the SF clothing is up for sale muahahah

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kid Cudi Consequence Mr. Hudson-Backstage



ur kiddin me, haha that was a good one.
your first good one in a while ^_^

classic album.
that song (robocop) was just taken to another level. anyone reading this also see sounds?
what did it look like to you?? it was straight up cris cut fries on some next level-ness when i heard it. real deal.

here's the tracklisting for ER4:

1. FFFF (prod.DZ)
2. itGoesDown (DZ)
3. Chill Out (DZ)
4. English Major (DZ)
5. Hold On (DZ)
6. S.L.U.Double (ft. The Counterparts) (instrumental)
7. iTHINKi (DZ)
8. Bird's Eye View (prod.Saylen Strayer)
9. Demolition Double (prod.Charles Hamilton but i guess its an instrumental)
10. R.F.F.Double (DZ)
11. Zero Stance Double (prod.Raycee)
12. Ultra Double (Saylen Strayer)
13. The Realest song I Ever Wrote (DZ)
14. Turbo2099 (DZ)
15. Teleported + Outro (Saylen Strayer)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


"awwww too easy" - zero stance double.

next, create a 'creative project' for this Shakespeare class....
write a 6 page paper for the Shakespeare class...
prepare for final...
write a 8 page paper on Virgina Woolf....didn't read "Mrs. Dalloway" (sp?)
read Mrs. Dalloway...200 pages....
in between full time work.
prepare for final.
finish cover art for ER4.
email Saylen for his opinion on something.
(cancel that, i'll ask you here after this list)
wonder if Raycee is done 'fixing' that other track! smh!
look for a different type of career...
keep a flash of focus to form a force.

SS the T what time should it... you know? the know what I mean.
just post a time or email a time or something.
1st verse hook? 2 verse hook? 1:44 2:04 etc. etc.
please let me know your opinion sir.

Done with the outline, time to 'present'

a presentation on:
Cock-a-doodle-dum: Sexology and A Room of One’s Own.
By: Patricia Moran
[W]hat is amusing now [...] had to be taken in desperate earnest once. Opinions that one now pastes in a book labelled cock-a-doodle-dum and keeps for reading to select audiences on summer nights once drew tears, I can assure you.
--A Room of One's Own

The Argument:
Patricia Moran begins by stating that ‘A Room of One’s Own’ is “arguably the most influential essay of feminist literary criticism” primarily due to the essay’s “readability, its literariness” and “its seductive charm.” As an example of this essay’s effect on readers, she includes a quote from author Ellen Bayuk Rosenman who describes the essay as “a sort of primer of feminist concepts”. Though the essay has an abundance of both “appeal and importance,” Moran finds it “surprising how little attention has been devoted to the way in which it makes performative use of sexological literature to develop the terms of its argument”. She likens the essay to “many sexological writings” in the sense that the essay both “draws distinctions between the writing of poetry and the writing of fiction and speculates about the factors involved in women’s early success in writing novels” and “examines how female biology relates to and shapes literary form”.
These observations on Woolf’s essay contribute to Moran’s belief that Woolf had a “preoccupation with the damaging effects of the censorious male reception of women’s writing” which suggests that Woolf “almost certainly would have found important men’s reliance on a sex-based concept of ‘genius’ to dismiss the accomplishments of more talented and productive women writers”. Because of this, Moran believes that to consider A Room of One’s Own as a successful ‘counterblast’ to claims that female genius is an oxymoron and that women’s intellectual powers are limited by biology is definitely a “mistake”. By “persistently [imaging] women’s writing as watery and diffuse” and by “[worrying] that women’s books suffer from a mysterious ‘flaw in the centre’”, Woolf essentially echoes the sexologist claim that “women’s writing betrays the negative influence of menstruation”. Through examination, then, Moran believes that one can see that ‘the room’ is “a vastly more complex document than its canonical status in feminist studies has allowed it to be” and that this “victorious primer of feminist thought gives way to a more nuanced and more conflicted example” of how the culture of gender “impinges upon a creative woman’s defense of her gifts”.
The Sexological Origins:
According to Moran, A Room of One’s Own originates from an ongoing debate concerning “sexological principles”. Arnold Bennett’s Our Women, a book released in 1920 that focused on proving women’s creative and intellectual power inferiority to men, prompted Woolf to make a paper as a ‘counterblast’ to Bennett’s ‘adverse’ views. In October of 1920, however, a literary journalist named Desmond MacCarthy published a favorable review of this book in the pages of The New Statesman that “diverted Woolf from her original plans of a paper” and instead encouraged her to pen “a witty and acerbic rejoinder”.
Woolf’s first response “pointed to the gradual evolution of female excellence”. MacCarthy’s rebuttal “focused the argument much more sharply upon the issue of female genius” by relying on the “common sexological ploy” of claiming that “women were biologically incapable of producing works of genius” and because “no woman had ever attained the creative stature of Shakespeare or Beethoven or Newton”, then, “no woman ever…could”. Woolf’s “material arguments” found in her first letter that claimed that “unfavorable conditions” had “thwarted creative women” are dismissed by MacCarthy who believed that not only have men been able to overcome those same unfavorable conditions but women without many unfavorable conditions have hardly been able to match the highest achievements of men.
Woolf’s second letter contains the “skeletal form” of the arguments concerning women and creativity found in A Room of One’s Own. By citing the middle-class patriarchal family and its “privileging of sons and shortchanging of daughters”, Woolf continues to “[point] to the material conditions that impinge upon female creativity” and formulates “a kind of artistic evolution of Darwinism” in the sense that she argues, in both the news article and in her essay, that genius cannot “flourish in conditions of servility and ignorance”.
Though MacCarthy formally announced that he would discontinue his arguments with Woolf, he dishonored this agreement and they continued to “spar about women’s creative potential throughout the twenties”. During these years when she was writing A Room of One’s Own, Woolf was constantly haunted by sexological claims, particularly those of MacCarthy and Bennett. These biased claims, however, were “strangely invigorating” to Woolf. In her diary, Woolf provides a number of thoughts concerning the effects that these claims made. In an article entitled “Supreme Gift Denied to Women”, James Lavar went against his thesis that women were incapable of reaching the front rank of creative arts by acknowledging that no one could deny Virginia Woolf’s greatness. This statement, as found in Woolf’s diary, caused her to say that she hoped Bennett would see what was said about her and because of this, one can begin to understand how “men like MacCarthy and Bennett” essentially “qualified” women writers.
The Sexological Genius:
Moran argues that A Room developed out of “Woolf’s preoccupation with sexological beliefs, exemplified most acutely by Desmond MacCarthy and Arnold Bennett” and that “diary entries about the style of her text” reveal Woolf’s preoccupation with the “sexological question” of female genius. The anxiety about “writing in an overly fluent style” in addition to her ongoing internal struggle of identifying the nature of genius resulted in “anger about Desmond MacCarthy’s dismissiveness toward her work” that becomes a “deeply related” issue in the essay. Because of this effect, then, Moran believes that the ‘cultural, gendered definitions of genius impinged upon and shaped [Woolf’s] thinking about female creativity”.
Androgynous: being both male and female
When Woolf calls for “artistic androgyny” in A Room, this too can be set in a sexologist context in response to Otto Weininger’s claims of how male genius is perfectly developed. By using an older definition of genius, specifically by defining genius as something that is ‘naturally creative and undivided’, Moran finds that Woolf continues to rely on the same sexological base.
The Conclusion:
“As the epigraph at the beginning of this essay suggests, Woolf had to take sexological arguments in "desperate earnest" to construct a defense of the intrinsic value of female difference and female creativity. That she succeeded brilliantly is proven, I think, by the book's enduring popularity as an accessible introduction to feminist literary criticism and women's writing. Her materialist analysis of the conditions necessary for creativity anticipates much of what later feminist criticism elaborates. Ironically, the very germ of the book--the need to defend the possibility of a female "genius"--has almost disappeared from contemporary discussions and analyses of the text. We need to question more critically Woolf's crippling reliance on the category of "genius" and to mark how it distorts her evaluations of women writers who do not fulfill or conform to conventional measures of "important" writing (see Ezell, Mudge, Rosenman). We would do well to familiarize ourselves with the sexological debates and use them to uncover the essay's anxieties and ambivalences. In doing so, we can begin to see why the materialist argument suffers the inconsistencies it does and why Woolf confusingly returns to notions of transcendent genius near the essay's close.”

Works cited:
Moran, Patricia. “Cock-A-Doodle-Dum: Sexology And A Room of One’s Own”. Women’s Studies; Aug2001, Vol.30 Issue 4, p477, 22p.

The End.


1st are these nintendo themed air max...
2nd is this very creative video...

and about already know. Can't wait...

off to writing this ridiculous presentation.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

007 Double

but yo, 2che was right. the movie was illlll.
spose to be there at 730 to meet some ppl...i got there at went to the 830 myself...lame? no.
then went to myself...lame? no.
then saw a certain somebody at dinner...and..lame? yes.
smh smh.
had a young pomegranate margarita. is that lame? probably. it was pretty good, though.

what does s.o.d. stand for?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

X_X Triumvir Winter 08 Collection Release

Triumvir - Castor & Pollux Selvedge Denims from brandon cheng on Vimeo.

Our Winter 2008 collection will be dropping tonight at midnight November 15th @ 12AM PST. New tees and the long awaited Deathsquad M-65 jacket and the Templar Scarf hood.



Apparently, some of their Shadaloo line came in....not for sale yet but it came in....
can't wait!


xbox360 is also back...i'll serve all of you on every game.
emails and everything- thanks, real deal.
i'm just kickin it like chun-li.

Cinque, just got your email. I agree.
From Cinque:

No one probably cares, but here's my grown man photo. The best part is that my comments on Obama will be featured today in N'Digo, a weekly news paper that I contribute to. I'll send you the link once it is up. This is a kinda random to post for your blog, and no one will probably comment anyway, but I want to show them that I'm a real person - if that matters to them, right? Furthermore, I'm kinda disappointed in this e-communication age we're living in. If people that you think care about you never answer your e-mails, what are you supposed to think? But then they send you these dumb forwards, that I never ever respond to, because they're mostly stupid as hell! Then, there's these blogs that people come to and read, but don't leave a comment. That's the point of the blog, to get some feedback. That's why I sometimes contemplate starting a blog, then I come back to reality - no one cares! Participation is so lackluster, unless you're on
Okayplayer, and they always say a bunch of rude stuff. Anyway, that's my rant for today. The point is that we're not taking full advantage of these wonderful tools we have to communicate with one another. Too much wasted time and energy! It frustrates me. That's why I only really deal with this e-mail stuff for business purposes. Ok, enough man. Peace!

P.S.: Feel free to post this entire rant, maybe someone will read it and leave a comment stating their opinion.....LOL!

which brings me to my next point:

ima fall back on posting as much. on the real, it's's not even necessary to post anything really... but i tend to use posting as a cure for the procrastination..if that makes sense....
but whatever man.
just letters
dont try to decipher. im just sayin: aihfkdalsnv;waklejf who cares?

bout to go see 007. hopefully it's good.
Juggernaut...send me the picture or ima fire on you.

Tokyo footage and all that - ima post it.
iTHINKi video will be released prolly after dec4 along with S.L.U. Studio Footage.


ps: tooooo many of these 'certain people' need to listen to Bird's Eye View. you are described so well in it...
hint hint.
stop it.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


just FOUND these in one of my boxes in the closet.
never wore them.
forgot i bought them lmao
real deal

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

very interesting

just found out through one of my sources that the song "In Here" by Young L was actually produced by someone who I...I dont wanna say I actually know the person...but I have went to school with his friends and occasionally speak with a member of his team whenever I go to the mall from time to time.
Producer of that track actually recorded with DZ once upon a time.
small world


It wasn't necessary to type that title in all caps.
Have you heard the Akon song entitled "Right Now (Na Na Na)"
Well, as some of you may know, I have a habit of actually analyzing lyrics. Though I may analyze them for grammar errors and for general themes, I happended to find something slightly more unusual in this song in particular. At one time, I lived in a community of people who were Mexican.
Serious. One thing that I noticed from some of my amigos is that they would sometimes refer to their Abuela as Na Na.

Now, given that slight bit of information, one could probably see where I'm going with this.
I think that the hook on the new Akon song should have been edited to something different.
By doing so, incestuous undertones could be avoided.
Given, most people wouldn't even think of it like that but still. What about those close listeners? It's not even reaching either...shut up.
Actually, it doesn't have to be incestuous. One could see it as asking for permission in a way.
I'll give you an example.
kid: na na
NaNa: yes?
kid: i wanna make love na na.
NaNa: no child, wait till after dinner.
kid: but..but..i wanna make love RIGHT NOW na na.

anyways, idk

Yeah man

15 min of Left 4 Dead

it's not letting me embed the video for some reason...
idk, might have to cop. this game looks pretty interesting.
It seems like it would be crazy with 4 people playing together on the same team!

360 hurry up!
too many text messages/phone calls/ all of that stuff about

I'm 100% sure that if these 'certain people' who already know that my 360 is being repaired..if they DIDNT know...then...they would NOT be constantly talking about it. lol
that's messed up....just like the grammar in most of the sentences on this blog.

Way to Go, Triumvir

Triumvir - DeathSquad M-65 Jacket - Winter 2008 from brandon cheng on Vimeo.

Triumvir x Fly x Nike SB Dunk Mid Beijing
Back in August 2008, my friend Runyo Chen from Nike China told me he was working on a project with “flystreetwear,” a landmark skate shop in Beijing and Shanghai. You may recall from my previous blog posts featuring flystreetwear a few times upon my visits to China. Jeff, the owner of fly, was the “missing person” featured on the Nike SB Milk Blazers. Jeff’s shop has been one of the key focal points in the development of China’s domestic skate scene for almost a decade now.

So as the conversation progressed about the Nike x flystreetwear project, Runyo caught me completely off guard when he asked if Brian and I could design this particular SB shoe… “this can’t be happening!” I can’t really describe how I felt, but I did have flashbacks of me painting custom Nike’s in my parents garage. Now I was given the chance to design an official Nike shoe from Nike SB. My belief - I’ll believe it when I see the samples…

Triumvir x Fly x Nike SB Dunk Mid Beijing
For the first time in the lifespan of Triumvir, Brian and I were given a chance and a concept by an outside source (Nike) to design a shoe. The inspiration and concept of the shoe was based on “a Beijing native’s perspective of their own city, with the slogan skate towards Tienanmen Square.” The Dunk Mid is going to be a special edition for fly’s Beijing shop and the first Nike shoe ever to be named after China’s great northern metropolis, “Beijing.” We were asked to incorporate the following categories of what Beijing is known for into the design of the shoe: dust, traffic, highways, noodles, Tienanmen Square, and the capital of China. Below are a few pictures of the design phase that we sent to Nike and the actual shoes we received.

Beijing has a rich history and has been the capital of China for many centuries now, so to find a balance between it’s past and present we used red and gold on the shoe. Red and gold symbolize fortune and prosperity in Chinese culture; the colors also reflect that of the Chinese flag.

The graphic on the insole is a combination of flystreetwear x triumvir’s logo. Fly’s logo is an old Chinese coin and if you may recall Triumvir’s Chinese “3″ logo which still can be found on some of our garments from past collections; most notably on our past t-shirt sleeve labels. We had to find a way to combine our logos together somehow and during the design phase, for some reason I remembered seeing some old Chinese daggers that were linked together with coins and red string that I saw in some old Chinese zombie movie…and there you have it.

This project means a lot to me and all the guys… and girl here at Triumvir. It was an honor for Brian and I to have the opportunity to design this project for Nike and flystreetwear. We all know Triumvir started from the humble beginnings of painting custom Nike’s but the Beijing Dunk has other sentimental attachments to me just like my other sneakers. My grandmother was a native of Beijing before she escaped to Taiwan during the Chinese Civil War. I grew up listening to her stories of her beautiful Beijing. She still stuffs me with Jia Jian Mian noodles, a popular Northern Chinese dish I eat when I visit her in Taiwan. So a Nike shoe inspired by Beijing and Northern Chinese noodles is a reflection of my past. Beijing has changed since her escape with my grandfather and is now a metropolis of northern China with a bustling population, high-rises, and the worst traffic any foreigner will ever experience in their entire lifetime, but in the center of it all, the Forbidden City lies motionless, its presence is there to remind us all that our culture is what binds us together.

Thanks to Jeff of flystreetwear, NIKE SB, and Runyo Chen; the Beijing Dunk was Runyo’s last SB project. Thanks for giving Triumvir this incredible opportunity.

Photos by Quang Le


been on that vicious grind.
just turned in a paper that's dude by midnight.
the timestamp on my submission straight said 11:57.
Procrastination FTW!

but yeah -
Chiro, TipTop, Chief all made it back to the States and I shoulllld be posting their footage.
Should be cool, I haven't seen it just yet.

what else?


yup yup

what else?
oh yeah
ima put it on v4.

v4 was recorded in its entirety in 2.5 hours.
thats 150 joke.

I might mention that again because it was a crazy goal that I was able to meet.


Sunday, November 9, 2008


Maybe i shouldnt post the song, but i just dont care for some reason...but yeah, i could post it and then go...if you dont want the song to be ruined, dont play it.
but -
im adding a song to the ER4 roster.
it is called:

"The Realest Song I Ever Wrote"

*serious face*

oh yeah
i was gonna post S.L.U. Studio Footage too.

Then I would REALLY ruin the cd for you.
but -
i WILL post both of them...just not now, though..

S.L.U. includes 2 other rappers who are ridiculous.

i havent did a collaboration in a minute but these 2 are crazy.
like no joke.

if you want their site URLs after the song comes out, lemme know.

but yeah,
another thing...

the whole cat picture thing is a true representation of this little game that is always played. the game where the person holds the string above my head, in a figurative sense, and trys to get me to go after the know....just like a cat.

they dont understand that even if i appear to be going for the string...i really dont care about the string. and once they let the string go, i lose interest, anyway.
also, some ppl try to hold the string wayyyyy too high.
rather discouraging.
as i walk away, the string comes down....thats when im suppose to go run back and attempt to get the string...right?
the cat scratches you so hard, slices your skin..through the tissue....straight to the heart....put a band-aid on it.

BIRD'S EYE VIEW coming soon...
SAYLEN, its done, ima mix it asap and send w/ pellas.
just got the OK from DZ to go ahead and post a new song off of ERv4:FFFF.

it is called:

*drumroll please*


it's the type of song that reallly like...idk..I just don't make songs like this.


if you would like to hear a little bit...via YOUTUBE...

post a comment with a solid reason as to why it should be posted early as opposed to waiting till 12.4.2008.

if demand is low...we can dead this idea.

i'm serious....let me know...

the thing is, I'd post it on ScrambleTv with like...a blank video...and have the song playing...yeah.


or are you not prepared for the new track..

it's pretty cool.


Young L_In Here

i'm diggin this song/video.
you have to wait like 30 seconds till it starts but...yeah
check out that tat with the matching pendant...stooooopid hot


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Heartless *hq*

Heartless from kwest on Vimeo.


"Hey Turbo,

I wrote you before - I was the one who asked you if you cop'd the Zangief line from Lupe Fiasco. Anyways, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your music. The ElectroRock Mixtapes are Incredible and Refreshing. You are really talented man. I'm not your average music listener. I actually analyze and dissect words, lyrics, and thoughts. It's crazy because I don't even know what to say because you say it all. You even go so far as to criticize and state your own position in the game. You're ahead of your time. I'm gonna tell and share your work with all the people around me. I don't often take time and write people like this, so consider this an exception.

I can't believe you used Berserk theme in your Opening. Bonus fucking cool points for that. Who does that?

Please, just keep doin you. Your work is not fallin on deaf ears. I fuckin hear you man. Your transmission is loud and clear. The outro on Volume 3 was insane. Be you. Be original. Thank you - Turbo.

PS. Are you signed? If not, you should be. Whatever you do, don't lose you. Don't lose what you stand for and your core. That is an incredible message you're spittin.

PSS. You remind me of a way cooler Lupe Fiasco. You remind me of fucking Turbo. Knock these fools out. "

THANKS for your encouraging email sir.
it is very encouraging - word to the bird!

nonnnnnnnnn fiction diction.

flaaaasshh focus forms force my dude.
flaaaasshh focus forms force!


Friday, November 7, 2008

Dear Xbox360...

Please come home soon. Why did you have to get the 3 deadly rings?

Monday, November 3, 2008

never gets old

one of my fav. verses from the young artists

we put these older hip hop artists at too high of a pedestal i think.
new school is where it is at, sometimes.
in this case...yes, it is here. haha


i dig

soulja boy

yo if you reading this, keep up the good music.
they dont know.

new lil wayne on get silly

mentions Rampage Jackson on it..

just like on ultra double.