Wednesday, December 3, 2008

v4 is upon us

so today is the third. I actually juusssst uploaded the mixtape to the server.

ElectroRockv4: Flash Focus Forms Force.

Yesterday, I was thinking of not even releasing this mixtape.

well, it is important to note that I have songs in the archives that have either never been re-released or even released in general...
The songs on this mixtape primarily contain beats that do NOT use any samples. ZeroStance and FFFF are re-created beats made soley from the producer's understanding of an original track. In UltraDouble, Saylen used the microsoft windows sounds to make the beat and it came out nicely.

I say all of this to say that a LOT of work went into this mixtape to get it delivered within 4 months. Believe it or not, but, on this mixtape was recorded not only in ONE take but on the FIRST take...real deal.

If I were to take out songs like SLU Double and Demolition Double....if DZ were to alter FFFF, Raycee to alter Zero Stance and Saylen were to alter Ultra...this would be a 100% original ALBUM.

like...we couldn't get sued.

real deal.

anyways...just remember that you are getting this for free and the least you can do is pass the mixtape along to other INTELLIGENT people...that'll be cool.

In the physical realm, I DO NOT promote myself at clubs and print flyers and etc etc etc.

To me, it's weird and...idk... pointless considering where I currently reside. But I'm like a dalmation though...I've got a grip of spots.

The only way to combat the signed artists, the hierarchy of hip to have recognition.

hopefully you are doing what you can to allow this battle to occur.

I want to top the top wits...iTHINKi would like to.


but yeah - i'll post the mixtape later, yall aint ready.

chill out.

PS: there's a song on this mixtape called "THE REALEST SONG I EVER WROTE" and it is very very very very personal.

and it's all yours....for free ninety nine.

"i dont even like salmon"




Can't wait to hear the freshness, Turbo. I'm very proud of you for being able to create a mixtape in such a small time and also have to deal with the responsibilites of COLLEGE. December is gonna be a GREAT month for music, can't wait til tomorrow!


tha_carter said...

dude u said that dalmation thing already, guy ima call u out on your jargon, sodont slip

JNolanIsCool said...

Can't wait to disturb my neighbors with the 'mixtape' man! You're one of the only dudes I can stand to listen to anymore. No one else challenges the listener...Anyway, I'll save my breath(pause) til after the release.

Anonymous said...

Well, I sent the story I wrote on you to Kaycee, so she could post it on She said she would post it, and I hope that will help with exposing you to more listeners. Thank you for V4!

Sophanna said...

Im so hating because im so waiting...on this mixtape

Anonymous said...

Turbo release some of your early early songs like the mixtapes in your discography unavailable for download we wanna hear it!