Monday, March 30, 2009

Friday, March 27, 2009

so the list went like this

already 'submitted' the list late yesterday. These weren't exactly the 'best' songs but these ones seemed to be very appropriate.The objective was to give a new listener a pretty much well rounded track list and here is how it went:







6. T1ME







Yup. Some of my 'favorite' songs are not on this list, however, these songs provide a very good representation because they cover 5 of my numerous categories. We won't get into specifics about what those categories are but you can pretty much figure it out if you look at the order of the songs. Consider 'Gigaton Punch' and 'Vega Cut' part of the same category and yeah...

I made the disc with 12 because TS Spacer is a relatively important song and Teleported Outro was a good suggestion that was made...!
In retrospect, the realest song i ever wrote would have sufficed as well.

I wanted Drug Store, Tiffany, Roger, DHS, Today's Special, Bird's Eye View, Dress SoxX, Metal Double, Holographic Double, and PDJ Double but ...yeah.

you like how I listed that last song as though you've heard of it before!!

nah but - yeah

thanks for the input - i checked all of it that was posted before like..last night kinda
yeah man!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

iCarly day 2 today

no, i am not/will not be on the show.
i've been invited by a good friend to watch the making of the show.
i will post a more detailed synopsis of what happened/will happen and yeah...
hopefully Juggernaut can make it out today .

but i have a question - if you were to give a list of 10 of my tracks to someone, which tracks would you choose?.

i'm currently composing a list annnd...yeah.
let me know..

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


right now im in the iCarly dressing room blogging!
oh snap.

nah but seriously...i really am.
tell yall bout it later -

hollywood lets get get get it

Monday, March 23, 2009

thanks for the heads up Mr. Rhymestyle

edit: big ups to Propayne for mentioning my name. real deal!

Though the question suggests that he (Lupe Fiasco) doesn't keep up with what Turbo (which is completely understandable) is doing, it is still encouraging.
very much so.

Friday, March 20, 2009

fail armor

not hype enough
Turbo once worked under a division of Microsoft called Microsoft Zunemasters.  200 people out of the USA were chosen.  Their objective was to promote Microsoft products that they were sent free of charge.
One day, the whole program shut down without notifying the workers.  
The free stuff ended.
Time went on...still, no word.
Later, the media devices started to break down.

New video coming soon.  Maybe tonight.
Get hype

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I actually keep track of the stats.
I found something that was pretty interesting... encouraging,  not sure.
Because I am unsure as to whether or not Turbo would like for the amount of downloads hits that his mixtape has received to be known to the public as of now, I will give you stats that I have taken as an independent study.
Ok, I took stats basically off of Gigaton Punch.  One month.
I said, how many views does this thing actually receive?  It may not be many compared to those who receive tens of thousands of views in a single hour, however, the numbers are surely still significant.

So, a year and a half later, here we are.
On Feb. 8th, 2009, the video had 114,980 views.

Today is March the 18th.
As of right now, 1:13 Pm Pacific Time, the video has 126,836 views.

The difference: 11,856.  38 days.

11,856 divided by 38 = 312 views a day.

Pretty cool given that there's no "HEY CHEK MI VIDEO OUT , MAYNE IT HOT"

awesome job Saylen x Turbo.

or is it really?  What do views mean? 

I hope you do well on finals Mr. Double.
Also, Double and I will be in the Hollywood area for a few days.  Hopefully TipTop can get at him for that cameo.
*clears throat*
Anyone down to get in on a "young" cipher in person on footage?
what does the word "young" actually constitute.  I hear it in front of the nouns in the sentences spoken by the 'team', but, I never really understood.
let's go.

boy bands lol!

this is why i cant study. smh

cool blanket video


Monday, March 16, 2009

Clean Celia

"this is just a homework assignment, I don't even know a girl named Celia."

Saturday, March 14, 2009


just heard this song by C. Hamilton called "more c-food"
....he said a line, or should i say, made a similar reference that i made on a song that has yet to be released...
Namely, 5 minutes 5.....

No one has heard it except DZ and Juggernaut so I know this is pure coincidence...

also, homework is ridiculous right now.
I can't seem to focus on writing about this 2nd language acquisition stuff. it's the end of the qtr. and i'm getting tired of this subject.

Today, my friend got in a motorcycle accident.
It sucks but fortunately he is doing well. I haven't gone by to see him yet.

...I won't speak too much about that.

paper time


Cam'ron Interview

Cam'ron Returns From His Hiatus And Talks To the.LIFE Files! from the.LIFE Files on Vimeo.

pretty much answers all of the questions correctly.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

a song for my Dog.

H.D. Info...

I'm not sure when the video will be done.
The song is roughly 8 minutes long...I was thinking of just doing 3 minutes of video, but that would be wack.
Unlike LightHeart, this video will have other actors...stars. There will be more rapp, excuse me, musician(s)...
No actresses yet.. Maybe for another certain video that I am brainstorming..
I just unlocked some props that are oh so very dear to my heart.
I'm hyped to capture such treasure on film.
Also, I just uncovered some vintage sheet music. Like with marks on the pages and everything. violin...fiddle.. ftw.

I advise that you refrain from jumping / leaping to conclusions when watching that little preview that was posted..
I know it's unbelievable to some...just...wait.

Time to write a paper on second language acquisition. My argument is that 'slang' is critical to understand as a second language learner, especially here in the U.S. where there are so many double meanings.
Planning to get a B+ or an A on this paper.

Hmm, what else.
Oh, just got this book from the young library entitled "Psycholinguistics: An Introduction To The Psychology of Language" by Foss and Hakes. Looks weird but might be interesting.
I probably won't read it, just copy and paste alot of stuff without citing. Plagiarism ftw!
nah, jk.

Anyways, off to start the young daily scramble.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

oh yeah

2morrow night I plan to release a music video.
it's for a song that none of you have heard.
it isn't Holographic Double.
I think I will start treating v5 like those SF songs....putting them on youtube without download links.
thats wussup, right?
anyways, 2morrow night most likely.
like at midnight. cali time.
so like, friday morning?
yeah. something like that.

ps: read the comment on lightheart at
like, the comment in yellow.
Turbo, that was a thought provoking entry that you just posted if I may say so myself.  As an armored assistant and ally, it is infinitely interesting in all aspects to take in insight.
Have you noticed the ShoutBox to the left of the page?
What you told me about the Demolition Double situation appears to be coming true, to an extent. Hopefully not every Anakin becomes a Darth Vader.

Also, upon reading your previous entry, I thought it would be a cherry on top to post this song in which you recently received regarding a record relative to ....well, Double, just listen:

are u a follower? i am NOT trying to come at u wild hatin like but everytime i see u or come on your blog its like you trying hard to be something your almost but not by like a inch lol (if that makes sense).
what im talking about is with all this new Hipster ish goin on today. It's like everybodys on their quiet guy that stays calm when their talking down on somebody, acting random, trying so hard for people to think their diverse and/or different music wise, and wearing colorfull and or tight clothers(i cant front, i wear clothes hat fit and that are more colorful level but i dont wear tight pants lol).

are u a hipster rapper? do u like that label? do u like labels? will u even get a real dude mind state and answer this? lol. all these questions are from a good artist like i am (this is i said, dont take that diss verse as my best written) to another.

Good Morning.
"everytime i see u or come on your blog its like you trying hard to be something your almost but not by like a inch" saying this....

"everybodys on their quiet guy that stays calm when their talking down on somebody, acting random, trying so hard for people to think their diverse and/or different music wise, and wearing colorfull and or tight clothers"

I certainly couldn't care less about what 'everybody' is on. Nothing I do is forced. I certainly do not care what anyone thinks as far as what I listen to. The colorful clothing comment...??? tight clothes?? I don't get it.

will u even get a real dude mind state and answer this?

I am not sure how to define a 'real dude mind state' ......

Though you stated and I do believe that you are not trying to come at me hating, I do, however, feel slightly disappointed to even be asked such questions.
I think that it is important to look at the bigger picture. Not once did I trip, not once did I fall. I am not pretending to be anything. I am not pretending to be 'calm' nor am I attempting to 'talk down' to anyone. Assuming that the current music on my page is what you are alluding to when you say that it seems as though I am "trying so hard for people to think [I'm} diverse and/or different music wise," it would be beneficial to understand that I actually play[ed] the violin and I am actually familiar with the 18th century composer Vivaldi.

In all reality, I do not have to explain any of this. As a person who practices lightheartedness, however, I am answering your, what I perceive to be, ridiculous questions...
Do you truly believe that I let a person's opinion about me govern the way that I live my life? Seriously ask yourself that question if you are concerned...
Do you realize that I am not managed...that I have not been provided with a budget of any kind...that I am simply a writer 'for both myself and others' who really enjoys music?

Do you realize that I am an adult? An adult who has bills...who works..who is educated...who practices self control though it becomes rather difficult at times upon realization of the utter stupidity, however you want to define that, that surrounds and embraces all of those willing to submit?

Please consider that I am not as dumb as you may think. That I am certainly aware that this entire email could have been an attempt to get a reaction out of me. That I am aware of how the human mind works, in most cases. By telling you "do not think of an elephant" and are now thinking of an elephant. Mind triggers could have played a role in my response, if, and only if, I was not already aware.

Appreciate this response. For it certainly applies to any reader who dares to think that such irrelevant aspects of what 'other people' do....plays a role in my decision making. Most emails that I receive tend to be from younger, misguided people.
Forgive me If I am being too harsh.
I wish we could hang out so that I could train you, teach you not to be so stupid.
There are many who appear to take everything for granted. If only you were raised to think. Parents, please discipline your children.
Some require a belt, others do not.

Realize that at the end of the day, how 'fresh' you are doesn't matter.
Most of you corn balls can't even clean your rooms. How are you going to be 'fresh' and 'futuristic' when your house is dirty. Your hygiene game is all off, dawg.
You little mutants. Yall aint nothin. Yall aint ever gonna be nothin. Your girlfriend isn't even smart.

^ THAT was talking down. Please take note that I am not trying to talk down to anyone. I am just as imperfect as the next person. oh, my girlfriend is sexier/smarter than yours.

Anyways, thanks for the email.
This whole response was a response to all who felt responded to.
Take care.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Juggernaut x Turbo

Thanks for the Appreciation, says Turbo.

this is a statement from Donny The SUPREME


Hmmm... I really gotta cosign this. CJP sent Turbo's “Dead Cyclone” vid a couple weeks back and I gave it a listen. It was mad catchy. I approved. And being a gamer with a similar experience with Zangief (haven't we all?), I decided to check out Gigaton Punch and a couple others. Then, I clicked that yellow button on his profile that said "Subscribe."

Like CJP mentioned in the post, I get a real Lupe vibe from Turbo - they’re very similar in swag and flow, gamers, blah, and blah. But with that being said, I feel I can appreciate Turbo a little more. Now don’t get me wrong: I LOVE LUPE! You don’t get in my Favorite 5 list by sucking. But let’s just say that I can see my list possibly accepting a 6th member in the near future. Turbo’s current catalog consists of 90+ tracks, I’ve currently listened to 20, and out of that 20, about 16 are memorable. At this rate, I’d say things are looking pretty good for Turbo.

But back to the “appreciation” I mentioned earlier. It’s just something about this guy that sets him apart from all these other unsigned people I like to support. Maybe it’s the fact that he doesn’t curse in his raps? I kid you not, this is 100% family-friendly lyricism at its finest. This is HIP HOP I could blast at my momma’s house without having second thoughts or keeping a hand near the volume control just in case. Or maybe it’s the fact that he’s so real? Yeah, I know when dealing with rappers, the word “real” is pretty much meaningless. But when a rapper tells you “there’s no way I can ever be the best rapper alive. Not in the top 10 or 100, but what I think I can do is be in the top ten thousand…” (from Top Ten Thousand), do you have any reason to ever doubt anything else they may ever say again? I don’t think the Jiggaman can do that. You know, thinking back on it, maybe I appreciate Turbo so much because he’s just like you and me? I go to school and a lot of his raps are about school (he’s a scrambling scholar). I game and his whole swag makes gaming seem cooler (to the outsiders). I mean, THE MAN EVEN REFERENCED ALLEN STRANGE!!! I swore I was the only person who remembered that show!!

Well, I don’t want to turn this comment into a full-fledged post, though it clearly already has…. I’ll just wrap it up with a few more points. I don’t want to sound like Turbo’s the Messiah of Hip Hop - he’s not. A few of his lines are kind of rough around the edges, but he has so much more than just potential. As far as I’m concerned, he’s better than anything you’d get turning on your radio or television. Shoot, Turbo is better than HALF of your iPod! You see, he doesn’t dumb down like Cole, it’s his goal to make you think ‘til you link him to your favorites. Speaking of which, why haven’t you? As of this writing, he only has 909 subscribers on YouTube. I’d like to see that number get to at least 5,000. This kid deserves it.

My name is Donny and I approve this message.

thanks mannn

Sunday, March 8, 2009


I am Armor the Armored Assistant.
S.Trooper and I are 2 of the new contributors to this blog.
(S.Trooper...we all know who that really is ^_^)
It is my pleasure to be a part of this wonderful blog.
I look forward to both reading your comments and indulging in intelligent interaction. internally.

^ one of my favorite pieces of fine art.  I like to listen.

a little bit about me:

My real name is not Armor, however, it is a nickname that was provided for me in class.  Some would say that I am intelligently indestructible considering that I have the ability to read between the lines, so to speak.  This ability has made it difficult for he who practices practical pranks on people. If you will.

I 'work' closely with Turbo.  I am commonly found using the Turbo2k5 screen name.
Though I 'work' with Turbo, it is beneficial for you, the interested reader, to understand that I am not necessarily physically in the same place as Turbo...for the most part.  

A brief explanation as to what I am trying to say...hmmm...
How about this...Since this is Turbo's blog and I am sure that he either will not mind me telling or has already told 'you' this bit of information (since he asked me to contribute to the blog) I will ask you to keep in mind that he is, at times, highly impersonal.  So impersonal to the point where he essentially creates virtual identities to detach himself not necessarily from the public, but from the responsibility of answering for his actively 'absurd' disrespect, Double.

Gee, how's that for my first post? XD

May your brains believe the basic belief that I am not 'real'  - it is ok.
For the moment of my realness will be clarified upon closer examination. come none of them have blogs or email accounts? 
Doesn't this make you wonder at all?

**you said that I can type anything ** 

Any who, nice to meet you.
Welcome to the time to come.

In the words of Double, Flash Focus Forms Force!!!!

A New Rule

don't text message or call 'T.Double Turbo' with any type of diss/rumor/speculation about 'him'.
foolishness, it certainly is.
individually respond, 'he' will no longer do.
also, the force?
may it not be with you..!


also, Double made a song for his dog.
it is called "a song for my Dog"

He made a video for it too.
sad? it certainly is.
release it? he certainly will.

Chad Vader

Goes to the dentist!
hilarious, Chad Vader is.

Saturday, March 7, 2009