Saturday, November 29, 2008

Windows Media Player live

album dec. 9th....i aint even get the last mixtape but yeah man - should be good..

dec. 4th v4. has windows media slayer. the beat should be cool. saylen. lol.

please feel free to compare v4 to anything out right now..
real deal.

thanks for the comments on SLU Double

swagger like US...Understand the Scramble...Understand the Scholar's....Underlying Sense...Utilizes Success...till they're UpSet at name is US.
us = me.
me = us.

counterpart =
1. a person or thing closely resembling another, esp. in function: Our president is the counterpart of your prime minister.
2. a copy; duplicate.
3. Law. a duplicate or copy of an indenture.
4. one of two parts that fit, complete, or complement one another


look..when you get v4. really LISTEN to it.
i plan to cotinue as though there is someone right there understanding everything.
even if it's a counterpart.


peace for now.
brain overloading...

ps: SF2 - im there. you already know.

big ups to those punks who actually defeated me.
yall suck.
nah but - good job. yall are better than me at SF.


Rhymestyle said...

I can guarantee you will win if you use the following characters:
Vega (this one is a maybe)

Anyone else, defeat will happen... well uhh maybe LOL!!

Thy said...

can't wait for your fourth installment of electrorock!
real talk though, people nowadays are too busy BUMPING garbage (ahem.. often confused with music) that they neglect to LISTEN to real music, like yours.
thanks for dedicating true integrity into all your great work.


Turbo said...

thanks mannnn

and rhymestyle - i use ken.

Anonymous said...

any info on that tee that dude has on looks like MJ as a kid pretty cool

Rhymestyle said...

iight well if you use ken then it will be a good fight... umm what happened to balrog!!! lmao