Saturday, August 30, 2008

spare footage

get this out the way.


So much has been going on as of late.
Nothing much regarding music. I received a few emails asking "what was next" as far as this music thing goes.
To answer that question, all I can really do is refer you to the last song on Disc 3 of ERV3...

Though it may be impossible for me to run out of ideas for I said in "Infinity Double"..."I declare it is imperative that ya'll CHERISH this because I'm feeling really UNAPPRECIATED."

Like Andre 3000 said.. "Tonight we'll make the prettiest song that no one will ever hear".
Real talk.

This isn't even complaining either.
Joe Budden was like "They call it complaining, I call it explaining"
enough with the quotes.
But yeah - I haven't forgot about the lil freestyles.
I did them just to prove to a certain few, as well as myself, that I CAN freestyle.
I would go on to say that I could probablly freestyle better than the writtens of at least 2 rappers...
lemme stop.

Anyways -
what I did forget was to provide a detailed story concerning that lil performance situation.
but that's old now, right?
yeah. no one cares.
i have some spare footage from THAT vegas trip though. that was like the PRE vegas trip in preparation for the TSST vegas trip in late September.
yes yes.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

To answer the question

DZ is crazy with the sample choices

Kid Cudi

Ever heard of this guy?
Pretty good. I downloaded his mixtape and it's solid.

Maui Wowie - KiD CuDi

and i'm sooo hiiigghhh
(not really, just quoting the song)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I haven't been able to post here in a day or so boecause of some business that needs to be taken care of..
sorry for the delay.
business never personal. ^_^

Also -
I was thinking of making a diss record towards all of the other up and coming artists and call it "Bully Double"
should i do it?

that would be kinda dope. but it could ruin collaboration opportunities.
but i dont really collab.
idk- maybe that would just be rude. i just need some more inspiration and being mean/rude and insulting can be run.

How about "Insulting Double" ?

nah but...
i did a genuine freestyle session in the booth.
like, a REAL freestyle session and i should be posting it soon enough...

but anyways - lotttta stuff to take care of.
scramble UP!

ps: What's good with the ElectroRockv3 disc 3 reviews???
(shaking my head)


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Regarding disc3

this disc is for you.
whoever is reading this.
there is a song on here called "ideed it".
it is my most lyrical song ever...ever!!
it took me 3 months to make to get it jusssst right.
track number 3 is called PURPLE EXHAUST....
before anyone asks...again...NO
i do NOT do drugs..

what else? oh...this disc will be made available on the 24th in West Coast time and I would appreciate it if you could repost the download link, that is, whenever the download link is posted...
If you do, let me know.
will not be on this
But whatever...many ppl still don't even understand DUMB DOUBLE.
if you can't get that song then....Ultra Double will most likely fly waayyyyy over your head.
quinton jackson meets ralph, george, and lizzie....???

yeah -
so anyways, look out for that post later on.
About to leave but I'll brb with that young link. PAUSE!
scramble UP

Friday, August 22, 2008

final disc

those words'll see.
disc 3 comes out in 2 days...
the download count for disc 1 and 2 is looking pretty good... better than i expected.
where are all of you at though?
how could this many people be downloading and...yeah.
let's get get get get get get get get get get get get get get get get get get GET IT!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Hamiltonization Process

I am gonna have an EP with JUST instrumentals. Feel free to jump on them. I might turn around and make a project with the hottest songs... you don't have to be a signed artist for that either. Turbo, that means you too. lol Just wanted to put that out there. Shouts to the underground heatmakers. Dilla, Madlib, Quasi (tho the last two are the same person), MF, Georgia, Pete Rock, awwllll yawwllll... lol

Back at it...
~~Charles Hamilton~~

check that young email though..real deal.
*picks up a machete, waits for instrumentals*

I'm sure everyone has beat this classic game!

Every Ultra, Ultimate, Danger.

this isn't exactly EVERY one but yeah...pretty dope right.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Soulja Boy is that dude. no joke.

On the new school screen

i'm like wolverine
"And to Turbo, who did his own version of "Windows Media Player", that joint was hard. You went in. But I need to hear more music before I post stuff of yours. Coulda been a lucky verse."

Thanks for checking out the song indeed.
much respect for Charles Hamilton,

Monday, August 18, 2008

Ultra Double it is, then.

looks like i get to record tomorrow afternoon.
like i mentioned earlier, the title of the track may change.
the change, however, may just be a mere additional word that can, excuse me, that WILL add another, more subtle, message that may, excuse me, that HAS been created to penetrate the very nervous system of the critical thinker.
if the message HAS already been created, then, doesn't that mean that the word HAS ALREADY been added? not see, the word as of right now could just be invisible...that is, invisible to the naked eye.
To one who listens intently, however, the message could be as clear as day, that is, only if the listener has trained his/her mind to excuse, or rather, clear the surrounding pollution that may be found commonplace in the listener's environment.
I use the phrase 'clear as day' rather loosely considering that the song cannot actually be seen with the physical least, many people may find it difficult to do so.
you know the NERD album Seeing Sounds?
That isn't just some gimmick. The ability to SEE SOUNDS actually DOES exist and as crazy as it may is
which reminds me.
time to sleep - nuff of dat tryna sound andtellagent.
you're now in tune with the reeeaallllll deeeallllll.



drop a comment on your predictions...or not.
i saaaid " you can do whatever you liiiiikeeee"

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Thanks 4 the email ^_^

i get the feeling that my message about how ridiculous it was that you weren't signed yet might have broken the camel's back in regards to "unncessary messages". Definitely understandable, but that's not why I'm emailing you. I am definitely not a cussing man, but when I heard that Ozone're crazy man. For all I care, the rest of this mixtape could be, in terms of lyrical quality, the equivalent of "Buy You a Drank", and this would still be an 11/10 in my books.


Friday, August 15, 2008


update on "Ultra Double"

like..i'm not even trying to hype the track but I really really want to record this track and put it on disc's not even the song that I'm hyped about - it's something else I think. Like - nostalgia stuff - legendary situation type of stuff...
part of what could make more inspiration...
i'm not impressed with alot of stuff nowadays...
Disc 3, by the way, is dope.
the 'song' you probably won't like is the very last track...
rather depressing.
nah but real deal -
nearly 9 years of this and...yeah.
depressing B!
but - this Ultra Double...looks like I can record monday...who knows...
maybe tuesday..but tuesday is the 19th and...disc 3 comes out on the 24th...
then i have to ask for approval - and - yup.
so hopefully this will go through ok...
i'm not tryna push the mixtape back
*just thinking out loud on the blog*

this whole thing appears to be heading toward a plot line that resembles Antigone

not Antigone itself but...the type of work Antigone is....figure it out.

*exclusive* Dear High School original remix ft. Juggernaut!!!

this is that vintage crack!!!
i rarely post vintage stuff like this but it's dope nevertheless - real deal.
DearHighSchool Original Rough Extended Edition - Turbo and Juggernaut


ElectroRockv3: Disc Two

yes in, yes in..deed.
this is.. t.d...o.u..b.l..e.
Disc Two a day early. Won't be on the cpu for the next 10 hours or so, so, here is

Thursday, August 14, 2008

four things!

1. i forgot the lyrics on the second song that i performed at evo. yupyupyup is so stupid now.
2. who wants that new volume 3 disc 2 a day early?
i can have ARMOR post it in like 3 hours if you're a comment to let me know if there's anyone out there...
3. i havent posted the tracklisting for disc 3 yet because i really want to put that song that i called "ultra double" on it.
actually, i may add another word to the title to make it more...appropriate.
- waiting for the engineer to call me back!!!
4. yyyYYYYyeeeaaaAAHHHhhhh

Reeeeaaallll Deeeaaallll

xbox 360 - check
nintendo wii - check
ps3 - check.

i feel so...complete now. muahahhaha

"Ultra Double" just might appear on v3...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

to anybody reading this post who does not want me to go back into the vicious state of mind that allows me to essentially destroy any and everything on the track..
let's hope that i do NOT get ahold of that Windows Media Player instrumental...
it has the same deadly attraction that 'A milli' had when I first heard it.

After every rapper pretty much had their way with the A milli beat, I didn't think it would make any sense for me to 'rap' over it.
what's the point of standing over a dead animal while firing a machine gun?
the thing is this.
as long as i remain 'unheard of' and as long as i do not receive respect from artists who i respect - - basically - - as long as you shoot the incredible hulk with a pistol - -
the more vicious and the more deadly i become on records.
if i were to receive the previously stated things, please be sure that I would NOT become less ridiculous on records...instead...a new channel, a new shift in energy would occur that will basically encourage inspiration in another, possibly more incredible, state of solidified dopeness.
you know how on movies when the leader of crime or whatever tells his men/women to bring back so and so ....alive!!..??
well - that's what's taking place here.
bring back that WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER instrumental and send it to ^_^
and yeah..
I guarantee a vicious record that could possibly be put on ElectroRockv3: Verses Versus Voltage.
Time is wasting.

here is the song which is good.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Light Heart (snippet)

..ive been trying to decide if this song should even be put on v3.
it's called lightheart. now, ever since i heard of Charles Hamilton, I became kind of reluctant to release this song due to his connection to Sonic the Hedgehog.
The thing is -
Sonic was the very first game that I was seriously hooked on. My Sega. I remember the long hours playing like it was yesterday. ridiculous.
one of the games where I used the original TURBO controller. Sonic = Super Speed = Turbo.
no yeah.
I want you, the reader, to understand that I have proof that I have sampled Sonic even during the early early early stages of my music career. I have songs with the beats that I made. Punchlines involving Sonic that I wrote. t-shirts with Sonic spray painted annnnnddd a white hoody with Knuckles spray painted on it...IN PINK...and on the back it says "WHATS REALLY GOOD???"
this was back in my serious Cam'ron days.....but yeah. lol
this is not to take anything away from what Mr. Hamilton is doing, at all.
I RESPECT that someone recognizes how important SONIC is. real talk.
I have the clothing, beats, etc. to prove if ever it comes down to that.
but who cares anyway? i know no one copied me. Sonic is a public figure.
Besides...i'm nobody in the industry...
lightheart snippet


Monday, August 11, 2008

Turbo vs. Blactain America

This is not the EPIC fail story. This is just a story.
The day following my performance at EVO, I really needed to take my mind off the many things that were bothering me. Video games tend to do the trick.
So check... I receive a phone call from one of my connects who apparently has a challenge for me. There was some guy in the area named Blactain America from the MMC (Marvel Murder Crew) who was apparently demolishing every living soul on Tekken 6 in the NY NY arcade.. that last sentence. I said Tekken SIX. That game hasn't even came out yet..I mean, at least I didn't think so.
So anyways, I arrive at the arcade wearing the EVO shirt that the good ppl at the event gave to me.
( Everyone at EVO were pretty much the coolest people ever and I will elaborate on this in another story)
When we make it up to the machine, Blactain America, a few members of his crew, my connect and his girlfriend were already gathered around watching him beat the living daylights out of people. He used RAVEN of all people.
But I'm not gonna even front...Raven is good.
Why was I called to play this guy? I am merely a CASUAL gamer who would get beat by any serious gamer. But don't get it twisted, I can probably merk you (whoever is reading this) at Tekken or Street Fighter... ^_^

Nah but, this Blactain America dude was apparently at EVO on saturday night and he knew someone who knew someone (my connect) who knew me....
Usually I hate to make special trips just for a challenge, but, NY NY was literally right next to where I was when I got the call......
But check -
the game costs $3.00 to can see the price on the machine if you look closely.
Here is the full footage. It starts immediately after I press start and the "new challenger" title comes up on the screen.
Notice how fast dude picks his guy. He is sure of himself and experienced. He is also a bully.
Notice how many ppl are on this game!!!! Bananas!!! (pause)
But yeah - enjoy..

Friday, August 8, 2008

Honey Badgers are Gangsta!!!

Twitchy J's review of ElectroRockv3 Disc 1

Now, onto the review. . .

1. V3d1T1 (1:50)

The music begins and immediately sets a very serene tone. I’m sitting here bathing in every single note and key. It clears my mind and I’m actually feeling pretty good about life. . . and then at around the 0:30 mark the same lady who did the intros for your first two albums speaks and slowly a smile comes across my face. Your two voices contrast so much as hers is so pure, almost angelic, but because she is speaking the words you probably wrote for her it makes it almost comical (in a good way).
At the 1:20 mark she talks about the listener being provided with a “scrambling thought provoking experience. . . Behold!” and at this point I’m thinking this is nuts because you got the Celtic singers in the background doing their thing and just the fact that she uses the word “Behold”. . . it makes me think what can be so grandiose to deserve such an intro. And then I realize what it is: The return of T-Double.
The mind soothing music then starts to slow down like a record player that just lost its power which is fitting because at this point I’m hungry for some new tracks. The intro did its job; my mind is now a clean slate ready for the vicious flow that I’ve been addicted to these past few months. I am instantly rewarded for my patience because the next track starts almost instantly.

Bottom line: As far as intros go, this one is perfect. A little funny because of its grandiose nature and the slow earthy tones sets up the listener to get kicked in the face by the hard hitting beats the next track, Ozone.

2. Ozone (2:54)

So this track plays for a bit before you start flowin and for the first 0:16 secs I’m thinking, “Hmm. . . this beat is aiiight” but then you start to spit, “Since I’m so prone to ozone, I focus on. . .” and that’s was it. That’s was all I needed. I’m pretty sure I shit my pants and every single type of liquid came out of my body because this is exactly what I was waiting for. The word play was there and remains throughout the whole track, plus the beat was hot. (Tell your boy DZ that the beat that you flowed to here was one of his better works).
At the 0:35 sec mark you start clownin on dunce-cap rappers ending it by identifying yourself as the enemy of many beats. These lines are straight money. I love it when you call out all the weak ass “rappers” on your tracks.
If you haven’t been nodding your head at this point, then the chorus should take care of that, unless you’re dead. . . or Russian. This is a perfect chorus for this track and also perfect placement of this particular track. By that I mean the chorus kinda addresses the fact that you’ve been gone for so long and that you put this as your first flow in this 3 disc series is pretty smart.
Another thing I’d like to point out, your references. I love all these obscure/random references that you use throughout most of your tracks. This one you reference Friday the 13th starting off with T-Double Voorhees and ending with Crystal Lake. Man, that movie came out in the early 80’s. You were probably -4 when that movie became popular. In another track on this disc you reference Bloodsport, specifically the part when the main bad-guy blinds Van Damme in the final fight. I don’t know how you’re so money with these references but this is one reason why your flows are so tight.

Bottom line: This is an amazing track to start with. Classic T-Double: fast unique word play, random references, crazy beat by DZ which goes perfectly with the flow. Too many great lines to quote.
***** (5 of 5 stars!)

3. GreenRainDrops (4:40)

This track reminds me of Little Blue Backback in that you never directly say what’s going on but if you listen to the track a few times you gotta be dumb piece of shit to not understand what is going on. Well if that’s the case, I might as well make myself a new home in my own butthole because after listening to this one over 20 times I had no idea what goes on at the 3:45 sec mark.
In LBB, you seem to be alluding to something more morbid then what is actually going on and by that I mean the listener thinks that a kid is bringing a backpack full of guns to school when it is actually a kick ass jetpack. In the case of GreenRainDrops at first I thought the protagonist was all about making some greens like his older brother so he decides to get into the drug business, but instead it’s a paper route you’re talking about. Love it.
So at 3:20 I’m still with it. The hummer comes back again and the dude comes out again wearing a rain coat. I think I still know what’s up but when he pulls out the human skull, I’m totally lost. He asks the kid if he knew what happened, kid says no, lightning and green rain drops appear. Here’s my take on it: I was thinking about it and maybe on one level the skull with the check in it is a symbol of what’s going on. The kid finally got a job as a paperboy and this marks the beginning of the end for him. He transitioned from a young boy to a guy working for the check and thus a part of him died. There’s no way for him to know this happened, so when the man asks him if he knows what happened, the kid replies na-naa-na-naaa. That is indeed quite a stretch but seriously man, I’m clueless.
Also, the beat on this track is a little off. I feel like there is a lot going on with the beat on this track. It’s the Master P beat with some other noise going on. It doesn’t really complement the flow.

Bottom line: Good premise, but I got real lost at the end. Get back at me on what goes on at the end of this track. The beat on this one takes away for the track.
*** (3 of 5 stars)

4. Laser (3:19)

So this one starts off really good. As soon as the track plays you hear a few notes of the beat then you come in with “DZ on the beat like” and then the bass kicks in. I’m lovin it already. This track is real good. I remember when you put this one up on your MySpace a couple months ago. It was good then and I like it just as much now. One part that I want to point out is at 2:25. The last verse before you end is especially good. That verse you were flowin real fast and you end it strong.

Bottom line: This track does everything right. DZ made a unique beat and your flow is strong.
**** (4.25 of 5 stars)

5. MetalDouble (3:35)

This track kinda has a slow beat/feel and I had to listen to it a few times before I began to really appreciate it and after a few runs through it became one of my favorites on this disc. Your flow has a really good pace but what I really like on this track is the amount of clever references you use. 0:40 I really love the Bloodsport reference, and right after that you make a Metal Gear Solid reference that had a good flow. I thought it was mad clever how you integrated the stutter when you referenced Ruben Stoddard.
1:16 you start to flow at mach speed like how you did on your old track, Twist2, and what I like about when you go off like that is that you still sound crisp. It’s not like Bone Thugs where nobody knows what is going on and what is being said.
I’ll also mention the brief skit in the middle where you’re conversing with yourself. You pull it off real well. I love your ad lib and your creative skits. I’ll give this one track one minor criticism that keeps it from perfection: There are a few parts on this track when the music slightly drowns out your flow. At 0:29, 1:15, and 2:52. I mean, I can pretty much hear what you say but at times I have to strain, especially at the 1:15 mark. I don’t know man, maybe it’s just me.

Bottom line: This track was sneaky. I didn’t think much of it on the very first run, but after really listening to it I really began to appreciate the brain you use when you spit on this record and the slow beat is so money. One of my faves on this disc.
**** (4.75 stars of 5)

6. thePlightofMidnight (2:33)

Alright! I love these stories where it all comes together in the end. Kind of like that one track Roger, where the people start at zero and at the end you flow about their success. This time we’re dealing with a lonely ugly dude and a lonely fat girl. The funny thing about this track is that you ended it early. Seeing how this review is about that track, since you stopped in the middle and cut it short I guess so will

7. DumbDouble (4:01)

Let’s say it’s 10 years from now and you’ve continued to make brilliant music and evolve as a hip-hop artist, I guarantee you that if you decided to make a 7-track greatest hits disc, this one would easily be on it. Easily. Not only would I put money on that statement, but I would also bet every single one of my ribs. This track is by far the gem of disc 1. It replaced my past favorite, Fresh and Vicious, which I still think is one amazing straight flow. I have no idea where to start with this one so let’s just take it from the top.
The beat starts off on that long single note and then you chime in “T-Double. . . Battletoad, what” setting the mood. The VERY first time I heard this I knew you were going to go off and this one would be crazy. I think I was one of the first people to comment on this video on YouTube, but anyways. . .
Not only is everything on this track done right, but it is done perfectly. I have no constructive criticism to give you on this one because I honestly view this as hip-hop perfection. I only wish that this was your beat because you do it so much more justice than Lupe’s Dumb it Down.
I definitely would like to point out some things:
-0:40 calling out all the squirtles and their weak ass raps. Love it.
-1:17 your transition from the level design to a flow based on H20 was nice and later on your flow using the different detergents as a theme was brilliant.
-2:15 I really love this part here
-3:30 “I manage through my skill alone, single-handedly T-Double will own. . .” this line ultimately leads to one of the greatest 20 or 30 seconds of wordplay in hip-hop history. I had to rewind the track to this point a few times to understand what was going on at the end and it was all straightforward, but brilliantly put together. This track was simply amazing.
A little personal side-note about this one: It’s ironic that you choose to shoot the video of this track in black and white because when I listen to this one your words evoke a bounty of colors in my head. The blue of the Squirtles, the green of the Lipton tea leaves, the colors associated with the detergent boxes, etc. . . Whatever.

Bottom line: Regarding the day you recorded this on one take: What was it like waking up that morning and pissing excellence?
***** + (o) (5 stars AND my girlfriend’s titty out of 5 stars!!!)

8. DrugStore (2:45)

I don’t really have much to say here. This one has a smooth pace and tells a story about some guy who might be having a drug problem. At the very end of the track you find out that homeboy just got some really sweet ass shoes. I like it. The chorus helps build my curiosity throughout the track on what this guy’s deal is and at the end you wrap it up real nice. I like.

Bottom line: Nothing fancy just a good story with the usual twist at the end. Nice smooth pace.
**** (4 of 5 stars)

9. 100Hits (3:54)

Ah yes, the famous Balrog is back and this time the focus is on E. Honda. The very first time I heard you spit, it was the track about Zangeif. When I was listening to that one I thought, “This shit is good. I can clearly hear the quality and talent. If this guy flows about stuff other than Street Fighter I bet it would be amazing.” And that is when I downloaded your 2 albums and was instantly hooked.
Anyways, when you do these Balrog tracks I can’t help but compare them to previous ones. I would give all the tracks you’ve done so far as Balrog really high scores because they are so clever, the beats are hot, and the ending skits are just plain funny.
Like the previous tracks, the verses are good, the ending skit at 3:21 has the same charm and comical value, Saylen Strayer provides you with another good beat. . . there is only one thing that I wasn’t too crazy about: the chorus. The first time it comes it’s right after 1:08 when you find water on the floor. I didn’t really get what was going on with that. It’s probably just me. Every other time the chorus came you led into it real well, but the first time just threw me off. But even the other times the chorus came, I still wasn’t feeling the sound of it. . .”oye oye oye oye oye (heeeeey) x3”
In retrospect, the chorus’ for your other Balrog tracks may be repetitive but they all sounded great so I know that isn’t it. YupYupYup was catchy as hell. I can’t put my finger on it but, for me, the chorus on this track took away from the song.

Bottom line: Another good Balrog track. Quite the treat for SF fans. In comparison to previous Balrog tracks, the chorus falls short.
*** (3.5 of 5 stars)