Friday, October 23, 2009


i was making a playlist for my iHome when i came across this song in my iTunes...
i have no idea...NO idea why it is even on my computer...but it sounds like the original song for that bow wow song called 'thank u'...
it's a cool song though. i know i didn't buy/download it though...crazy.
here it is:

Hard Streets

deserves an academy award. the acting is incredible.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

iTunes is taking forever

like....real deal.
that song should be on there already. this is ridiculous.
if you absolutely can't wait to hear it man i gotchu later today or something... just let me know in the comments...i'll post a snippet.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Draft of Holographic

Story behind this track:

I was not going to release this song. What made me release it after all?
Well, the other night a good friend of mine informed me about a concert taking place at the Roxy on Sunset in Hollywood, Ca. I didn't have any plans and I definitely respect and occasionally listen to both Big Sean AND Mike Posner so I decided to go.
I went alone but ended up meeting another up and coming emcee out of LA up there. We were just posted and watching the opening acts when I decided to leave momentarily in order to call Juggernaut who was originally going to also attend the show. When I was leaving, who was at the door? Big Sean.
I was like...oh snap..what's good? *handshake*
I asked him if he heard the imitation record that I had did and after a pause..he verified that he did in fact hear it and didn't recognize me from the video.
I then went on to ask for forgiveness if for any reason I may have offended him with the imitation and he said that it was cool and that I did a good ass job. I was like, that's wussup. I told him to keep killin the game and that I would look forward to his show later on in the night. Exit.

Overall, the show was super dope deal. The amount of energy there was extreme and the audience members were super into the show. Everyone knew the words, it was dope. I was a little skeptical as to how Mike Posner would go about singing in such an environment because of how his voice is kinda soft? you know? but nah, no problem at all...he killed that.
Pat Piff and Jay K also did their thing was very good indeed.

Anyways, here is the video/song that I was inspired to release after the other night. If that encounter was never made, well, you would have never heard this:

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jason Yang jamming to "Dalshi Dance - PIANO"

Turbo P

Just randomly found this man after attempting to see what the hold up was with my iTunes song. He is great!
this song is epic isn't it!?? From one Turbo to another - GREAT WORK

ps: he stays in VA. Saylen what up!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Turbo - Man On The Move

a skit from Uppercut Vol.1

this is one of my super super old mixtapes. I just found it the other day and thought I'd share a track from it. The cd is just ridiculous in almost every way and is a single SKIT from the cd, perhaps i'll upload an actual song later or something.
I've uploaded it to this website that I THOUGHT would allow you to just steam but I guess you have to download??
blah blah blah here it goes:

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

funny Youtube comment

"Yo Turbo, I know your Street Fighter songs are good and I'm gonna let you finish, but Mortal Kombat is one of the best fighting game series of all time"
by zawarudowryyyyyy

Thursday, October 1, 2009


"never underestimate the capacity of other people to let you down."
(Dexter's adopted father)

he said it somewhere in season 3 and i was like ...!!!
most definitely have to remember that. the sentence was so eloquently spoken yet maintains a strong punch.

i think the next couple of weeks will mark the beginning of a new chapter in my life. i will be making a leap. perhaps maybe even a big gamble. one that could very well put an immediate end to my musical journey.
i bet you are thinking that this is some type of joke...right?
bet..gamble. whatever.

all i can say is that 'real life' is starting to kick in. this doesn't mean that everything before now wasn't real, but rather, it means that priorities need to be examined as a means to strategize survival.

because of how serious i am when it comes to this 'scramble', i would like to assure potential worriers that i cannot allow my musical journey to end like this. i will certainly attempt to overcome all obstacles.
i wont allow for the mundane reality of living in a trap like situation to consume my energy.
that last sentence was kind of dumb but you get the point - hopefully.

the reason why i am even typing this is because i want to start visually reminding myself of different things. day in and day out with a million thoughts traveling and building solely inside without the assistance of any outside recording / jotting devices can become quite tiresome so i want to use this blog as a way to remain on track.

again, please never mind my refusal to follow basic grammar / spelling rules on here. just no dat win i typ3 wordz end correctly....i actually know how to do so correctly.

all in all, i really want you to understand that i am not here in california just being idle. moves are/will be made.
at the same time, music is NOT my number 1 priority in life.
eventually, every person should realize that basic survival in life does not come as easily as it did when you were, let's say, living with your parents or something.
growth is necessary.
man im tired of typing this and the title 'yes' is just stupid. it doesn't even fit like..whatever man.