Tuesday, December 30, 2008

crap, still need to work on the hd settings.
this video isn't to be taken too seriously.
just something to watch.

Violin Take One from Battle Toad on Vimeo.

J.Nolan's video

i like how i ran across this without anyone telling me to check it out.
what are the chances.
dope video man.


this thing is incredible dawg.
real deal.
it's so.....silent.
kinda creepy how much noise i hear...NOTHING.
i still have my young tablet pc but ...yeah.



let's get it.

now we can consider making a music video.


let's first try to upload some of the footage that I took on the camcorder.
i heard it wasn't compatible

but mannnn

Saturday, December 27, 2008

some specs

(can't wait till it arrives in mail sometime next week)

4 gb ram.
2.24 dual processor.
3mb L2 cache.
256 mb ddr3 -
NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT graphics processor with dual-link DVI support
NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics processor with 256MB of DDR3 SDRAM shared with main memory
( to name a few..)

custom Macbook Pro....ftw!

see kids,
Scramble UP in the process. That's what I did...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

she responded

hi what you mean after i have send the payment and you are telling me something else..i hope you will not ran away with this i will report you..better ship the item out today before you put yourself in legal problem in new year,,


ok cool.

i hope you report me.

please do so.

after that, try to improve your scam. the bootleg paypal symbol as well as the crazy shipping address gave it away.

Stop emailing me.

I don't like you.

get a life.

haha ^ that was the response.

also - actions speak louder than words.
If you read between the lines of this blog...consider what I do NOT post...you can figure things out.
you can also, however, make a mistake in making an assumption.

but uhhh, feel free to disregard that.

im so hyped for a couple of things right now.
extraordinary things indeed. shorties know wussup. hahhahah

Juggernaut...hit me up mannnnnnnn.

scramble UP!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

HOLD ON, I didn't sell it...!!!

to help you (the reader) out, check out what happened. This is from one of my email addresses.
The italicized text is the "buyer"

Straight up copy and pasted:

Is the item still up for sale?

yes it is

Hi Toad,
Thanks for the mail...i was introduced to this site by a friend at work
and i will like immediate purchase of this item for my Niece 'Bella' who is
away of the state and been requesting for this item...i will offer you *** including the shipping charges to her.. there because she is in need of it as a matter of urgency and due to
my work i don't have time to handle the shipping..i will want you to help me
handle the shipping very well to her..Get back to me with your confirmed
PayPal email address so that i can send the payment..
Get back to me asap...

Indeed!The earliest that I can have it shipped, however, is tomorrow.I have to be at work all day today and yeah....is this ok? also - can you please provide me with shipping information. My paypal email is *****

Hi toad,
i just want to tell you that i have send the fund to your
paypal account and i have been notify by paypal which i hope they
would have notify you also..i sent ****..kindly get the item wrap very
well for my niece bella..
Get back soon as you do that..


ok so as an ENGLISH....MAJOR...I was really studying this woman's word positioning. It didn't seem right....
Though there are people out there who do not understand proper grammar....the way she typed was just a little...odd...failure to capitalize my name again and ....idk..something was fishy.

So I called Paypal after finding out that "paypal" emailed me and said that I have to send the package as they hold the money to avoid scams and what not....they provided me with a confirmation number and everything...I'm like....hold on...
I've received money through paypal a couple of times....this doesn't seem right....

so here is the email i sent to ANNA.
hopefully she responds:

ok.i just sent off the item and i hope you get it in time.nah, just kidding. im not an idiot.you and your neice bella are morons. i am forwarding your scam to spoof@paypal.com
good try..dummy.

Monday, December 22, 2008


LET'S GET (X15) IT!!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

but someone from best buy just actually convinced me ...that....i need a mac.


just a few hours ago i was a pc.
now...i am in need of a mac.
not the makeup, either.
but you know...the APPLE product.

it feels weird even typing that word...APPLE.

I do know somethings about apples though...lemme tell you.
gala, red delicious, granny smith, braeburn, fuji, ambrosia.

i like honey crisp and pink ladys though.
real deal.

but anyways...
once i get 2500 bucks...that will be the beginning of some stupid viciousness..in a good way.

hdr-sr11 camcorder already on deck.
locations on deck.
photographer "Chief" on deck for assistance.
just need like a tripod on deck, macbook on deck, and uhhhh
some software..........on deck, of course.

also, somene asked me ( in person )
'if you make it big, are you gonna change on us??"

this question was rather interesting.
first, i do not plan to make it big.
eventually, this hip hop thing may end...like a lil phase...an intro to something else...perhaps.

will i change?
not necessarily.
i will, however, DEFINITELY have amnesia. as of now, theres a great chance that i will forget most of the people who i know in person. even those who i text message/talk to semi regularly. not regularly, but semi regularly.

real deal.

not too many friends in this mundane place.
an abundance of dissapointment, however.
i went to see YES MAN last night....

it was cool.
the people who i went with said it was....wait.
i didnt go with anyone.
smh? perhaps.

but at the end of the day, a true OPTIC BLAST will come. it has to come.

a blast of pure intelligent brightness to destroy the dim wittedness.

and you probably don't believe it...
you probably think this post is about you, don't you, don't you, don't you.


anyways - I've been slipping on giving thanks. Juggernaut told me bout the first couple vids and I saw the last one on the comments.
also, thanks for the adds...non fiction. Big ups....

to the shoutouts / references/artistic dedication to TURBO on the following videos:
around the 1:35 mark in this vid:

around the 3:10 mark in this vid:

this whole vid:

around the 1:45 mark in this vid:

But yeah - I really do appreciate the respect.
And yeah - l have an idea...tell you about it later though.
scramble UP

ps: no longer making attempts. keep it 100%

Thursday, December 18, 2008

hold on...what are the odds?

"i'm just trying to try on my triumvir" - Turbo - 5 Minutes Part 5

I definitely didn't know about the 'beef' -
wussup Julia V.???

(for those who don't know what i'm talking about...look in the top left corner...very faint letters...)

I don't support that comment. Lupe a GENIUS. stop the hate.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

super paper chase

on a super paper chase so i may not be posting as much.
i have some good ideas for some videos but i still need to scramble up to make it happen.
dont talk about it, be about it.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

6 in the morning and..

something has gone wrong.
horribly wrong.

this magazine



Monday, December 15, 2008

is there anyway to record xbox live footage and post on the internet?
if anyone knows...please let me know.

to mr rhymestyle,
ranks dont matter son!
nelly sold more units than lupe - you see - skills dont always match up with ranks...then again...skills differ from perspectives - where one may find skill in lyricism - the other may find skill in a complete different field -
underneath it all is the game.
whatever game it is.

^ that whole lil 'paragraph' i typed could have certainly used better grammar and it coulda been more like...informative? yeah - less ambiguous? yeah - but
i dont care

i dont care for many things.

i do care for those who are able to realize that ranks don't equal skill. think about it.

oh yeah -- i let you win with t. hawk.
i dont care for t. hawk and i accidentally picked him.

your cammy is no match for my ken, though. ^_^

lllll no. not yet lol.


maybe if you woulda hit me up during electro rock volume 1 days...maybe...maybe i would check out your corny beats.
you little sap suckassssssssssssss

^ that lil section was pretty rude. using the term 'sap scukassssssss' that is, if that is considered a term....is pretty much more effective than just saying 'YOU SUCK'...
but labeling the beats 'corny' shows that...well..it shows that i listened to them. that doesn't add up.
saying 'maybe i would check out your.." means that they weren't checked out.
calling something corny without checking is pure ignorance...or...wrecklessness...or both.
who cares?
i dont.


yeah i'm still saving up for that music video. pssst.

Untitled from Battle Toad on Vimeo.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Street Fighter HD Remix players...

where's the competition at?

step your game up. this goes to alllll of you who have challenged me in a game.

also - once i get a new cpu, i have stupid footage.
stupid in a good way.


Friday, December 12, 2008

Wale Nike Boots

finally got around to really watching this video.
incredible song/video.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Samba De Janiero

first, don't ask why i even knew about this song when i first asked DZ to flip it.
it was on Samba de Amigo on the Sega Dreamcast.
No one asked DZ why he knew the song he flipped for Ozone.
nah but check

lol at dude in the yellow shirt.
i do this dance when i count money

pss: just watched the video again after posting and uhhhhhh no homo.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

hands down one of my favorites out

inspired! sick, but inspired!

ps: this footage was NOT TAKEN using that new camcorder.
cant upload that type of footage till a new computer comes.
gateway p7811 fx or something like that, yeah.

starting to save

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Things to check out ^_^

Though I may not have checked them out, maybe you might want to..


Blind Cipher: propaYne from Otaku Swagger | propaYne on Vimeo.



Sunday, December 7, 2008


nigga u do cuss, don't front like u don't cuss, I've heard u cuss before, it always seems like u tryna put on some act lately

just got back from good ol' hollywood.
read this comment.

who are you?
i don't know anyone named D Carter...I know a M Carter...is this you?
man, pardon my back.
put on some act? lately?
i bet you don't even know my government name, where i live, where i attend school..
nothing...even with that information, you've NEVER been inside my house.
if one were to do research...like...find someone i went to school with for like 10 years, for example..

i am pretty sure that it would be extremely difficult to locate a single person who has even set a single foot in my house.
we don't hang out.
i dont know you.

if i have cussed...so what? i never said that i DONT...i said i FEEL like doing it..
but if you knew who i was...you've most likely never heard me cuss...NIGGA.

even my old old old music didnt cuss.

do you realize that english profanity wouldn't mean anything in a given non english speaking society?. if anything, only the tone would be picked up as disrespectful..

the word 'tree' for example has zero relation to the actual object. it is just a word chosen to mean something to some people.
fornicate under king's rule. female dogs and what not.
truth and lying in a non-moral sense...anyone?
why am i explaining myself?
cuz i can.

don't comment anymore with trying to find some type of inconsistency with me.
not to say that one CANT find inconsistency with what i say or do...because..humans are imperfect...but...there's more to life, real deal. i think you're the same person who said that "i used that joke before"
if not, excuse me.
if so, i donnnnt care if i re-use a joke...

if you don't care then why are you addressing the issue?
well, because i don't care about the issue.

you cant win.

^ wasn't a rant. i realize that there is entertainment value found in a message that displays any type of emotion, esepcially anger...especially addressing a comment...i understand.
D_Carter, it's all love on my end, pause. I just wanted to respond like that because responses like that are funny. just right now, i felt like posting something funny.

right now, i can soooo backspace everything and say....well...nothing.
but...this is more entertaining.
do i post some postings for entertainment value? yes.
why? because i feel like it. its fun sometimes.

giving mixed signals - also fun.
confusing people forces them to think. thats wussup.
something direct taken as confusion forces people to assume. thats cool.
people making demands, it would be wise to learn manners because they will help you later on in other dealings in your life.
as far as emailing me demands, you can do it. you just lose my respect. to some, respect means nothing. to others, respect is very important. to me, it is very important. go figure.

manners are key.
arrogance is hilarious...genuine? who knows.
this is the internet.

Untitled from Battle Toad on Vimeo.

Friday, December 5, 2008

hold on.

i've been receiving some demands...and a ton of questions...a common one is that "i have to..."
finish a song
do a remix
upload to itunes
do a concert...........

not to be mean but...
i don't HAVE to do anything.
your demands and sometimes intrusive questions deserve zero respect.

don't you know i've been doing music for a long time now?
like - not even just 'hip hop'
i played the violin for 7 years. i can actuallly READ music...
with the lyrics...i actually READ books...i have a MENTAL VISION...i SEE SOUNDS...

all of this is something that i have been doing and shall continue to do because i LIKE to do it...

i do not need any 3rd party input. you SHOULD do this, HURRY UP and do that...
nah man...but it's not like im closed minded..not willing to hear someone out...
it's not like that.

no joke...
if you knew me in person - i am willing to bet that you wouldn't even approach me let along speak to me.
not even based off this 'oh i rap and i shall not respond to'
not even like that.

...ppl in everyday life who don't know that i make music...even they don't approach me because...well...im not exactly inviting that much... not exactly a outgoing friendly person.. not mean either.. but my personality leans more towards remaining super solo... but i chill out.

i'm not a punk.
don't make demands to me especially if you wouldn't say it in person...
if you would say them in person..
i'd probably ignore you -
lemme chill out.

self control.

i wanna cuss sometimes.. ^_^

Wednesday, December 3, 2008



v4 is upon us

so today is the third. I actually juusssst uploaded the mixtape to the server.

ElectroRockv4: Flash Focus Forms Force.

Yesterday, I was thinking of not even releasing this mixtape.

well, it is important to note that I have songs in the archives that have either never been re-released or even released in general...
The songs on this mixtape primarily contain beats that do NOT use any samples. ZeroStance and FFFF are re-created beats made soley from the producer's understanding of an original track. In UltraDouble, Saylen used the microsoft windows sounds to make the beat and it came out nicely.

I say all of this to say that a LOT of work went into this mixtape to get it delivered within 4 months. Believe it or not, but, every....EVERY...song on this mixtape was recorded not only in ONE take but on the FIRST take...real deal.

If I were to take out songs like SLU Double and Demolition Double....if DZ were to alter FFFF, Raycee to alter Zero Stance and Saylen were to alter Ultra...this would be a 100% original ALBUM.

like...we couldn't get sued.

real deal.

anyways...just remember that you are getting this for free and the least you can do is pass the mixtape along to other INTELLIGENT people...that'll be cool.

In the physical realm, I DO NOT promote myself at clubs and print flyers and etc etc etc.

To me, it's weird and...idk... pointless considering where I currently reside. But I'm like a dalmation though...I've got a grip of spots.

The only way to combat the signed artists, the hierarchy of hip hop....is to have recognition.

hopefully you are doing what you can to allow this battle to occur.

I want to top the top wits...iTHINKi would like to.


but yeah - i'll post the mixtape later, yall aint ready.

chill out.

PS: there's a song on this mixtape called "THE REALEST SONG I EVER WROTE" and it is very very very very personal.

and it's all yours....for free ninety nine.

"i dont even like salmon"