Sunday, November 9, 2008

just got the OK from DZ to go ahead and post a new song off of ERv4:FFFF.

it is called:

*drumroll please*


it's the type of song that reallly like...idk..I just don't make songs like this.


if you would like to hear a little bit...via YOUTUBE...

post a comment with a solid reason as to why it should be posted early as opposed to waiting till 12.4.2008.

if demand is low...we can dead this idea.

i'm serious....let me know...

the thing is, I'd post it on ScrambleTv with like...a blank video...and have the song playing...yeah.


or are you not prepared for the new track..

it's pretty cool.



Anonymous said...

I think u should post a snippet/Keep the fans in anticipation for the whole joint to give the mixtape a newer fresh feel,like i played 100 hits so many times before it came out on the E3 that when i got it on disc I just played the unheard songs,a snippet would allow us to get a feel for it but not too much and still allow u to give the listener a fresh and full listening experience, this is probably a given already but whatever Iont Care! lol
+If you like it we should love it!

Turbo said...

good point mannnn, snippet DOES sound better

The Angry Beard said...

You've already spoiled us enough with the couple of tracks you posted before this-- don't get too hasty now. yunghype's got the right idea, just hype us up a little, don't blow the whole song on us this early.

douggy fresh said...

better to wait on it. and ya...if anything...a snippet.

Anonymous said...