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Legion of Extraordinary Dancers....dope!

my sister put me up on this and I pretty much like everything about this.
this is excellence.

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Benny Lava?



this site will make it easier to direct people to downloads, ituns, twitter, blog, and other information.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

In response to a comment.

The first thing I would like to say is thanks to all of those who have left positive comments.
The next thing I would like to say is 'good job' to the person who copy and pasted Osho Teachings.

Assuming that when we all use the word 'ambition' we are talking about determination, initiative, motivation, enthusiasm, hunger, commitment, and basic resolve, I would have to disagree with the passage that you have pasted not necessarily due to whatever one may believe is the root of this human attribute, but specifically with the statement that one should stop being 'so ambitious.'

For the sake of providing an illustration with this counter argument, I would like to ask for you to imagine a person locked in underground confinement. This person views escaping this confinement as a way to obtain the freedom to express and perhaps provide insight into the power and art of determination amongst other things. During and following this process, perhaps the once confined person can, in addition to entertain, influence and encourage another person who may also be dealing with their own confinement issues.

Please note that this confinement in which I speak of coincides with the "inferiority" mentioned in what you copy and pasted. This confinement can represent anything from an imagination deficit, attention deficiency, financial debt, starvation, and/or many other circumstances.
Countless examples can be made using these different situations and one thing that may prove to be a very difficult task is to effectively influence a confined person to stop being ambitious, especially when that person as well as other people have a mutual feeling that there's a slight chance that the rare key to be used to escape this particular confinement is within close proximity.

Let's briefly apply this 'stop being ambitious' to two examples of confinement:

A mother who cannot afford to feed her children.

Should she stop being so ambitious and give up on finding a job?

How about a student who needs to pass an exam in order to be accepted into a certain institution that could help him become financially and mentally stable so that he can eventually have the opportunity to support both himself and a family?

Should he stop being so ambitious and give up on studying?

Please, wise copy and paster, explain in your 'own' words why ambition is such a terrible trait?
Is there anything positive about ambition?

In your comment when you said "stay with me here for a second" and then proceeded to paste other people's ideas, you are pretty much being what they call 'deceptive' unless, of course, you were to use those handy dandy quotation marks and cite the fact that you are pulling your whole argument from an outside source.

Though I am not 100% sure concerning your intentions of posting such a comment, I would like to offer some advice concerning a more believable approach when posting. Make sure that the whole comment is coherent. The inconsistency in your word choice has a stark contrast to the rest of what was typed. You can't say "we gotta prove these hatas wrong" in one sentence and then speak about "self awakening and consciousness" and "fundamental revolution in the world" in another sentence and expect a conscious reader to believe that your comment is authentic. you fail. plagiarism win.

Monday, December 21, 2009

JBAR - P's and Q's

he continues to introduce himself to the girl he is walking with.
this song is somewhat addicting.

performance fail.

i had a performance last night. 2 people rolled with me. camera on deck. none of my crew was there, though.
so, the reason why i even came to this bar place to perform is because the promoter dude personally called me on my cell and was like " yo, Turbo, we were feeling your last performance and a couple of people here were just wondering if you could come here again and who knows, we do this event regularly so you can use it as a place to practice or whatever you know?"

I was with it. like an idiot, I was with it.
So I was like "really? that's wussup, i'll see what I can do..."

the next night ( last night ) I went out there with the 2 homies and camera and what not...we were understandably under the impression that I was going to perform. I had a cd with instrumentals on it and everything.
I get there, dude is all like Hey wussup, glad that you could make it. We are doing like a little advertising thing for the event and I need you to record like a little promotion thing and hold up this sign and tell people where they can check you out at" ...etc. etc.

I was with it. like an iiiiidiot, I was with it.
I go outside where there's this bright light and the camera man (he had a pretty nice camera though) and the promoter. Excuse me if my grammar and what not is horrible when I'm typing stuff like this because I know that I won't be getting graded on this. If there are other english majors out there or even anyone who has the pet peeve of horrible grammar and stuff....forgive me.
ok, back to the story.

I do the thing like "yo what up this turbo t. double here at the blu monkey lounge - be sure you come out to support this event called "i got bars' - it's really cool, a good opportunity. i was here last time and it was cool and blah blah blah ' - just saying good an idiot. mind you, the whole time, this photographer was taking pictures during the interview... i don't know if ya'll know how I feel about pictures but....yeah. I DON'T exactly like them that much... this is the start of the rapid downwards spiral.

after that...i go back inside the club with my two boys...chilled for a bit..twittered "at the performance place"....and then I thought...'hey, don't they need my instrumentals if the performances are gonna start here pretty soon"

I then go up to the dude...and that's when he is like " man to keep it 100 with you, i got alotta cats coming out here for the first time and it wouldn't be fair if they dont get to perform so to keep it 100 with you, you might not perform tonight and if you do, it's gonna be laaaaate in the night".....

how would that make you feel? what would you have done?
Does this dude know that I have 2 ppl taking time out of their life to come see me perform? That gas money was used because we don't stay up the street from Hollywood Blvd?

I attempted to get the promotion footage that was recorded - deleted... that didn't work, that's wussup.
then i was like, autobots, let's roll out.
and we bounced.
and wen't to the Saddle Ranch in Hollywood.
Met some dudes from Australia who wanted to buy BB guns....and wanted to know where Inglewood was at and if they would be ok with what they were wearing. ( color wise) They said that it was illegal for them to own paintball guns over there and that they don't have a football team. Then we talked about guitar amps and about Vegas since they were going there for the New Years. They were funny and pretty cool. I gave one of them a Youtube/Scrambletv card.
then we drove around the rich houses in beverly hills and bel-air.
that's it.

but the main point of this blog entry is just to say that I have an invisible LIST. A list in which I think everyone has. I believe Jay-Z said on his song "So Ambitious" concerning his uncle or someone who wasn't feeling his music that That person was "on the list".

that promoter, the camera man, the photographer, and even the rappers that were there, are on my list. an invisible potential 'i told you so' list. Along with everyone who has called me a 'nobody' and everyone who has doubted anything in which I have set out to do. I really want to be able to go where people appreciate my music.
I wan't to go to different states and countries. It's just very frustrating... especially when SIGNED artist know about you and your situation, when promoters are scandalous, and when you lack the appropriate 'networking' skills within, I guess, the 'hip hop community'.

Most, if not all, of my connects are in the Movie industry, the Gaming industry, and the Education industry...and as of right now this whole dream of Hip Hop in the PHYSICAL REALM is not looking very logical. It's alot to think about but seriously, I think it is the fact that you, the reader, are down with the [insert another word for 'movement'...I don't wanna say movement] that makes me continue to make 'something out of nothing' [Ozone video]

Dropping music completely and focusing all energy on my film career could result in being more productive - however - I know that that would be impossible because of my major passion in music and having to live with the fact that all of the nay-sayers were right and that I am indeed a sucker and a quitter.
Can't go out like that.
times like this, I guess, are tests or something? idk. But this is [insert a phrase that says 'more than music' or something like that, i don't wanna say 'more than music' ] and I do it for the hood?
and for Dz, Saylen, Armor, Slash MF Merritt, friends, family, honest hearted connects, superb supporters, the 20 iTunes purchasers, positive Youtube commenters, fellow talented rappers, and Busta and Long Long...and etc. etc.

there will most likely be more vents. it helps.

all in all, like a broken record, Scramble UP.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Avatar review.

just came back from watching Avatar at the IMAX theatre in 3D.

That movie was just impossible. It's 3am and I'm not even tired. Visually the greatest movie I have ever seen. Solid story. WIn Win Win.
That mess made every big budget movie look like very low quality YouTube footage from a 1993 tape handycam camera with a dying lens.

I highly recommend that you check it out in 3D in a IMAX theatre if you can. Either way you watch it, whether it's in IMAX or as a standard movie, you will see the epic-ness.

Here is the trailer:

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Teleported video.

After getting the ok from Saylen Strayer himself and after hearing the "Yoga Flame" song by Lupe Fiasco, I figured that I should go ahead and release the full version of the song "Teleported" which appeared on ElectroRock v4 which dropped a year and 13 days ago.
Yes indeed.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


I finally have a moment to actually type something on here. Usually I just update the twitter but twitter only allows you to type a certain amount of words before you run out of space and are essentially required to post another message.
Because I have a few minutes, allow me to provide a brief update.

Ok so after that horrible Ozone performance, which, mind you, I certainly learned from and certainly appreciate supportive comments regarding the situation, I have yet to find another place to perform.
You see, with work being so hectic right about now and having to basically provide for needs and balance money and blah blah blah, I haven't had much time to find another performance location.
Armor told me about his friend who always does shows. Two differences between myself and that friend, however, is that I am employed and I don't live with parents or guardians or anything like that....which means that there's many more life threatening responsibilities that I am required to attend to.

Because of this little dilemma, does this mean that I will cease to search for opportunity in the city of angels. Hardly.
This is exactly what "Scrambling" is. Making a way out of no way. Maneuvering through pits and falls without trips and falls...or at least, with limited stumbling.
If anyone who reads this blog knows of any legit performance events, just email me at Of course you don't have to, but, it would be appreciated. It's like a baby asking for one of those see through plastic squishy toy things because of the desire to follow through the inevitable teething process. Sure that analogy could be taken out of context in the perverted mind but come on know what I mean.

Every so often when I am logged into Aim, I browse through different away messages and find the lyrics to some of my songs. Whenever I do this, though, there are usually minor mistakes in spelling. Not that I am very agnist speling evrything correctly, but here's the thing.

In the song "Metal Double", there is a line that says "This is a Bloodsport, and I'll be Van Damned if I let a - - come and blind my plans". I put the "- - " because this is the misunderstood part.

It isn't Chun-Li .... It is Chong Lee.
Specifically the following scene. Now, if you scan to around the 3:05 mark, that is exactly what I do NOT want to happen in this 'game of life'.

I say all this to say that I was thinking about the whole posting lyrics/proofreading idea and it seems like a good one. Since I finally have the domain for, I was also considering making a different website where it would be easier for people to figure out how to download music and all of that stuff. Hopefully when I get around to doing this, there will be a lyrics section and that is where various lyrics can be posted so that the music can make more sense. This blog could be linked on the actual site. Because of my impending need to follow the self reliance theme as thoroughly illustrated by Emerson, I will probably end up doing the site by myself and because of this, the site may appear very plain and "empty inside, just like me." I got that last line from Dexter season 1 episode 1. I'm getting off track but I will talk about Dexter later in this post. Watch.

Another one that was recently brought to my attention was a line in "itGoesDown".
Someone had to audacity to ask if I was inspired by the "J.Cole line in "A Star is Born" on Jay-Z's Blueprint 3"...

Man my song was recorded a long time ago.

*turns on A Star is Born*
The line in Blueprint 3 goes like this "the flow cold as the shoulders of gold diggin hoes when a broke nigga approaches"

The Line in ElectroRock4 goes like this "with a motor way colder than the shoulder of a girl who disses you cause of your curl that use clear ice on".

My line wasn't entirely aimed at gold digging, however, at superficiality. Just because of a hair style, she gives you the cold shoulder. Clear Ice is....

Film School.
Orientation was dope. The man in charge of the audio training department told me: "I was recently working on the movie Avatar and trust me, this movie is something that you have NEVER seen before".
It was kind of scary the way he said it. He had like a really big beard and was just very cool. I forgot his name for now but shall be reminded once school actually starts in the next couple of months.
Another man told me that the opening scene of Forrest Gump was very difficult to get jusssssst right because of the crazy camera angles that they had to figure out in order to get the shot of the feather falling down. He also said that the actual feather was digital all the way up until it hits the ground where Tom Hanks picks it up. Impressive.
....anyways though I have to get off the cpu.

Real quick though - Dexter season finale is on Sunday at 9pm pacific time I think and in the Los Angeles and in New York City areas, there will be Showtime hosted private screenings where they will serve Dexter themed drinks and give out prizes.
I am certainly going to try to go.
I don't know why I like this show so much. I think it's because I was off of school and work for a few days and literally watched the first two seasons all day after buying both on iTunes.
It's not for everyone though...

Here is the opening sequence:

I am going to finish up this music video in the next couple of hours. It's nothing like WHOA THAT WAS EPIC but it's still a cool video in my opinion and hopefully you agree.
Dang...that was alot of continuous typing.


I see the comments in the side bar. the one offering me money to write your paper...if you would have asked me a few years of ago I would have did it. This is kind of snitching on myself but in college....I straight ...welll... I proofread papers for extra cash. Scramblin!!

oh yeah -
P.Real from the "I SNATCH EVERYTHING" line agreed to record another freestyle cypher. He said that this time his bars have gone to a new level of killa flow. I am going to try to make that possible for ya'll...

I may be taking down other videos on ScrambleTv because when I give certain people my business card, I don't exactly want them to watch my videos and find me talking about how I need a "facebook ho". I want Bird's Eye View and Ozone and stuff like that to be viewed. Makes sense, right?

most likely on that young twitter.

don't be dumb about it!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Performance is tomorrow.

Tomorrow night I am performing live in los angeles, ca. on hollywood blvd. it starts at 8pm. it feels weird even typing that.

unfortunately for some, the venue is 21+. fortunately for others, the event is free. i will have it recorded mannnn... Ozone? i think so.

The Muppets - Bohemian Rhapsody

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

twilight review

Just watched Twilight (part one) for the first time. Though I can understand why some people might appreciate this type of movie, it doesn't exactly fascinate me as much as say, well, Blade (part one). My room mate bought me two tickets to go see the 2nd one. Awkward.
real vampires explode and are hunted by the same dude who played on jungle fever.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

roscoes part two. (bonus footage)

Real life Kuma from Tekken

Woman Survives Vicious Bear Attack - Watch more Funny Videos

performance bonus part one

Turbo - For The Win (LIVE)

the show in Pasadena.
Also did 5m5 but I don't really wanna upload it that much. idk mannnn.
Thanks to all who showed up.
As for the competition? After you do 2 songs, you wait for the rest of the performers and then the judge determines who goes to the last round to do the third song.
Did we get called? We will never know....because we left after the performance and went to Roscoes Chicken and Waffles which is where the footage at the end of the video comes from. There is more footage from the Roscoes parking lot that will be posted very soon and it's just that killa style rapping again. it's hilarious. Anyways, peep the performance and don't be afraid to post it on your blog. This is the beginning..

ps: I don't know why some of the people thought my name was Marco?? It sounds like it kinda when they are yelling at the end....idk....some of the girls there were feelin me though. that's wussup.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


performance is tomorrow.

it's pretty cool that it is tomorrow..
one thing that I have been keeping note of are the different people who either

A. bought a ticket and are going to attend.
B. wanted to go AND told me that they wanted to but cannot go for different reasons. (location,work,other plans)
C. wished that I do well at the event.
D. didn't say anything at all in response to the idea that I will be performing.

the list above coincides with the whole iTunes situation.

A. bought the song on iTunes.
B. wanted to buy the song but cannot due to technical difficulties (on a PC or something)
C. wanted to buy the song but cannot afford it.
D. didn't say anything at all about the thought of purchasing the song.

All of these things are understandable....I like to think that I am a pretty rational person.
However, those who fall into the "D" category....well....those are the same people who I will definitely remember if ever I have the opportunity to pronounce a more 'poppin' situation, if that makes sense. Don't get it twisted though, categories A-C are who I respect on a whole other level. oh yes indeed.

The purpose of this blog post is to basically say that I pay attention to different things and I have a pretty good memory of the different situations. I notice the advertising in the Shoutbox to the left of your screen. I remember different names in the comment section. Just stuff like that! Just a reminder man danggg.

also, PACMAN...for the win??

the fight is today. yup yup

anyways...that is all!

OMD - ABC Auto Industry

Friday, November 13, 2009


haven't did an email post on here for a while...

Dear Mr. T Double Turbo

I am formally requesting that you release the full version of the teleported(outro), because of the intensity of dopeness secreted by this track in particular. I have listened to the teleported outro over 300 times and I have come to the assumption that I, Spade83 a.k.a Spadittythree a.k.a left turn, will not be able to live my life to the fullest without said song in its entirety. I believe you will take deep consideration in granting your fans the complete song. If you do not release the full version of the song we, the fans, will still appreciate your enormous contributions to the rap game.

I would love to attend your show but I am in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Sincerely Spade83 a.k.a Spadittythree a.k.a left turn.


I will take this into consideration

Thursday, November 5, 2009

the performance is a competition

I was sent a video of what appears to be a previous installment of this event.

what do you guys think? I hope I can stand a chance, these guys were good.

Friday, October 23, 2009


i was making a playlist for my iHome when i came across this song in my iTunes...
i have no idea...NO idea why it is even on my computer...but it sounds like the original song for that bow wow song called 'thank u'...
it's a cool song though. i know i didn't buy/download it though...crazy.
here it is:

Hard Streets

deserves an academy award. the acting is incredible.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

iTunes is taking forever

like....real deal.
that song should be on there already. this is ridiculous.
if you absolutely can't wait to hear it man i gotchu later today or something... just let me know in the comments...i'll post a snippet.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Draft of Holographic

Story behind this track:

I was not going to release this song. What made me release it after all?
Well, the other night a good friend of mine informed me about a concert taking place at the Roxy on Sunset in Hollywood, Ca. I didn't have any plans and I definitely respect and occasionally listen to both Big Sean AND Mike Posner so I decided to go.
I went alone but ended up meeting another up and coming emcee out of LA up there. We were just posted and watching the opening acts when I decided to leave momentarily in order to call Juggernaut who was originally going to also attend the show. When I was leaving, who was at the door? Big Sean.
I was like...oh snap..what's good? *handshake*
I asked him if he heard the imitation record that I had did and after a pause..he verified that he did in fact hear it and didn't recognize me from the video.
I then went on to ask for forgiveness if for any reason I may have offended him with the imitation and he said that it was cool and that I did a good ass job. I was like, that's wussup. I told him to keep killin the game and that I would look forward to his show later on in the night. Exit.

Overall, the show was super dope deal. The amount of energy there was extreme and the audience members were super into the show. Everyone knew the words, it was dope. I was a little skeptical as to how Mike Posner would go about singing in such an environment because of how his voice is kinda soft? you know? but nah, no problem at all...he killed that.
Pat Piff and Jay K also did their thing was very good indeed.

Anyways, here is the video/song that I was inspired to release after the other night. If that encounter was never made, well, you would have never heard this:

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jason Yang jamming to "Dalshi Dance - PIANO"

Turbo P

Just randomly found this man after attempting to see what the hold up was with my iTunes song. He is great!
this song is epic isn't it!?? From one Turbo to another - GREAT WORK

ps: he stays in VA. Saylen what up!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Turbo - Man On The Move

a skit from Uppercut Vol.1

this is one of my super super old mixtapes. I just found it the other day and thought I'd share a track from it. The cd is just ridiculous in almost every way and is a single SKIT from the cd, perhaps i'll upload an actual song later or something.
I've uploaded it to this website that I THOUGHT would allow you to just steam but I guess you have to download??
blah blah blah here it goes:

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

funny Youtube comment

"Yo Turbo, I know your Street Fighter songs are good and I'm gonna let you finish, but Mortal Kombat is one of the best fighting game series of all time"
by zawarudowryyyyyy

Thursday, October 1, 2009


"never underestimate the capacity of other people to let you down."
(Dexter's adopted father)

he said it somewhere in season 3 and i was like ...!!!
most definitely have to remember that. the sentence was so eloquently spoken yet maintains a strong punch.

i think the next couple of weeks will mark the beginning of a new chapter in my life. i will be making a leap. perhaps maybe even a big gamble. one that could very well put an immediate end to my musical journey.
i bet you are thinking that this is some type of joke...right?
bet..gamble. whatever.

all i can say is that 'real life' is starting to kick in. this doesn't mean that everything before now wasn't real, but rather, it means that priorities need to be examined as a means to strategize survival.

because of how serious i am when it comes to this 'scramble', i would like to assure potential worriers that i cannot allow my musical journey to end like this. i will certainly attempt to overcome all obstacles.
i wont allow for the mundane reality of living in a trap like situation to consume my energy.
that last sentence was kind of dumb but you get the point - hopefully.

the reason why i am even typing this is because i want to start visually reminding myself of different things. day in and day out with a million thoughts traveling and building solely inside without the assistance of any outside recording / jotting devices can become quite tiresome so i want to use this blog as a way to remain on track.

again, please never mind my refusal to follow basic grammar / spelling rules on here. just no dat win i typ3 wordz end correctly....i actually know how to do so correctly.

all in all, i really want you to understand that i am not here in california just being idle. moves are/will be made.
at the same time, music is NOT my number 1 priority in life.
eventually, every person should realize that basic survival in life does not come as easily as it did when you were, let's say, living with your parents or something.
growth is necessary.
man im tired of typing this and the title 'yes' is just stupid. it doesn't even fit like..whatever man.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Alphaville - Forever Young

listen carefully

anyone ever heard the song 'on to the next one' by Jay-Z off of Blueprint 3?
well, play this song and listen around the 2:10 mark.
anything familiar? ^_^

Saturday, September 26, 2009

the other night

ok i am in a rush right now but i said that i would post what happened the other night on twitter the other day and it goes.
though i have my BA in english...just never mind if i misspell or use horrible grammar.

ok so check-
the other night i was with 2 of my boys at this house with 2 of the homegirls. we were watching dexter because one of the girls like to watch that show too. it was cool...
ok so then we all went downstairs in the kitchen and were just talking and roasting and pretty much just socializing. we were all cool. everything was all good...until

- man i wish i could like capitalize the 'until' word that i just typed and have it in like different colors and stuff but i dont know how to . sigh ....never mind.. ok so...anyways-

out of nowhere - a stick like lands in the kitchen. its weird because no one saw it actually fly in but we all heard it and looked at it on the ground like what the heck!? it was like a little branch or something and it was pretty weird.

you see, at first i thought maybe it was just a stick that the girl's dog was playing with or something...but then i remember that she had put the dog in the backyard for the night. . then, i thought maybe it was already there and we were just being all super sensitive because we just finished watching Dexter....but nah. WE heard it. and SAW the stick in the middle of the kitchen. dead in the middle.

- ok man you see how i just did that? that was a literary technique that i forget the name of because i'm in a rush but i used the word 'dead' to like foreshadow kind of? like, i used the word to make the whole suspicion level raise significantly for you, the reader.
never mind if it didn't work.

ok so after that happened. everyone was all like what the heck man what was that? my two homeboys and one of the girl were standing in the kitchen trying to see if it had fell from the cabinet or something. speculation and what not.
the other girl who was at the table where i was calmly sitting trying to figure out what was wrong with my phone because it had been bugging out all day, leaned in and told me that she thinks one of my friends did it to just play with us.

i knew this wasn't the case because he, or rather THEY, would have let me know?
anyways, one of my buddies was all like

- ok wait. who says that??
buddies???? really? idk..just awkward.. buddies...

he was all standing in the kitchen doorway looking out this dining area connect to the kitchen that you could only see from the kitchen and he stood there still facing the other direction and was like 'guys.....the backdoor is open'

of course, he was kidding. once o' girl got up and saw he was kidding they were all laughing and stuff...yeah.

so i forgot to mention this before...but i felt sorta of uncomfortable at that huge house. i didn't really like the various dolls and stuff. i guess the owner of the house collected these dolls or something and they just reminded me of tales from the hood or something. they were all scattered around the house i guess for decoration? whatever man. i'm not down with that.

if you haven't seen tales from the is a clip of what i am referring to:

i think i posted it here before.

ok so my phone was bugging. i told my boy to call me and he did. but my phone didn't ring!
i was hungry. uncomfortable. i needed to go out of town. it was like 1040 pm. i was tired. phone didn't work.

so what did i do? i left....i said a very subtle goodbye.
so subtle that if you were one of the other 4 people who were in the house, then, you still wouldn't have noticed me leaving.

so i left.
when i was leaving out of the house, the whoooole block was super pitched black. i felt like someone was watching me the whole time.
for real for real.
it was weird but i credited this feeling to the fact that i was watching dexter so much ya know? i made it to my car, turned it one, and dipped.

like i stepped on the gas but i didn't peel out. all i could do was imagine like an old lady or something creepy in the middle of the road while i was driving.
it weird because i really have visions of just scary stuff sometimes.
a grown man saying he sees scary stuff...odd? i guess.
all i know is that my imagination is very powerful...sometimes TOO powerful. seriously.

i left. went to the gas station. the rest of the story is dumb until while i was on the road, i received a call from one of my boys who stayed. ( couldnt believe my phone all of a sudden wanted to work!)
this is what he told me in a round about way.

he said...
no one knew you even left except me. it was weird how you left out of nowhere. when you left though we heard someone banging on the backdoor of the house.
thats when everyone noticed you were gone. when we opened the door, no one was there. first the stick, then the backdoor? they (the girls) kinda thought you were just playing a joke on all of us but we knew better. we knew you didn't play around like this....wasn't your style. finally one of them had the idea to look out the front door....and what did we see? your car wasn't there...

-ok - let me interrupt. if this was a movie ...when the car wasn't there then there should be like some scary music or something you know? man i wasn't there to see them leaving the house and stuff but that's how i envision it as a film you know? it'd be dope.
your car wasn't there and everyone started freaking out. i tried to call your phone again but it still wouldnt work for some reason.
we were all on the front yard now just calling / being confused till i turned around to go back in the house and saw someone at the front door - closing it!!
couldn't tell who it was! definitely a dude but...i thought it was you!
thats when ol girl started crying and saying all this crazy stuff and-

k cut
im in a super rush n i dont feel like finishing this - basically 2 dudes broke into the house....while they were there! come to find out it was some people that they knew or something playing an elaborate joke. but it was crazy how it worked out.
i KNEW someone was watching me mannnnnnnn....

k peace!

Monday, September 21, 2009

J. Futuristic - Deep Cover

this is a darker side of J. Futuristic that is oftentimes overlooked, or rather, overheard when listening to his rather comedic mixtape J. Futuristic. Mr. Miyagi himself. lol

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Marvel x Disney??

These are very cool pictures by Jeffery Thomas. Found over at his blog

Monday, August 31, 2009

interesting supporter video

though I'm not exactly sure what is going on here...I still want to post it nevertheless. Thanks for including my song in your art.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Real Dynamite - I'm Energized

idk why I watched this video twice. it is funny. cool song.
I like looking at the people in the video - energized indeed. lol

Sunday, August 23, 2009

why does this exist??? lolll

viewer discretion is strongly advised.
there's alot of like..humping insinuations? yeah..

EDIT. took the video down. smh.
it was a song by Major Lazer called Pon de Floor if you want to look it up.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Friday, July 31, 2009


got a new adlib. yes indeed.

thought i'd post this video. he wins so many points for that 'you're a scorpio?' line.

don't know about the video though...idk.
edit: the video is dope.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

2 things

1. La Roux will be performing 'Bulletproof' live on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on ABC at 12.05am on Friday July 24th

2. the realest song i ever wrote video has to come out next. the new deadline is august.
here are the instructions, again.
remember, this is your last chance. no need to re-submit if you sent already. armor has already got all the vids, i just have to edit them.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lupe Fiasco - L.A.S.E.R.S

Looks good.
Sometimes I wonder if Lupe ever heard of the three disc mixtape that I made entitled ElectroRock v3: Verses Versus Voltage..

Las Vegas was interesting.
The footage is probably too ridiculous to post. smh

Now...back to working on something ridiculous that I will present to you all as soon as possible.

also, my dumb beat that I made that one time, I haven't forgotten to post it.