Thursday, April 23, 2009

^ that's wussup. Videos.onsmash son son. Armor said it's on DailyMotion too.

Also, THANKS for posting the video STH...yezzir.

super tired right now man.

have you ever dropped everything you were doing, everything you were scheduled to do in order to go somewhere or do something that you didn't know much about?

There is a certain enjoyable feeling of adventure. Decisive action allows for one to avoid remaining stagnant.
Do you know what happens when Frogger stays in the middle of the road? He gets ran over. It is important for him to keep it moving.
It would be nice to move to a new location where there are no longer mere tadpoles who don't care about your well being. The same tadpoles who are limited in every sense of the word. Flat tadpoles. Always getting ran over. They like it, though...or at least it seems that way.
Man, I want to be with the frogs.
Sophistication on deck. Top Hats, Canes, you name it. Call me Battletoad.

I have some school work to do.
I also have some hip hop work to do.
There's so much good music out there that I have seemingly purposefully avoided. Time to get familiar, at least, it is time to make progress towards familiarization. Drake's So Far Gone mixtape, for example. I haven't heard it. Because someone whose opinion I have the upmost respect for has recommended it, however, I will download it and listen.
Real deal.

Twitter is cool, I kinda like it.

Someone emailed me asking if I heard their song on the Amajanese mixtape. To be honest, I have not listened to it. I listened to the J. Nolan song and the Erik Flowchild songs though. I am familiar with those two artists so naturally I listened to their tracks. I want to listen to the other tracks too though.

Anyways, time to sleep.
Have a good one indeeeed


JNolanIsCool said...

Congrats on that OnSmash post. As far as "So Far Gone," I personally wasn't into it since I expected to hear Drake as an emcee a lot more. That's just me though. And much respect for checking out 96 sir. PDJ Time and that Erik Flowchild track were pretty much the standouts in my opinion. No offense to the other artists that contributed.

Turbo said...

that hollyweerd track - i listened to that too because i liked the 'weirdo' song that once released. the dance.

and yeah man
lets form a super groupe.
J. Nolan, Erik Flowchild, Turbo.

kidding. kidding.

Anonymous said...

why did u rick roll me i was excited to see a new mixtape:( and btw have you heard my track yet???

JNolanIsCool said...

I was gonna take you up on that offer too. haha
I forgot to mention Gerald Walker's "Naruto" track as well. 'Twas pretty solid.

Liam Corcoran said...

This video you just did is gonna get you a burst of exposure, the power of the blogs will be shown haha
So Far Gone is one of my favorite CD's
I call it a CD because it really just isn't a mixtape its a amazing high quality CD
Highly recomended, especially if you like a little RnB with your Hip/Hop
keep doing your thing

L.F.I.(Imaghostwriter2) said...

yea ima throw u up on my site too-

fuze said...

wow i sent in your vid maybe they actually check those things

Jayn Doe said...

haha i feel you on the frog theory. too many flat tadpoles on my road!