Thursday, April 30, 2009

Maxwell - Pretty Wings video

yo, i've been waiting for this full song to release for about a year now.
worth the wait - DOPENESSSSSS


Stony said...

Ayo turbo this is my first post heard you the other day on charles blog and big ups your shits tight that video is dope downloaded your tapes and i havent heard your older tapes yet fully but the newer ones are tight i just wanna say if you droppin an album im grabin one and im tellin friends im be following you ur games tight im from san diego so cal but ne ways this post is long

ps. r u puttin hrogliphic double on mp3 tracks is classic

Armor the Armored Assistant said...

that was one long sentence

DeeDee said...

Nice song! I love Maxwell's tracks!! You've got good taste, baby ;) I have heard some of your stuff, and I can't say that I don't like it :)

Much love from Norway <3

Anonymous said...

Maxwell is back...with a fade!