Friday, April 17, 2009


i'm not going to even ask why the pre-release of Holographic Double had 44 views....and only a handful of reviews...

Disloyalty ftw I guess...

I'm not posting the full reviews since there are 'spoilers' in pretty much all of them, but here are some key points:

Video: 4/5
Song: 4.5/5

Final Word:
I can see this video exploding and really gathering Turbo much more buzz. Everyone has that one song that they are known for and I feel like this will be THAT song for Turbo.

Visually - Greatness. The way you edited everything was awesome. I love that Ryu headband lol. Umm...I love the effects you used and how it accented certain things.

Yo the video is crack..... The beat is hard and the lyrics are real...And you wear SB'S and play games....doesn't get any better, lol

my nigga, my nigga...can i be like yo secretary or somethin??? lolz this is hot my dude. Bo was gettin it too!

so my sister pretti much has a crush on u now!!! i mean, u iiiiight ^_^
no but seriously boo - u did that S#$!* in ur words "kill them all"


Sophanna said...

my bad T dub. I didnt write the review yet. But watched it 3 times.

DFresh said...

seems like its gonna be " Vicious . "

Anonymous said...

your blog to see the preview of holographic double was misleading because it said 1st five so i thought only five people get to see it, and because i saw it that blog on friday i thought a bag of people would of already sent you e-mails so i just fell back. but i saw it today and im likeing it still seeing as you did the editing and directing on your keep it up mayn.