Thursday, April 2, 2009

crazy story

so i'm suppose to be 'sleep' right?
it's 4 am...
all of a sudden i hear yelling outside my window..
reluctantly i get up to see who in the world is yelling recklessly and what do you know?
there's my neighbor outside in the middle of his front lawn yelling and pointing with like....500 cops around him!

maybe not 500 but mannnnn - there were 4 or 5 cop cars and a ton of cops outside, many of them talking about 'GET DOWN ON THE GROUND' and the neighbor didn't listen...

man this was an epic fail on his part because like 1 minute later the cops rush him.
it was like on the matrix 2 when Mr Anderson was fighting the agents: (see around the 8 minute mark of this scene)

dude was certainly not neo. he was more like...haha...idk man but dude just got OWNED by the police and i have some of it on video.
is that wrong??
i was like - hold up - ima put this on the youtube on deck....smh. lol.
but yeah - watching this made my - wait - im not trying to sound 'soft' or anything when referring to my heart - but - it made my heart like...sink.

it was just like on tv. one of the agents i mean officers yelled out something about taser and then i heard a loud POP and dude was practically doing the harlem shake on the ground!!

he was like
"HAHAAGGGGHHHHA HHHH AGGGHHahahhhhggggg hhuuhhghgh"

ummm....sound it out if you dont know what sound im trying to re create - smh.

anyways - enough typing about this crazy story - back to sleep..!


Anonymous said...

thats some crazy dodo mayn

peanut said...

lmao @ harlem shake on the ground


Sophanna said...

he was lik.. AAAHAAaarggghhhhh HHh. ahhah thats watsup!!!

Adara said...

Whoa, that's crazy man! I wonder what happened..

dena.DUHH said...

Good recreation of the noise he made that's crazy.