Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ginuwine - Last Chance

if this your favorite song
turn your radio on
play it for your man or your lady all day long

lately i...i been thinking...and my thoughts are telling scramblin!

this song is structured sooooo well - real deal.
i like it.
all day long balances well with the all night long.
that whole breakdown introduction and then reminder towards the end followed by the hook - executed very well here. indeed.
plus Ginuwine just reminds me of my brother - real deal.
can't wait for the album.
550 what! haha


Internet Goon a.k.a Mr Dot Dot Dot said...

"550 what!"

That's my address...

Turbo said...

whatchu know bout that!

sittin on the corner with my nigg ginuwine...thinkin bout my problems.. somethin somethin somethin...hollup - new page song

Internet Goon a.k.a Mr Dot Dot Dot said...

He needs to team up with Timbaland again...It's only right...

"Why not me, is it that I'm too ghetto for you"

And damn, he had a cosign from Mike Tyson..shit