Wednesday, April 8, 2009


finally got around to shooting some of the Holographic Double video yesterday - that was right before the injury -
the injury goes like this:

old, dirty plastic crates.
full trash can.
short sleeve shirt.
attempting to shove old dirty plastic crates into trash.
repeat shove
repeat shove
plastic crate caves in.
arm goes through the crate.
sharp, broken plastic shards make contact with arm.
skin on arm literally peels off like a banana.
pink flesh.
5 seconds staring in horror.
10 seconds...
pink flesh fills with red blood.
run inside.
rinses with cold water.
substitute saying the s word with shiitake mushrooms.

etc. etc.

i didn't cry though...
real deal.
no doctor either.
why? because that's how we do it, in the hood, of course.

the video.. idk why but I think the video will make many people feel stupid for their pre-conjured thoughts that they have gathered from a mere preview.

take note of the scramble. for it is very much so a solidified force that PWNS.

speaking of PWN, a few people at work who wondered about the arm bandages are actually convinced that I got a new tattoo.
i told them that it says:


back to editing..


Donny The SUPREME said...

T1ME, I was wearing short sleeves punching in a crate...
I cut up my arm, it peeled like banana……….……...
That's what's up, that's what's up, that's what's up, that's what's up.......

Was it as bad as a Vega Cut?

Rhymestyle said...

lmao @ iPWN...hmmm that sounds like a mega funny idea for a tattoo tho... real talk HAHAHAH

Anonymous said...

.......the scramble continues.......


You're a true Scrambler since you didn't cry. LOL. Hope you have a speedy recovery though.

peanut said...

Ha good job dude.

JPlezzur said...


IThinki can no longer eat red meat after reading that :S

Pantherzfan201 said...

iTHINKi would have cried like a litte school girl