Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Download The Amajanese Takeover

Turbo told me to post this!
It is a mixtape provided by the LupE.N.D. blog and it should be pretty cool.

Apparently Double has a song on here called PDJ Time.
I heard the song before and...quite interesting to say the least.

Anyways, download HERE


DFresh said...

and for a while i thought i was like the only black dude (half) who played final fantasy and watched anime...good to know theres more out there...lol peanut double jelly time.

Anonymous said...

if you thought that you are simple minded....smh (shake my head)

DFresh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DFresh said...

i was being a little sarcastic...i knew there were black people in the world liked it, just not any black people i knew.

and ya...thanks for telling me what smh stands for...i wouldve never guessed <---(Sarcasm, if you cant tell)

Anonymous said...

lol my bad but that was some poorly written sarcasm and i didnt think you would understand abbreviated words :D but ye ima leave with saying bleach,naruto and the remake of fullmetal alchemist best anime's atm (at t...) im sure you know this 1 lol

i gotta do my adlib


DFresh said...

ya you're right, the sarcasm was poorly written lol. and ya all those shows you listed are sick. i really liked samurai champloo too.