Tuesday, April 28, 2009

marvel vs capcom 2....

why must they release pure piff when I have so much homework.
i'm not superb at that game and because of being busy pretty much all of the time, it doesn't appear as though I will have enough time to improve my skills.

This does not mean that I won't demolish you, whoever is reading this, whenever I log on to Xbox Live later on.

Gamertag: Turbo2k5

Marvel vs Capcom 2?

still can't believe that they finally released this...

also, if my friend list is full just send me a message and I'll delete whoever hasn't logged in for like months.

ps: Mr. Rhymestyle ... I'll destroy you on this game.


Rhymestyle said...

fam you prolly cant even beat me on SFII on SNES.... those matches on HD were all luck, but your Ken strategy is mega flawed

as I Was telling mickey factz yesterday, Ill destroy you in anything Capcom, anything Marvel, even in Dragonball Z... go play pokemon

but yeah fam you already know

Rhymestyle said...

oh and by the way, it aint released yet, Capcom just released "news" that they are releasing it... Comes out this Summer but Demo drops soon... so its perfect timing

Jminz said...

LMAO i will destory ppl i tryed addin you turbo sent u messages and still u neva added me :( gamertag: TheDonJJB...but ma xbox is broke now, but i will b getting a knew 1 soon so 4 now its ps3 :(.


DFresh said...

ya i was pretty amped when i heard they were releasing this. demo for ps3 comes out this week!...gonna get the final product for xbox360 though...booo controls, yay playing with friends!...oh and ill pretty much smash on anyone (everyone says that lol)...Charlie/Doom/Whoever-feels-right-at-the-time = win..."I wanna take for a ride"

B-Winnizle said...

I am SUPER PUMPED about this game. I can;t wait to get my Gambit on. Although for me it's PS3 all the way, baby!

bstanlee115 said...

I can beat anyone here in MVC2 or SF2HD. Im on ps3 and my tag is stanlee115.

Nick said...

Can't wait for this. I'm still waiting to friend you on XBL so I can play you on Street Fighter IV, though. Should I specifically send a message over Live?