Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Is this what you want?

At times, strange comments have been found in the ShoutBox to the left of this screen.
Many of those strange comments include things such as direct links to a certain person's myspace page as well as quick jab insults directed towards Turbo.

Just for the record:

Location:  Newark, Delaware, United States

Newark, Delaware, United States
University Of Delaware ( [Label IP Address]

Firefox 3.0

and.... I won't post your home IP Address..

you don't want the swine flu on your pathetic PC now do you?

ok then...stop spamming...and...stop harassing T.Double Turbo.

that is all.



Internet Goon a.k.a Mr Dot Dot Dot said...

that's fucking great...haha..OWND

Rhymestyle said...

lmfao!! Fam tell me why propaYne and I did the exact same thing... someone named "Killa Fiasco" kept harassing our blog and we IP traced the dude and it turns out it was the same person who asked for a collab a few months ago and we said no... we got the exact home address of the dude

that taught him no to mess with Otaku's!!! lmfao

lmao they get mega scared too

Nerd-ism FTW! ^_^

DFresh said...


B-Winnizle said...

Double Owned

Anonymous said...

Double! that was Dope...how you do that???

JPlezzur said...


not owned

mispell that 4 emphasis - PWNED!!!