Tuesday, April 14, 2009

so let it be known then. 4-20 it is, then.

Holographic Double.
Dropping Monday.

Get Hyped


Anonymous said...

Let's do it Double. Ive got this n Asher Roth to look toward too now!! Yessss

Sophanna said...

wattup T dub!! Seems like your extra excited about this and ready to drop it. Thats WATS UP!!! Im amp'd to see/hear this joint!!!

Rhymestyle said...

And then April 21st with the Amajanese Takeover featuring Turbo, and many more via http://www.lupefiasco-lupend.com

Lookin forward to the vid fam

dena.DUHH said...

Oh awesome, I cannot wait!

DCtoBC.com said...

i'm ready.

p.s.: microsoft guy came to my school. i told him about your zune song. then sent him an e-mail about it. if you get contacted soon, just know that.

like i said, i'm ready.

Armor the Armored Assistant said...

send him the macbook pro song too.

Double...already ready.
Kill it.

S.Trooper said...

Double Gunz killed it