Saturday, October 17, 2009

Draft of Holographic

Story behind this track:

I was not going to release this song. What made me release it after all?
Well, the other night a good friend of mine informed me about a concert taking place at the Roxy on Sunset in Hollywood, Ca. I didn't have any plans and I definitely respect and occasionally listen to both Big Sean AND Mike Posner so I decided to go.
I went alone but ended up meeting another up and coming emcee out of LA up there. We were just posted and watching the opening acts when I decided to leave momentarily in order to call Juggernaut who was originally going to also attend the show. When I was leaving, who was at the door? Big Sean.
I was like...oh snap..what's good? *handshake*
I asked him if he heard the imitation record that I had did and after a pause..he verified that he did in fact hear it and didn't recognize me from the video.
I then went on to ask for forgiveness if for any reason I may have offended him with the imitation and he said that it was cool and that I did a good ass job. I was like, that's wussup. I told him to keep killin the game and that I would look forward to his show later on in the night. Exit.

Overall, the show was super dope deal. The amount of energy there was extreme and the audience members were super into the show. Everyone knew the words, it was dope. I was a little skeptical as to how Mike Posner would go about singing in such an environment because of how his voice is kinda soft? you know? but nah, no problem at all...he killed that.
Pat Piff and Jay K also did their thing was very good indeed.

Anyways, here is the video/song that I was inspired to release after the other night. If that encounter was never made, well, you would have never heard this:


Sophanna said...

thas wassuppp!! Im glad that you went and enjoyed it man!

C. Manik said...

I honestly listen to some of your stuff and go wow! how is this guy not unsigned...and then other stuff just got me straight you just messin around and someone accidentaly cut on the any case...always entertaining..keep doin ya thang

Anonymous said...


Stony said...

MAn trubo draft of holographicis tight good shit hope we hear some more good shit always comin from turbo