Saturday, November 14, 2009

performance is tomorrow.

it's pretty cool that it is tomorrow..
one thing that I have been keeping note of are the different people who either

A. bought a ticket and are going to attend.
B. wanted to go AND told me that they wanted to but cannot go for different reasons. (location,work,other plans)
C. wished that I do well at the event.
D. didn't say anything at all in response to the idea that I will be performing.

the list above coincides with the whole iTunes situation.

A. bought the song on iTunes.
B. wanted to buy the song but cannot due to technical difficulties (on a PC or something)
C. wanted to buy the song but cannot afford it.
D. didn't say anything at all about the thought of purchasing the song.

All of these things are understandable....I like to think that I am a pretty rational person.
However, those who fall into the "D" category....well....those are the same people who I will definitely remember if ever I have the opportunity to pronounce a more 'poppin' situation, if that makes sense. Don't get it twisted though, categories A-C are who I respect on a whole other level. oh yes indeed.

The purpose of this blog post is to basically say that I pay attention to different things and I have a pretty good memory of the different situations. I notice the advertising in the Shoutbox to the left of your screen. I remember different names in the comment section. Just stuff like that! Just a reminder man danggg.

also, PACMAN...for the win??

the fight is today. yup yup

anyways...that is all!


DFresh said...


Pacman better win. My boy Floyd got next on that young mollywhoppa.

Tyrell said...

Did you win?