Thursday, October 1, 2009


"never underestimate the capacity of other people to let you down."
(Dexter's adopted father)

he said it somewhere in season 3 and i was like ...!!!
most definitely have to remember that. the sentence was so eloquently spoken yet maintains a strong punch.

i think the next couple of weeks will mark the beginning of a new chapter in my life. i will be making a leap. perhaps maybe even a big gamble. one that could very well put an immediate end to my musical journey.
i bet you are thinking that this is some type of joke...right?
bet..gamble. whatever.

all i can say is that 'real life' is starting to kick in. this doesn't mean that everything before now wasn't real, but rather, it means that priorities need to be examined as a means to strategize survival.

because of how serious i am when it comes to this 'scramble', i would like to assure potential worriers that i cannot allow my musical journey to end like this. i will certainly attempt to overcome all obstacles.
i wont allow for the mundane reality of living in a trap like situation to consume my energy.
that last sentence was kind of dumb but you get the point - hopefully.

the reason why i am even typing this is because i want to start visually reminding myself of different things. day in and day out with a million thoughts traveling and building solely inside without the assistance of any outside recording / jotting devices can become quite tiresome so i want to use this blog as a way to remain on track.

again, please never mind my refusal to follow basic grammar / spelling rules on here. just no dat win i typ3 wordz end correctly....i actually know how to do so correctly.

all in all, i really want you to understand that i am not here in california just being idle. moves are/will be made.
at the same time, music is NOT my number 1 priority in life.
eventually, every person should realize that basic survival in life does not come as easily as it did when you were, let's say, living with your parents or something.
growth is necessary.
man im tired of typing this and the title 'yes' is just stupid. it doesn't even fit like..whatever man.


Ziggy said...

I do undertsand what you say, making a living out of music is not easy, and you might never make money out of it (Even though you desereve to) but I am sure I speak on behalf of all your fans/listener/ potential warriors that I hope your musical journey never comes to an end. For whatever its worth, I believe that you are better than 99 % of whoever is out right now. Thats my rant done!

Jayn Doe said...

You have every right to pursue whatever truly fulfills you and whatever wholly embodies your passions and beliefs.
Even if your musical journey ends, you will continue to touch lives the way you did mine, for it isn't your music that has impacted us, but who you are in everything that you do and give.

Much love to you and the scramble,

Anonymous said...


Turbo said...

Thank you very much for the kind words.

yung reezey said...

Dont fall for the illusion of real life dont get caught in the rat race worrying about what you think is growth and prioritizing your reaching bliss and awakening should be your priority people put to much emphasis on chasing money

DFresh said...

ya, people put too much emphasis on eating too. who really needs to eat three times a day? just eat like once every three days or something to fill up. then youll have more time to have fun, reach bliss and awaken.

X said...

I would pay for that Balrog album, so sell it to me.