Tuesday, November 24, 2009

twilight review

Just watched Twilight (part one) for the first time. Though I can understand why some people might appreciate this type of movie, it doesn't exactly fascinate me as much as say, well, Blade (part one). My room mate bought me two tickets to go see the 2nd one. Awkward.
real vampires explode and are hunted by the same dude who played on jungle fever.


DFresh said...

And this was how I was created -_-


I thought Twilight was pretty funny. Its like Freakazoid 2.0. But ya im pretty sure its only supposed to fascinate girls >_> and "those" guys >_>

Jayn Doe said...

The hype is channeled in all the wrong places nowadays- explains why you're overlooked while Lil Wayne is overrated.

Tyrell said...

I agree with any positive statement that anyone makes about Blade. Nice work.

Anonymous said...