Thursday, September 3, 2009

5m5 Preview


Ziggy said...

555? I thought it was 500?!! Hope we dont have to wait long...

AfroJones said...

Really nice, can't wait to hear the full version.

dena.DUHH said...

Can't wait!

Stony said...

damn i might have to make a twitter account... i hope it doesnt come to that

Jayn Doe said...

Hats off- just that snippet blew me out of the water.

Thanks Turbo,
One love.

Anonymous said...


P.S. I am literally screaming out loud in my house, and I don't care! Thank you Double, and I'm already a follower on your Twitter!

Anonymous said...

Stony: GO. GET. A. TWITTER. ACCOUNT. NOW! Support the man!

Anonymous said... not the KIND.
dude love.
cactus jack.


George said...

Turbo is too legit to quit.
Can't wait for the new album or even simply the complete version of 5 Minutes Part 5.

Keep scramblin'!