Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Anyone down to see me perform in pasadena on the 15h?


Anonymous said...

Where in Pasadena?

B-Winnizle said...

I will absolutely try my best to be there!

Turbo said...

i'll post details later.. also
which songs should i do? I can only do 3 I think.

I was thinking:



or maybe


Gigaton Punch
Bird's Eye View


Anonymous said...

because i live in germany i probably wont make it lol. but i hopr maybe someone can tape the show!!!!!

ozone, inclement, G.A.S -- songs i would like to hear most!

DFresh said...

You know im down

DFresh said...

Oh and can you only do songs with original beats (from DZ, Saylen, Vagnum, etc)?

If its possible, do the first 2-3 mins FerociousNess xD
That song would go so hard live.
So would InfinityD and MindCream.
The acapella portion of ElectroFly could work too :/

If you cant do those...5m5, Chill out, and Gigaton or Birds Eye? Idk xD

Gucci Manes Gut said...

Hold on , it goes down and birds eye would go soo hard cause those sound like the most complete songs to me atleast and the wordplay cant be denied