Thursday, December 10, 2009


I finally have a moment to actually type something on here. Usually I just update the twitter but twitter only allows you to type a certain amount of words before you run out of space and are essentially required to post another message.
Because I have a few minutes, allow me to provide a brief update.

Ok so after that horrible Ozone performance, which, mind you, I certainly learned from and certainly appreciate supportive comments regarding the situation, I have yet to find another place to perform.
You see, with work being so hectic right about now and having to basically provide for needs and balance money and blah blah blah, I haven't had much time to find another performance location.
Armor told me about his friend who always does shows. Two differences between myself and that friend, however, is that I am employed and I don't live with parents or guardians or anything like that....which means that there's many more life threatening responsibilities that I am required to attend to.

Because of this little dilemma, does this mean that I will cease to search for opportunity in the city of angels. Hardly.
This is exactly what "Scrambling" is. Making a way out of no way. Maneuvering through pits and falls without trips and falls...or at least, with limited stumbling.
If anyone who reads this blog knows of any legit performance events, just email me at Of course you don't have to, but, it would be appreciated. It's like a baby asking for one of those see through plastic squishy toy things because of the desire to follow through the inevitable teething process. Sure that analogy could be taken out of context in the perverted mind but come on know what I mean.

Every so often when I am logged into Aim, I browse through different away messages and find the lyrics to some of my songs. Whenever I do this, though, there are usually minor mistakes in spelling. Not that I am very agnist speling evrything correctly, but here's the thing.

In the song "Metal Double", there is a line that says "This is a Bloodsport, and I'll be Van Damned if I let a - - come and blind my plans". I put the "- - " because this is the misunderstood part.

It isn't Chun-Li .... It is Chong Lee.
Specifically the following scene. Now, if you scan to around the 3:05 mark, that is exactly what I do NOT want to happen in this 'game of life'.

I say all this to say that I was thinking about the whole posting lyrics/proofreading idea and it seems like a good one. Since I finally have the domain for, I was also considering making a different website where it would be easier for people to figure out how to download music and all of that stuff. Hopefully when I get around to doing this, there will be a lyrics section and that is where various lyrics can be posted so that the music can make more sense. This blog could be linked on the actual site. Because of my impending need to follow the self reliance theme as thoroughly illustrated by Emerson, I will probably end up doing the site by myself and because of this, the site may appear very plain and "empty inside, just like me." I got that last line from Dexter season 1 episode 1. I'm getting off track but I will talk about Dexter later in this post. Watch.

Another one that was recently brought to my attention was a line in "itGoesDown".
Someone had to audacity to ask if I was inspired by the "J.Cole line in "A Star is Born" on Jay-Z's Blueprint 3"...

Man my song was recorded a long time ago.

*turns on A Star is Born*
The line in Blueprint 3 goes like this "the flow cold as the shoulders of gold diggin hoes when a broke nigga approaches"

The Line in ElectroRock4 goes like this "with a motor way colder than the shoulder of a girl who disses you cause of your curl that use clear ice on".

My line wasn't entirely aimed at gold digging, however, at superficiality. Just because of a hair style, she gives you the cold shoulder. Clear Ice is....

Film School.
Orientation was dope. The man in charge of the audio training department told me: "I was recently working on the movie Avatar and trust me, this movie is something that you have NEVER seen before".
It was kind of scary the way he said it. He had like a really big beard and was just very cool. I forgot his name for now but shall be reminded once school actually starts in the next couple of months.
Another man told me that the opening scene of Forrest Gump was very difficult to get jusssssst right because of the crazy camera angles that they had to figure out in order to get the shot of the feather falling down. He also said that the actual feather was digital all the way up until it hits the ground where Tom Hanks picks it up. Impressive.
....anyways though I have to get off the cpu.

Real quick though - Dexter season finale is on Sunday at 9pm pacific time I think and in the Los Angeles and in New York City areas, there will be Showtime hosted private screenings where they will serve Dexter themed drinks and give out prizes.
I am certainly going to try to go.
I don't know why I like this show so much. I think it's because I was off of school and work for a few days and literally watched the first two seasons all day after buying both on iTunes.
It's not for everyone though...

Here is the opening sequence:

I am going to finish up this music video in the next couple of hours. It's nothing like WHOA THAT WAS EPIC but it's still a cool video in my opinion and hopefully you agree.
Dang...that was alot of continuous typing.


I see the comments in the side bar. the one offering me money to write your paper...if you would have asked me a few years of ago I would have did it. This is kind of snitching on myself but in college....I straight ...welll... I proofread papers for extra cash. Scramblin!!

oh yeah -
P.Real from the "I SNATCH EVERYTHING" line agreed to record another freestyle cypher. He said that this time his bars have gone to a new level of killa flow. I am going to try to make that possible for ya'll...

I may be taking down other videos on ScrambleTv because when I give certain people my business card, I don't exactly want them to watch my videos and find me talking about how I need a "facebook ho". I want Bird's Eye View and Ozone and stuff like that to be viewed. Makes sense, right?

most likely on that young twitter.

don't be dumb about it!!!


Jayn Doe said...
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BZ said...

Duumb Double!!
not like, "double is dumnb..." but like, "D-D-Daaamn, double is duuuumb!!!"
haha, u see what im sayin? ... i dont. its been a long day at work.
i just wanted to say, as i have before, that ozone thing wasnt nothin. we all know, had a better venue, it woulda been sick as the 3rd part of the 8th ring of dantes inferno... errr... somethin like that. u know, the one about "flirtatious" people. uuugh.

I see this huge post. i enjoy'd it. real deal. its nice to know that you appreciate our support, sincerely. makes your stuff feel more personal, i guess. And apparently some big time cats have caught wind of ur music. Jay-z is known for copyin other peoples music, and i guess ur just that cash. indeed. hahaaaaaaaa.

Chong Lee!! aaahhhh. haha, forever... i was ryin to figure out what that was. it didnt make sense w/ chun in there, but i said it anyway cuz it fits so good. XD

and im pretty sure ima give Dexter a chance. i hear people talkin about it, but u seem down with the dexter... im more of a heroes cat, but they are taking a break till january. which is not the business.

stay salty doood. (haha, just thought of hey dude, that nickelodeon show)

oh, and... probably not, bein a scramblin scholar, but u play blazblue?

B-Winnizle said...

Awesome post, T-Dub. I'll most def. keep a look out for shows for you. Also, you are going to film school?! That's awesome! I'm currently at USC, myself and loving every minute of it.
We should do a film sometime, lol.

Also, Dexter is a-a-a-a-mazing. Have you heard the Dexter Rap?

Aight, that's all for now. Keep pumping out the fantastic music. Hip-Hop needs more people like you.

Anonymous said...

Cool, I'm learning film too! "Scramble up!!"

Anonymous said...

Now Dexter's Laboratory, that's a show!

DFresh said...

Niiiice. So you didnt say Chun Li...damn xD.

Im debating whether or not I should make a Twitter....iono...maybe...probably xD....later >_>

Ziggy said...

I've often wondered Turbo, since I first listened to light bulb level, in 5 mins part three, after the lyrics "DZ, thanks for this beat, I appreciate this opprotunity to speak" it would seem that you were about to continue rapping but then it abruptly stops, so what I am wondering is what are those missing lines? It always drove me crazy!! But its good to hear from you, looking forward to your music video and highly anticipating new music! Scramble up! Bzzzz

PlatinumAssassin said...

I was on the same paper hustle as you in highschool and college, T. Lmao. Scramble up.

PlatinumAssassin said...

I won't lie though, I do throw up some Turbo lyrics in the ole AIM profile/away message every now and then. Balrog Bonus FTW.