Monday, September 21, 2009

J. Futuristic - Deep Cover

this is a darker side of J. Futuristic that is oftentimes overlooked, or rather, overheard when listening to his rather comedic mixtape J. Futuristic. Mr. Miyagi himself. lol


Fly Ty said...

you gotta give me a review for that CHAM disc..I gotta hear your thoughts..


Turbo said...

I never listened to a CHAM cd in my life.

Fly Ty said... bad Charles Hamilton - This Perfect Life..

Turbo said...

ohhh ok.
i stopped listening to Charles Hamilton somewhere in the middle of that Hamiltonization process. I definitely didn't listen to Perfect Life at all.
my fav. song of his though was Party of Friends though

Fly Ty said... not much of a fan either..i stopped really listening to his banter..maybe even before the Process lol..but I knew you had at least listened to a little of it..soo, I wanted to ask somewhere equipped with the ear to listen to that cat lol..