Saturday, September 26, 2009

the other night

ok i am in a rush right now but i said that i would post what happened the other night on twitter the other day and it goes.
though i have my BA in english...just never mind if i misspell or use horrible grammar.

ok so check-
the other night i was with 2 of my boys at this house with 2 of the homegirls. we were watching dexter because one of the girls like to watch that show too. it was cool...
ok so then we all went downstairs in the kitchen and were just talking and roasting and pretty much just socializing. we were all cool. everything was all good...until

- man i wish i could like capitalize the 'until' word that i just typed and have it in like different colors and stuff but i dont know how to . sigh ....never mind.. ok so...anyways-

out of nowhere - a stick like lands in the kitchen. its weird because no one saw it actually fly in but we all heard it and looked at it on the ground like what the heck!? it was like a little branch or something and it was pretty weird.

you see, at first i thought maybe it was just a stick that the girl's dog was playing with or something...but then i remember that she had put the dog in the backyard for the night. . then, i thought maybe it was already there and we were just being all super sensitive because we just finished watching Dexter....but nah. WE heard it. and SAW the stick in the middle of the kitchen. dead in the middle.

- ok man you see how i just did that? that was a literary technique that i forget the name of because i'm in a rush but i used the word 'dead' to like foreshadow kind of? like, i used the word to make the whole suspicion level raise significantly for you, the reader.
never mind if it didn't work.

ok so after that happened. everyone was all like what the heck man what was that? my two homeboys and one of the girl were standing in the kitchen trying to see if it had fell from the cabinet or something. speculation and what not.
the other girl who was at the table where i was calmly sitting trying to figure out what was wrong with my phone because it had been bugging out all day, leaned in and told me that she thinks one of my friends did it to just play with us.

i knew this wasn't the case because he, or rather THEY, would have let me know?
anyways, one of my buddies was all like

- ok wait. who says that??
buddies???? really? idk..just awkward.. buddies...

he was all standing in the kitchen doorway looking out this dining area connect to the kitchen that you could only see from the kitchen and he stood there still facing the other direction and was like 'guys.....the backdoor is open'

of course, he was kidding. once o' girl got up and saw he was kidding they were all laughing and stuff...yeah.

so i forgot to mention this before...but i felt sorta of uncomfortable at that huge house. i didn't really like the various dolls and stuff. i guess the owner of the house collected these dolls or something and they just reminded me of tales from the hood or something. they were all scattered around the house i guess for decoration? whatever man. i'm not down with that.

if you haven't seen tales from the is a clip of what i am referring to:

i think i posted it here before.

ok so my phone was bugging. i told my boy to call me and he did. but my phone didn't ring!
i was hungry. uncomfortable. i needed to go out of town. it was like 1040 pm. i was tired. phone didn't work.

so what did i do? i left....i said a very subtle goodbye.
so subtle that if you were one of the other 4 people who were in the house, then, you still wouldn't have noticed me leaving.

so i left.
when i was leaving out of the house, the whoooole block was super pitched black. i felt like someone was watching me the whole time.
for real for real.
it was weird but i credited this feeling to the fact that i was watching dexter so much ya know? i made it to my car, turned it one, and dipped.

like i stepped on the gas but i didn't peel out. all i could do was imagine like an old lady or something creepy in the middle of the road while i was driving.
it weird because i really have visions of just scary stuff sometimes.
a grown man saying he sees scary stuff...odd? i guess.
all i know is that my imagination is very powerful...sometimes TOO powerful. seriously.

i left. went to the gas station. the rest of the story is dumb until while i was on the road, i received a call from one of my boys who stayed. ( couldnt believe my phone all of a sudden wanted to work!)
this is what he told me in a round about way.

he said...
no one knew you even left except me. it was weird how you left out of nowhere. when you left though we heard someone banging on the backdoor of the house.
thats when everyone noticed you were gone. when we opened the door, no one was there. first the stick, then the backdoor? they (the girls) kinda thought you were just playing a joke on all of us but we knew better. we knew you didn't play around like this....wasn't your style. finally one of them had the idea to look out the front door....and what did we see? your car wasn't there...

-ok - let me interrupt. if this was a movie ...when the car wasn't there then there should be like some scary music or something you know? man i wasn't there to see them leaving the house and stuff but that's how i envision it as a film you know? it'd be dope.
your car wasn't there and everyone started freaking out. i tried to call your phone again but it still wouldnt work for some reason.
we were all on the front yard now just calling / being confused till i turned around to go back in the house and saw someone at the front door - closing it!!
couldn't tell who it was! definitely a dude but...i thought it was you!
thats when ol girl started crying and saying all this crazy stuff and-

k cut
im in a super rush n i dont feel like finishing this - basically 2 dudes broke into the house....while they were there! come to find out it was some people that they knew or something playing an elaborate joke. but it was crazy how it worked out.
i KNEW someone was watching me mannnnnnnn....

k peace!


DFresh said...

lol this is full of fail.

KB said...

As soon as you said your phone was dead I knew it was some horror movie sh*t.

Anonymous said...

thats why you keep that pump in the house

Anonymous said...

Clarence Williams III. He was equally as scary as the father in Purple Rain.