Sunday, October 19, 2008

VOICE's diss

Honorable mention diss...with lyrics!
here is the audio:

The urban journalizer/
I'm essentially more memorable, cuz my delivery's significantly wiser/
I'm no comedian like Rakim/Surpasssing the median/Average MC's can't stop him/
To this industry I'm like a bootleg CD/No one can shop,no one can house him/No contracts, they don't arouse him/
Label flashing paper, courting him/They'll never spouse him/I'll take gasoline to them dollars/Dhalsim, flame 'em!/
Stay out them flashing lights so tabloids cannot defame him/
Ain't caught no cases so the system can't try to arraign him/
Trial him and hang him/Won't be spending 40K annually to maintain him, I mean enslave him/
I speak the truth 'cause I'm the brave one/People lust for Satan's music while I'm here to save 'em/
Then I out-rhyme those those who say it's their time to shine/Must I remind?/OC said "Time is up."/Step out that booth and hush that rhyming up!/
Trying to front/Combining what?/That trill with that designer stuff?/That's kind'a rough/And that freestyle was so-so and such and such/
This embattled Toad should not overload on his own hype as much/Stop rambling, you sound all Scrambled Up!/
Here's more you need to know my negro/I burn Mc's and earn this bread and cheese and feed my seeds just what they need to grow/
How precise!/Kid's nice!/Loaded dice flow/Control the miro-device/Show, just where it might go/
Popped on the scene like Myers Michael/Cycle motors/Promote a haiku/
Easily I'm lyrically unlike you/
I don't know if y'all even caught that/Just bring my thoughts back/
"I hit him with 100 hits."/It's like he never fought back/
So, "I close my eyes and I shake my head."/Drop rhymes that shake the ground and wake the dead/
I keep spitting these rounds and I don't break a sweat/so forget I'm from the Windy City, just remember what I said/


Your structure was on deck, you already know.

I thought the diss video would have 1,000 views by this morning but it appears as though there's only 700.
I hope you know that I am smarter than directly dissing each person. A few years ago, that would have been the way I would handle the situation. But now, things are different...

Never was I dumb, either. The other sentence a couple or so before this one is not acknowleding that my younger age meant being dumb was the usual. no. Youth and dumbness shouldn't go hand in hand...all the time. It's a fallacy. whatever.
Let's not get into that.


Future said...

that was some sick lyrical structure especially "Trying to front/Combining what?/That trill with that designer stuff?/That's kind'a rough/And that freestyle was so-so and such and such/"

Anonymous said...

Thanks future! I'm not a rapper, but turbo is my dude. He inspired me!! I actually just finished a remix verse, that I will record in an actual studio.

Anonymous said...

And thanx Turbo for the love man!! This next one is killa!