Saturday, October 4, 2008

last night

was cool.
good company, good conversation, good food.

this morning i woke up with wire marks on my face though. dont fall asleep with wires on your bed...specifically headphone wires and slim metal necklaces.

in between last night and this morning i had a dream...more like a nightmare.
real deal.
it was like we were in this concrete building area where there was some type of olympic events going on. obstacle courses and what not.
and we, we meaning the class, were walking around with the tour guide dude.
well like...
he was pretty mean. evil, if you will.

fast forward.

so he was about to kill us all with machine guns or whatever but then i got a phone call from someone or something and then

fast forward
like lava came outta no where
a huge rush of it and everyone was running away and it was mayhem
we ended up inside this concrete building/ruins trying to survive and it was a mess.
a bunch of people died in the dream.
lava burning off limbs in dream world is still a pretty horrible sight.
buildings crashing on people? yikessss

this one girl died from some type of insect that bit her and ....well it was pretty much just like that movie Cloverfield now that I think of it.
I only saw that movie ONCE and it was like when it first came out.

Alotta elements of that movie were incorporated into the nightmare.
it was crazy...
why am i typing this though? reason.
just felt like it.

craziness mannnn crazinesss.
long day ahead of us.
let's get (x15) it!

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