Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This is what it is. Blog love for Turbo comes and then goes. It's like this. First, we will post your stuff. We will post Dumb Double, for example. After everything after that, though, nah. we cool.
"we real cool, we skip school"
haha, nah but.
we will post your mixtape. but if an artist from our home city/state has something?? we will post their stuff AND the imeem link. ok?
that's wussup.
check this out.
i no longer have upmost appreciation for most of the blogs who have posted my stuff in the past...
call it what you want.
i'm realizing that i shouldn't even start to expect any love. take it back to the beginning.
"would u like to buy my cd? its only 2 bucks...you dont have 2 dollars?"

"your crew is making another cd? thats cool...nah i dont want to be on it..ive got my own coming out"

its back to that mindframe.
im not mad at anyone, though.
but just know that i have the internet. i go to your blog sometimes. i see the omission of demolition double. i am not dumb.
but keep it this way. stay consistent and dont post my stuff.
major blog sites...you apparently have to know someone to get your stuff posted. i dont know anyone...they dont post my stuff. thats wussup.

thats why i give props to Charles Hamilton. A SIGNED artist who has taken the time to check my stuff out. i was never looking for approval. like. am i good??? man am i good enough as a rapper!?? no, nothing like that.
just real recognizes real. indeed.

but yeah man.
big ups to the CONSISTENT blogs though. like those who have this on their blogroll - 500Nickels? i believe. The Bomb ish mad weirdness. etc. etc. ( i dont know all the names off the top) but
i SEE yall.


and Demolition Double probably went over your head. it's cool though. The Owen Meany line is tougher than you know.
Flash Focus Forms Force

not too many stories this time around and I'ma do something to intentionally mess up your groove on this one too.

DZ - i'm picking up the tracks tomorrow.

but real talk though.
if i had my way, dumb people who sway like the wind to the next thing and cannot think for themselves and are essentially governed by utter stupidity and unfaithfullness, wouldn't be able to listen to my music.

to the dude "REGGIE" - i dont like your girlfriend my dude. she looks like a female master splinter. JUGGERNAUT, let's get this money.



Future said...

hey you know i post your stuff till i'm blu in the face and all over my bulliten. However no one reads it....so don't know if it matters. But it's there, prior to this blog post might i add


I'm a proud supporter of your wonderful work. I've converted a couple of peeps (including my gf) into your music. Oh btw that SHADOWLOO fitted was dope...custom made?

Turbo said...

thanks. much appreciated

Anonymous said...

Correction sir: That's, "We real cool/We left school". One of my first favorite poems!-VOICE..........BTW, don't trip. I'm about to reach out to Illseed over at Allhiphop.com! I think he may be able to push the envelope on some Turbo exposure. they getting mad commercial at AHH. I stopped checking for them like last year. They could use a shot of TSST to revive their situation....bzzzz!

starplayah14 said...

a rant is needed every once in a while to clear stuff up so do what u gotta do turbo

can't wait for ER4

JNolanIsCool said...

Man, I know what you mean on this one. The Scramble probably goes way beyond their limited mind space. lol
They'll catch on.