Monday, October 20, 2008

Listened to Kanye "Heartless"

there's a line in there that says
"you'll never find nobody better me"

as an english major....that line has been driving me nuts for a while now.
it's the double negatives.
you see, (-) and (-) = (+)

never find nobody better than me...

it's hard to explain.
it's like saying that everyone she finds will be better than him.

if you change the words and talk about food it'll be like...

"you'll NEVER eat NOTHING"
that means that you WILL eat.

in my opinion, the verse shoulda said "you'll never find anybody better than me"

from a poetic viewpoint, it would make more sense, structure wise. couplet couplet cou-plet.

most songs, including mine, have grammar errors because this is music and all of that can be overlooked.
this one in particular though may NOT be an error at all. but it DOES bother me for some reason.
the song is good though.

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