Monday, October 6, 2008

insight into GAS

once represented GEMINI APPROVED SKILL.
GAS in reference to how people can become GASSED which I see everyday. People believe they are skilled when really they aren't. Those around that person GAS the other person up to the point where they truly believe in themselves. lol.

anyways -
Thanks to SINO for typing out the lyrics to this song and sending them to me...
below I have pasted MOST of the lyrics WITH some corrections and very BRIEF insight.
there is certainly MORE to the lyrical content within this song but I'm not going to SPOIL it for all who really want EXAMINE.
Tough wordplay on this one....
feel free to play the song as you read:
G.A.S - Turbo

They said they couldn't wait till i drop this
Electrorock disc, its audio hotness
ya’ll ought to go cop this
but if not, just don’t knock this
unless you can top this
they desperately test me, feel like I’m Nessie the Lochness
since they think that they will, though they never will see me
although they feel that they’re skilled, that’s why they say that they got this
i know that they steal, it’s thievery on their c.ds
they stole the flow and the style, wow! they audio shoplift
stop this nonsense since the nonsense scent reeks
i believe i can be a Febreeze emcee
when i speak i spray them up
like im cleaning the ceiling i keep my head to the sky
and i dont look at them… that’s why i cover my eyes with some shades
see these guys stay Shady ( foreshadow) they keep saying these lies
which defies all the rules of honesty
and honestly i see how obsolete honesty is on these beats
the game has been drained, its a shame lames claim they gun pop they not T-R-U-E
only time they POPS is eating cereal
i got this on lock, ima drop call me Huey ooooo weee
who kneww heee could be soo cool
even if he off the top of the head like a kufi
either way pal my verse would be the truth so my style will stay away from this earth like Pluto
so to you Goofy groupies who's unhappy with the fact that ima keep on spitting like Daffy
dont be mad be happy that these raps act as a durag to these tracks when they nappy
i press them down, with an impressive sound
neglecting tunes from looneys and desperate clowns
keep trying to touch the mic to get live on it
they couldnt get a finger on it I got 5 on it

a hand grasp fam thats how im scheming
sir sir, im Good like a Burger from Kenan
since im finally here like the weekend,
i guess ima keep their heads ringing (Dr. Dre – continuing foreshadow)

what up doc, i dont shoot the J (Dr.J)
my word is the ball, your ear is the hoop
so listen as i bang it in
what up doc, this is a lyricist experiment and I am just a mad scientist like Octavian (Dr.Octopus)
what up doc, i smack New Eras off of cats (Dr. Seuss, the cat in the hat)
and if i feel like Phil i give em advice (Dr. Phil)
yea, if i dont feel like Phil ima still fill my skill to you feel it in the air

rare, like meat with blood in it
t double turbo scramble team is the covenant
and i aint neva hustled on the block
but I cop State Property like the government
dude, i met a chick who hated fast food
i was like o word, thats cool
(and then what, taken from Young Jeezy) i took her to micky dee's she ordered a double cheese and said t double IM LOVIN IT!!
mayne, Bruce Wayne probably loving this
allow me to pitch my scheme
you see if one were to give me a beat
I’d then smack it out the park like a bat... mayne (man)
im back on the track in the booth
moving forward, i dont backtrack in the booth
im back on the track i lay you down with the sound, get it?
no, well put your back on the track
im finna run a train of thought on your brain (choo choo)
after that line hits you’s the bars turn, then it’s the verses turn, then it’s the record’s turn, as the record turns, the mixtape will tape it…
in the booth I’m Supah get my mixtape and cape it (superman, supah from the t.v. show the Pjs)
these days these men behave like children
so im chilling like im in PJ's
but im proablably rocking shades and a fitted
a Tee that fits me, some jeans and some SB's with it
if i Get Sick of This(young dro song) like Young Dro ima watch lean on me and switch the beat to young dro

Joe. Clark (also superman’s last name) on the mic i bring discipline
haters get jealous when they see the different whips I’m in
yesterday, the Chevrolet was red, like cinnamon
they said i must be after my math like Eminem and them (concludes foreshadow, alludes to the song Superman)
trust, that im never in a RUSH to get fitted
if it takes you a few, ima need 60 minutes (one hour, television show)
but what I wear just all depends on where im at
cuz see i tend to wear them Uptowns around my Aunt Jackie (Jackie Chan reference)
and i wear them dress shirts when i be with my mama
smelling fresh out the tub like a young E. Honda
so if i see a Scrub out with his lil mama
he gone know I’m what’s popping so his girl hes gone tuck her (Tuck-er, Chris Tucker)

(the beat changes to “man in the trunk” by young dro where young dro explains that his car sounds like a man, Jackie Chan, is in his trunk fighting…lol)

cuz t double dont play and
This should remind you of Chris (Chris Tucker) since it’s cold when you play it (Chris Martin from Coldplay)
I don’t dumb down like Cole (Cole from Martin)
Cause my goals to make you think until you link me to your favorites
Bookmark double, back in high school, they use to call me Booksmart double…
But I aint read books (ignorant)
I just came out with lines like fishermen – and – I aint need hooks..
Man, I don’t even write.
Tell them what you do.
I just right jabs on the track.
Me and the beat got in a fight, tell them what you did, I just left jabs on the track
With a GIGATON PUNCH, gigaton punch.
I’m Ceran Megaman, I’ma rap (wrap) robot.

See I eat on these beats and I dine on these rhymes when I snack on this rap call it Megatron lunch (lunch is between breakfast and dinner – goes back to Am Pm instrumental)


Internet Goon a.k.a Mr Dot Dot Dot said...

greatness...really enjoyed that

FRE$H said...

Yo do u write yo raps??? If u do how did it take u 2 write this shit???? lmao....

by the way... GAS is my favorite track on ER3

SiNo said...

Turbo, T-Double. I wrote these lyrics, wow! now i understand it more with your corrections. Nice track, there's like wordplay in every bar.

starplayah14 said...

dope...r than the first time

Anonymous said...

I didnt even cath that whole Rush Hour reference untill now I gotta listen closer! Dopeness Sir!