Friday, October 17, 2008


when we have to post some type of english assignment are suppose to read some book and then type about it....
i tend to avoid the reading part and simply type something up really quick after skimming through the book.
the funny part is when the professor calls out my writing in particular as an example as to what is required.
i didnt read. hopefully you are reading this.

reviewing other responses from the classmates makes some type of subconcious impression on me with regards to how i view their skills.
some talk soooooo much head in class but when they post their responses it's like....YO, YOU DIDNT READ EITHER DID U???

i think the thing is this - IM IN THE WRONG CLASS. i did it backwards.
freshman year i took the TOUGHEST english and the professors doubted me.
Theory and Criticism. I got a B +.
Now I'm like a far everything has been pretty easy. Tiring, but fairly easy. but now i'm taking this class that was suppose to be the intro to english? who knows.... i call it English: seems like a waste of time!

ill give an example of some, nameless, classmate who doesn't seem as though they really read any of the text.
it takes a non reader to know a non read - YOU DIG?
their response:

Out of the reading of chapter five through ten, I found a few things
interesting in chapter six. This chapter, “Path I: Writing, Editing, and
Publishing,” was the most informative for myself personally. This is
because I wish to be a writer or a researcher with a focus in literature
and history when I finish my education. There were two things that came
as a surprise to me. For one, I didn’t know that being a researcher was
a job in itself. I always thought it was a side job as a writer. Another
thing I didn’t realize was the type of training required to become a
successful writer, especially in creative writing. One aspect I didn’t
know about was that writers “must stick to a schedule, whether of time
or number of pages.” (88). The information in this chapter is very
important to my future career because it gives useful facts, for example
I know what training I will need in the future.

we are advised to read the work of others. it's an online class. (at least in this online class, the constant laughter at ridiculous jokes is out of the picture)
but I am sick and tired of those who are on a high horse in class and then when they's like....are you serious??

and they say we should compete, we need to challenge to excel...
whatever, man.
i need a challenge. smh smh smh
i posted this:

One thing that I really enjoyed when reading these chapters is how the difficulty of
making the transition from college to the workplace is actually mentioned in the text.
This lets me know that the information being presented is valuable in the sense that the
writer is already familiar with what we as college students will have to eventually
endure. A new respect is given to the text upon reading this. Another thing that I
thought was very interesting is how the various earnings one could possibly make with
an English degree are listed. I appreciate the honesty of the text on page 116 where it
says, in regard to teaching english, that "this discipline is among the lowest paid of all
disciplines". Another thing that I appreciate about these chapters is how I am provided
with information concerning the different methods that I can use towards finding a
career. Overall this book is very useful and I will definitely be referring back to it in the
future if ever I am in need of help...Shout out to my man KILLA! DIPSET

you see...
this is just a game.

hip hop right now is just another english class


Anonymous said...

Hip Hop and English class do go hand in hand, Sometimes I write essays as if I were composing a rap lyrics sometimes. I borrowed lupes mean and visous concept and turned it into an essay,instead of comparing the 1st first and the 2nd verses i compared my intro to the body of my paper, using personification and everything/I guess my professor would feel the lupe track cuz she loved my paper ,She wrote Good job with a :)! Good thing she's never heard the song she would probably want me to cite the song or something, lol.

Anonymous said...

lol @ Shout out to my man killa!
No one questioned that?

2che said...

Yup its hilarious when ppl critique your work and pretty much take a shit on it, but then their work is horrible... In my Design basics class this dude would talk so much dirt about other ppl's projects, but when it was time for him to present his work looked horrible and he would make like 100 excuses for it looking the way it did... -__- funny