Wednesday, October 1, 2008

one of my professors

in particular.
i dont like her.
i plan to purchase MEGAMAN 9 via xbox 360. should be dope? splash woman?? haha

what else...uhhh
this is pretty dope n ima cop both albums

hold onnnn hold onnn
i'm scramblin!


2che said...

Yeah Kid Cudi is Dope as hell.... Hes comin for those ear pussies yall!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Kid Cudis cool as ever Me and my dude went to see him drove from Gary,In to Chicago to catch em on that hollywood moon tour. I didnt think they would be so strict with the age thing im 19 my guy is 20 Got to the door and the bouncers are all like no you guys are too young get lost flickin cigarettes at us tellin us to beat it 21 and up/ After we tried to bribe em and got denied we didnt want to waste a trip(gas)so we then walked around the city of chicago on an empty monday night just talkin about how wack everything is and how we're sick and tired of our current state of being out of place we finally go back to the venue to just look from a bench across the street and everyone else gettin in with ease litterally on the outside lookin in lol >>> right when my guy's like lets go back home, I look to my left and i see Cudi and some others contimplating waling across the street and into the club and i just go off instincts and explain our situation and hes like Cool just come with us We get to the door and He's like they with me got us in handshakes and all I aint dick ridin or nothin (Young Reezey from the Boondocks) lol and lot of chicago rappers were in the building kids in the hall cool kids mic terror boardroom all just in one space, anyway we got to see him and Holt rock the show It was crazy this is too long of a comment so i'll just end it here