Friday, October 31, 2008


from email:
I think I finally understand what DumbDouble is about. First, you were answering Lupe and telling him that you understood what he was saying on Dumb It Down. You know, his whole assessment of rap music at that time. But not only was it an answer, it was a communication to him even more subliminally to let him know that you can write a song the way that he does. It took me a while to see it, but it appears that you revisited Lupe's initial theme from "Pressure" "And so it seems I'm, sewing jeans/And 1st and 15th is just a sewing machine/" ,etc. You went in and elaborated on that theme in your verse, with all the laundry references, "Pumping heat into the denim". Dumbdouble is your way of complimenting Lupe for giving us such a remarkable song in Dumb It Down. This is great songwriting, and it would prompt me to believe that Dumb It Down changed the way you approached songwriting. Is that true? If so, I can understand because, as a journalist,
I'm constantly studying others to
improve on my style. I assume that this is the case in this instance, because I noticed the same thing with "Demolition Double", mad subliminals!! That song made me do research, and that hasn't happened to me in a looong time. It seems as if you just reached another level of lyrical ability which many may not pick up on fully.

I just want to end by saying this. I'm 30. I've been 'listening' to rap for 20 years, and you are at a level that many have never reached. I know exactly what I'm hearing. I miss the days when I had to figure out a rhyme, like actually catching on to a line about 2/3 of the way throughout the song, and going "Awww, that was dope". That doesn't happen any more. Many of the artist that you look up to (CRS) may not take you seriously, because of your subject matters (cartoons, movies, video games, wrestling). I'll ask you this: After recording great songs like "TS Spacer" and "DumbDouble" have they gotten back at you? And if not, why? Please pardon me for any negativity this my arouse. Honestly, you do more with those themes than most signed artists do with so-called 'serious' topics. And then again, you do tackle 'serious' issues such as relationships and self-esteem. You're a multi-faceted writer without any boundaries.

That's why, on your blog I commented that "They don't 'sea' you". Unless you're an oceanographer or some type of fisherman or scientist or one who studies intently you have only seen the surface of the sea. So unless you're one who goes deep, you only understand the surface and judge a thing based on that understanding. I mean, I could keep going, but you already know what I mean. You talk about it on many of your songs, about how alot of your words go over the heads of many.

Anyways, here's my latest story. i really wasn't in a journalistic mood when I wrote it, plus I was in a hurry to meet deadline. but let me know what you think:

I'll just say this. I also e-mailed this to Mc Serch and No ID, and I doubt if I get a response. At the end of the day, I don't care, because I know that I've added a great story to my body of work. And I like it, so I don't need their recognition. And they haven't made the "closest thing to the coldest out". You have! I can't for F4!

A very encouraging email.
Thanks very much.
In response, I'd say that you are pretty much correct for the most part about Dumb Double. The primary reason why I even recorded it was because of many comparisons. Understandably so.
But, to the trained ear, one can definitely see that there may be similarities between Lupe and I but still, a huge difference.
You see, I am 100% sure that I am not a clone.
We've all heard the clones.
It would be virtually DUMB of me to record over one of his beats, especially one where he spazzed on, because of the comparisons. That's why I did it.

Also -

I spoke with Bishop G person. Face to Face. Once in San Francisco. The other time in Hollywood.
In SF I gave him a cd...with ONE song on it...which song??
In Hollywood...he told me that I needed to be more original.
Later that night....I went into a rare mode and all I could do was replay the scene in my mind.

there was no way that i could let such a remark go by without a semi vent.
Never disrespectful, but more like...idk...overcoming the claim I guess....

I went to the studio roughly 2 days after....I was sick on that song, literally.
I had a cold. you might be able to tell now if you go back to re-listen to the song.
i think i recorded 'hundred hits' and 'jackie' that session too....i dont remember.
but yeah, SICK.
physically mentally lyrically.

But overall man, you are on the money. of course, there is always more but you have a solid answer indeed.

the title of the blog says email with a S but...
just in general.
i have trouble responding to emails but I AM improving.
real talk.

the emails that i probably WONT respond to are ones such as this:

can i geta copy of the song OZONE, i love that joint. i'll really appreciate it

that is an actual email but i wont mention names.
that email does 2 things.
1. informs me that you didnt download the mixtape.
2. assumes that i have time to actually upload a single song and then send it to you.

let's be realistic.

another one:
hey my name is **** and i have a question can i put my music on youtube.. or like make a lil vid????

come on man...

other emails include:
the song that best describes me the most is "TIME", because i have no way to control what happens in my time or life so all i can say is "yo"...
indeed, i know i'm just a little frog in your swamp pond of music
but i know i could really have chance on TSST but....
I always see young people like myself asking for something we don't need...
material things...etc.
but i know i have talent
but i just haven't had a chance to express it
I see that your doing something that i want to do..
So i'll say sorry for your time and another kid bugging you
But TSST would be a big step on my life as well as working with you sir....
I can only tell you who I am but..
i you want to hear me and give me chance
i would not let someone like you down
so i don't want to ramble but i would want you to hear me
and tell me if i would ever have chance on TSST
but i going to always progress myself
SO as you read this know that this young kid loves hip-hop as much as you do...
and all i need is a chance to express myself to you and TSST
but i want to see what you'll say next toward me...
(because I've been checking my YOUTUBE like crazy waiting on your messages)
me speaking to you is something like a dream..
heroes are something of a legend
but I'm going to keep speaking to you until you get tired of it
But i you want to give me a chance hit me up on the next message sir
so i going to continuing overloading my brain with lyrics
i only want a chance to express to TSST

no doubt man....
just record some music and send it..
the chances of actually recording a song with you are slim, just being honest.
im not going to lead you on like other artists would but yeah...
i have ZERO time for the most part but it doesnt mean its impossible.

Just like Kanye said something along the lines of have to put in work..nothing handed out you know?
Nas was like "you the thousandth guy thinking we can see eye to eye" - etc. etc...
You are one of many but to make a difference, put in work and do music because you love it.
that's what i am doing.
i want to work with Kanye, Lupe, Cam'ron, etc. - but -
let's be honest...
sending them an email won't do the trick entirely.
they might not even read the email.
nevermind the whole status issue...we are all musicians...I actually READ your email...i am AWARE...but put in work.


starplayah14 said...

read the whole thing...dude at top hit the nail on the head...lovin the music...keep it coming...hope to see V4 soon

good luck with the RROD, hope Microsoft doesn't screw you over

Anonymous said...

shoulda gave that nigga 5 minutes part 1. thats a definite "dun-did-it." no disrespect to T1me tho, twas dope.

JNolanIsCool said...

Yeah, the guy at the top made some great points with those observations.
Mr. Bishop G kind of fronted on you being 'original' though... but that's the "rap game" for you.

Future said...

ok so i read this and became really inspired... not so much by you(how ever inspirational you may be) but by the author of the email. so now i have a proposal.

I'll trade a well put together analysis of a song of your choice. I'm rather good at it.For a thorough listen/reflection of one mine. At first this may seem like dumb trade considering you constantly recieve that without payment or bartering but i offer something to likes of a literary analysis rather than a guess and check of your work. hit me up tell me what you think.

Example of what i'm offering:

Thy said...

passion over publicity. Amen!

Anonymous said...

Cool man!

Anonymous said...

BTW, i met them all too. Lu, Bishop, and Gem. Gem is Real Deal, a cool cat! I won't say anything negative about the other two, but get me. Gem is Real Deal, an unpretentious dude. At least that's what I picked up when I met him. You already know too...can anyone say GAS! But it's good to know that you understand what's up. I knew you did anyway, I just had to express my feelings on it. Peace!

ANDY said...

Indeed Turbo I am working as much as possible..
The Invincible Roach Mixtape will be out soon....
Then I would show & prove..
After that I am thinking of a Volume my self I'll keep you posted
Yes its Me ANDY...
Peace Samurais..SNIKES!!

ANDY said...

Working in Progress
check out the new song on my myspace page!
Time to Sleep