Friday, October 24, 2008

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you are gathering a few of the pieces.
the pieces are scattered in a pattern that would resemble the demolition of a figurative head. scattered ice. scattered dragon balls.
i'm not letting them yell my head off.
instead i kick a flow that will kick them down a hole.
one is definitely kicked down a hole here.
after that? he is frozen. just like the beginning when both Stallone and Snipes are frozen.
'im too froze, too futuristic"
a perfect balance in the poetic sense when looking at the names Stallone and Snipes. the alliteration goes with the FFFF title. volume 4. four. f. 12.4.2008. 12-4=8. all divisible by 4.
flash in the sense that it is being released only 4 months after volume 3.
the laser cannon goes with DBZ, indeed. not to mention the super saiyan mode...but...i will not give away everything.
let's just say this, there is a ridiculous amount of content. concentrated content.
when constructing the song, it's a vivid image. form is important as well... as you will see in 'rff double' - ^_^

on rocky, don't forget the freezer scene.
a true SUBMERGENCE in cinema in the sense that in blade, they were under the little sewer thing. i wont be kicked down the hole.
the theme of ice is apparent. FREEZA (sp?) from DBZ. cliff hanger. at the end of blade when he is in Russia, he is in coollllld weather. blades of glory. ice skating ...
new jack city. cold. not pitching raw or punching raw....drugs, meat. the essentials.
human crack in the flesh....

simon phoneix vs john spartan.

this scene helps:

notice the l-a-s-e-r.
this is called flashback from actual song titles within a scene.

but check - phoneix is usually used with reference to fire. the cold death balances it all out, though.
john spartan...what do you know about spartans?
you know "THIS IS SPARTA!!!" when the messenger is kicked down the hole right?
ok but check
from a website since i cant find my stupid textbook:
", we should keep in mind that the Spartans believed they lived in the best of all Greek worlds, and many of their Greek neighbors agreed with them. The rivalry, then, between Sparta and Athens, which would erupt into a disastrous war for Athens, was also an ideological and cultural rivalry. "

you have offended my CULTURE. the movie 300 is so visually nice's crazy. i wish i could make a movie. it'd be dope.
on ENTER THE DRAGON, Bruce Lee stated "You have offended my family and you have offended the Shaolin Temple"

come on man...check the beginning of the video.
culture swaps the shaolin temple, a temple is the head, the head will not be kicked off, bruce lee fights tons of people at one time, the 300 spartans faught tons of people at one time, i lyrically fight any random emcees at one time.

the art of fighting without fighting.

looks like wesley snipes with blonde hair:

a raven flys. edgar allen poe. once upon a midnight dreary. you feel me??????
man oh man...we can go on and on with how this verse came about.
so much work that is probably overlooked as mere "AY MAN, HE GOT A LIL FLOW"

super subliminal mode:

bermuda triangle...what up.

ultimo dragon = last dragon. ^_^
you know, someone has to remember how he would stand on the turnbuckle and spit mad fireworks!

that's enough...figure out the rest if you dare.


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crazy how much thought u put in to every bar, i have to pull up wikipedia sometimes just to keep up keep it up! i apreciate u not dumbing it down cuz it kinda smartens the listener up or at least reminds or informs em about movies/