Friday, September 12, 2008


i figured this would increase the download count of the mixtape(s)

As pointed out in the description, in order for anything else to be done, it is important that the download count increases. I'm tryna go gold.

(note, my gold is different from the industry's the industry's gold would translate to 10 times platinum using my scale)

have a good day.
im not exactly the best 'blogger' but i will attempt to increase the amount of ...engaging posts.
the lack of comments doesn't help...but...i know you, whoever is reading this, is reading this....or maybe just looking at the words while someone behind you is reading this. to the person behind the person reading this for the person who believes that they are having this sentence read to them at this very moment, please do not tell them that i am working on something. let it be a surprise.
oh yeah, tell them to spread the awsareness of this v3 like a plague on the internet.

to answer the comment in the comment box, i am trying to break away from those 2 games. once tekken 6 comes out on consoles, i will def. be on that game alot more.
anyone have any suggestions?

i recently allowed anonymous posters to post under comments now. why not?


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starplayah said...

yo come to the site all the time, ill start posting comments and shish... thought i had to register to post so thats why i never did... im starplayah14... (on to e-mail)

i gotta type this verification stuff, argh...